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UK Work Visa without Job Offer 2024 Latest Updates | UK Work Visa

December 30th, 2023 at 04:06 am

UK Work Visa without Job Offer 2024 Latest Updates | UK Work Visa

Did you know that the UK is a popular destination for migrants worldwide looking for new opportunities? It’s a country that could captivate anyone looking to open new doors in life, with its ethnically rich history and booming economy. One question that frequently arises while making travel plans to the UK is “Can I come to the UK without a job offer?”

We’ll address this query in today’s update and explore additional choices open to people who want to work in the UK but don’t have a job offer. This piece will discuss the following Graduate, Student, Global Talent, and Skilled Worker visas

Skilled Worker Visa (Tier 2 Visa category)

One of the most sought-after visas for foreign nationals wishing to work in the UK is the skilled worker visa. However, an employment offer from a UK employer with a licensed sponsor would be necessary for an applicant to be considered for this Visa category. Positively, the points-based system that the UK just implemented was designed to attract skilled workers.

A job offer is a necessary condition for this visa, but the PBS may allow for some flexibility. This is because the scoring system would assess various elements, such as qualifications, salary, and English competence.

Global Talent Visa

Do you see yourself as a leader in the arts, sciences, engineering, humanities, or digital technology? The Global Talent Visa might then be the best choice for you. In this case, a job offer is not necessary. This Visa category considers your accomplishments and abilities. Keep in mind that you might not need a job offer to be considered for this category, but you will need an endorsement from a reputable UK authority in your profession.

Student Visa and Graduate Visa

Do you want to work and study at the same time? Then you should consider looking at this. You could work full-time on holidays and part-time throughout the school year as long as you have a valid student visa. After you finish your education, you can also change to a graduate visa without receiving a job offer.

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All prospective candidates are advised, therefore, to carefully study the requirements and policy changes about their particular Visa category. To ensure the success of your intentions to work in the UK, you can also consult licensed immigration specialists or legal advisors for professional help.

New Minimum Salary for Foreign Workers in the UK

The UK wants to set a new salary cap for foreign workers in the country at £30,000. The UK government continues to have concerns about managing net migration. By raising the salary threshold for foreign workers, the UK government intends to implement a new strategy aimed at taking control of net migration. Let’s explore this further in this update.

The new idea stipulates that foreign laborers visiting Britain must have a minimum salary of £30000 British Pounds. The suggestion is to raise the current income criterion for skilled workers—which is set at 26,200 British Pounds—to about the median wage of £33,000.

It is yet unclear whether the UK would impose restrictions on the number of foreign caregivers who can enter the nation and the number of dependents who can go there. Recall that these suggestions are still in the final stages of development and should be anticipated before the publication of the upcoming net migration data.

The net migration to the UK has been enormous and is expected to remain around 500,000 on average for the year ending in June 2023. This represents a significant increase above the pre-Brexit levels. In September 2022, the pinnacle was reached at 637,000, and by December 2022, it had declined to 606,000.

Due to the return of Ukrainian refugees and overseas students, the numbers are anticipated to drop once more. The immigration measures have been pushed by former Home Secretary Suella Braverman and Minister of Immigration Robert Jenrick. As he sees it, the government’s incapacity to lower net migration is a violation of the expectations of the British public, as Jenrick has expressed in the past.

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Cheapest Work Visa Routes to Work in the UK

Did you know that there is just one way to obtain a work visa for temporary employment in the UK? It’s called the Graduate Academic Extension (GAE) work visa.

A Quick Overview of the GAE Work Visa

  • Please be aware that a certificate of sponsorship is necessary to apply for a UK work visa. Your length of stay in the UK will also be determined by your employment dates.
  • Additionally, to demonstrate that one can remain in the UK, one must have at least 1,270 pounds in the bank.
  • The GAE work visa application process also requires identification documents.

Everyone always prioritizes working in and advancing their careers in the UK. The GAE work visa is not well known, but it is a great alternative for those looking to seek employment in the UK. Typically, applicants opt for other visas like Tier 2 work visas.

Remember that applicants seeking fellowships, internships, or short-term employment in the UK are eligible for the GAE work visa. The goal of the GAE work visa is to promote international cooperation and career advancement. Additionally, it enables foreign workers to gain vital job experience in a dynamic environment.

Schemes in GAE Work Visa

It remains mentioned that under the government-approved Exchange Route, candidates who want to live and work in the UK can choose from the following authorized programs schemes.

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