Winrock International Invites Job Applications

February 25th, 2023 at 09:52 am

Winrock International Invites Job Applications

Job Title: Country Coordinator


Winrock International is planning a two-year project in Northern Ghana from 2023 to 2024. The goal is to help local public and private extension and advisory organizations, as well as other actors in the agricultural innovation system, spread technologies and practices that improve soil fertility and soil health quickly and widely.

Winrock will help spread soil-improving technologies and practices that have already been shared through multiple advisory and communication channels, such as demonstrations, radio, and “last-mile entrepreneurs.” These activities and projects are already being done by local organizations. Winrock will also use volunteers from the United States to help with short-term tasks for the project.

Summary of Position

Winrock International is looking for people to apply to be country coordinators in Niger and Ghana. There are two positions available. Locations for the job will be in Niamey, Niger, and Tamale, Ghana. In each country, the Country Coordinator will be in charge of designing, co-creating, and coordinating activities that local groups will do to spread technologies and practices that improve soil fertility and soil health.

Also, the country coordinator will support and coordinate the development of advisory and communication content, coordinate and facilitate training and capacity development activities, make sure that project activities take gender into account, and work with the project’s regional monitoring and learning specialist to monitor project outcomes and record learning.

This is a local or national job, so there are no international allowances for it.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Give direction in all parts of the project’s implementation.
  • Create strategic partnerships to use other public and private resources to your advantage.
  • Work with stakeholders to find new ideas in agriculture, and plan and carry out project activities.
  • Serve as a project/Winrock representative in the country and communicate with local and national government and private institutions, businesses, farmer groups, and donor-funded projects as needed.
  • Check on how consultants or volunteers do scoping assessments.
  • Prepare country project work plans and budgets, as needed by the donor and Winrock, so that the program can be put into action on time.
  • Watch over the choice of host organizations and make work plans for volunteers.
  • Make sure that volunteers and staff are safe and healthy by keeping an eye on the logistics and movement of volunteers in the project areas.
  • As needed, go with US volunteers on their assignments to help with technical, logistical, and translation issues so that the volunteers can reach their goals.
  • Make scopes of work, hire consultants, and manage them.
  • Work with the Regional MEL Specialist to make sure that partner organizations have the tools and resources they need to collect accurate and timely monitoring and impact data.
  • Help with project management and evaluation and analysis of impact data.
  • Report on the MEL data that partner groups have collected.
  • Prepare annual work plans, budgets, and technical reports as needed by the donor and Winrock.
  • Do whatever else needs to be done.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in a field related to rural or agricultural development (like agronomy, agricultural extension, agriculture, etc.); Master’s degree preferred
  • At least 8 years of experience with programs that spread agricultural technology, and at least 2 of those years in a management role.
  • Experience with making materials for agricultural outreach and communication
  • Experience with making and running agricultural programs that take gender into account
  • Proven ability to manage relationships with stakeholders
  • Experience implementing donor-funded programs (USAID experience preferred).
  • Budgeting for projects is a skill.
  • Having experience hiring and running consultants is important.
  • Experience working closely with U.S. volunteers and cooperating with them is preferred.
  • Ghana needs people who speak English well.
  • Willingness to work and travel in faraway places if needed

How to Apply for this Winrock International Job

Click Here To Apply Online

Closing Date: 12th March 2023

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