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University Of Bath Academic Excellence Scholarship 2024: Study In UK

October 13th, 2023 at 07:20 am

University Of Bath Academic Excellence Scholarship 2024: Study In UK

The United Kingdom is an excellent place to start your educational adventure, and we have some wonderful news for you! Applications are being accepted now until April 30th for the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence Scholarship. In the following paragraphs, we will present a comprehensive analysis of this scholarship, highlighting its many benefits as well as outlining the application process in its entirety.

The following is a description of the scholarship:

This academic year, the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence Scholarship 2024-2025 will provide overseas students with a portion of the funding necessary to cover their educational expenses. This award is reserved for students enrolling in master’s degree programs at the University of Bath in the United Kingdom. There will be eight Dean’s Awards for Academic Excellence Scholarships given out, with a value of £5,000 each. These scholarships will be given out by each department in the university.

This scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic excellence, and its purpose is to reward students who have exceptional academic qualifications and a demonstrated history of accomplishment and success.

The following topics are open for discussion:

Under the auspices of this scholarship program, students have the opportunity to further their education in the following areas:

  • Engineering
  • Designing
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Science

Accounting and finance

Accounting and finance combine the study of financial systems with the measurement and communication of this information.


Architecture is the practice of designing buildings, places, and spaces. Architects use science, art, and technology to create the built environment.


A highly relevant area of study that will prepare you for addressing global issues such as food security, human health, and environmental sustainability.

Business and management

Explore the business environment and learn how organizations function. Our courses cover core topics like managing people, business analytics, and finance.

Chemical engineering

Chemical engineering benefits society and the environment by combining science and mathematics to develop new and sustainable technologies, processes, and products.


Chemists study the structure, properties, and synthesis of matter, preparing you for a wide range of careers from industry to business or healthcare.

Civil engineering

Civil, structural, and architectural engineers design and shape the built environment, using creativity to improve the world we live in for a sustainable future.

Computer science

Computer science is the science behind much of the technology we use in our daily lives. Programming is a core topic but there’s so much more to learn.

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Criminology is the study of crime and criminality as well as society’s response to these.


Economics is a social science examining how consumers and producers make choices, and how these affect the supply and demand for resources and their prices.


Education is concerned with how people develop and learn throughout their lives. It involves critiquing the teaching methods and environments in which we learn.

Electronic and electrical engineering

The study of electricity and its application in modern systems and devices, underpinning most technological advances in industry and society.

Integrated mechanical and electrical engineering

Learn about the design and manufacture of electrical and mechanical devices, technologies, and systems by combining the core elements of both engineering sciences.

International development

International development concerns the global challenge of combating poverty and injustice, so people everywhere may find a better future.

Mathematical sciences

Mathematics bridges the gap between the theoretical and physical worlds and is crucial for many other subjects from the physical and social sciences to management and business

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering combines mathematics and scientific analysis with creative thinking to design and manufacture machines, technologies, and systems.

Modern languages

Languages are passports to live, enabling you to become a global citizen. You’ll foster communication and broaden your knowledge of cultures and perspectives.

Natural sciences

From researching elephant behavior in Zimbabwe to studying laser physics in Oxford or working as a metallurgist in Australia, studying Natural Sciences at Bath can open up a world of possibilities


Play a vital role in the discovery, development, and testing of therapeutic agents to improve global health.


Pharmacists are at the front line of the modern healthcare system. Experts in medicines design and use, play a critical role in improving patient health and wellbeing.


From the discovery of the Higgs boson to the observation of gravitational waves or the development of quantum computing, physics is at the heart of some of the greatest discoveries of our age.


This is an exciting time to study politics. You’ll explore current dilemmas and engage with ideas that push boundaries.

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Psychology is the scientific study of mental life and human behavior. It explains how we think, feel, and act, both individually and as part of a social group.

Social work

Social workers support and empower people to improve their lives. They protect vulnerable people whilst respecting and promoting human rights.

Sociology, social policy, and social sciences

Social and policy sciences seek to understand how we’re shaped by organizations around us by exploring if the foundations of society could be organized differently.

Sport, exercise, and health

The study of sport explores the impact of sport, exercise and health on individuals and society.

The benefits of receiving a scholarship include:

Each of the Faculties will give out a total of eight scholarships, each of which is valued at $5,000. The awards are only valid for use as fee exemptions towards the cost of tuition fees, and they are only available for use in conjunction with full-time taught master’s degree programs.

The Faculty of Engineering and Design is offering a total of eight scholarships worth a total of five thousand pounds each.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is currently accepting applications for eight scholarships, each worth $5,000.

There are a total of eight scholarships worth $5,000 each available in the Department of Science.

If you have an offer to do a master’s course via the School of Management, you should look into the master’s scholarships that are offered by the School of Management.

The following nationalities are considered eligible:

This fellowship encourages applications from people of all nationalities, including those from outside the United Kingdom.

The following are the eligibility requirements:

In order to submit an application, you need to have an offer from the University of Bath for a master’s degree program that will be taught full-time and will begin in 2023.

The course must be housed in either the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, or the Faculty of Engineering and Design.

The procedure for applications is as follows:

In order to be considered for the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence Scholarship, please submit your application in accordance with the following instructions:

Send in your application for a taught master’s degree program that is offered full-time in either the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, or the Faculty of Engineering and Design.

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In order to submit an application, you will need to fill out the scholarship application form provided by the University of Bath and submit it using your application tracker. As part of the application process for the scholarship, we will ask you to complete somewhere between three and five questions.

Please be aware that you are eligible to submit an application for this scholarship once you have been offered an offer to study at the University of Bath.

When time runs out…

  • Submit your application by the 23rd of January, 2024 to receive a response by the 20th of February, 2024.
  • Submit your application by the 24th of April 2024 to receive a response by the 26th of May 2024.
  • Submit your application by the 17th of July 2024 to receive a response by the 14th of August 2024






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