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Teaching Jobs in Poland 2024: Visa Sponsored (PLN 5,698 per month)

December 30th, 2023 at 11:09 pm

Teaching Jobs in Poland 2024: Visa Sponsored (PLN 5,698 per month)

Whether you teach in an elementary school or a university in Poland, you will have access to a plethora of interesting privileges as a foreign teacher. We’ll go over some of the advantages of working as a teacher in Poland in this piece, along with some crucial facts on teaching positions.

Why Take into Account Polish Teaching Jobs?

There is no better way to advance in your career and gain cultural awareness than by teaching in Poland. From elementary schools to universities, there are plenty of places to study, so both seasoned educators and those just entering the industry may make a difference.

Overview: Poland Education System

The goal of the Polish educational system is to provide pupils with a comprehensive education. Basic education, secondary education, and higher education are its three stages. This allows educators to select the age group and educational level in which they are most interested.

In-Demand Subjects and Languages

English is a language that many in Poland wish to learn because it is so vital for international communication. Additionally, instructors can find significant opportunities in fields like business, the arts, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

General Responsibilities

In Poland, a teacher’s main duties include some of the following:

  • Lesson preparation and educating pupils at all levels
  • Also, in charge of marking tests, giving out homework, and monitoring progress.
  • Next, instruct and monitor students while they use the tools and resources provided for learning.
  • Moreover, treat every pupil with care, compassion, and respect.
  • Similarly, get pupils involved in extracurricular activities like clubs and athletics.
  • Likewise, can lead in education and need to keep improving as professionals.
  • Aside from that, be a support person for the students when they need it.
  • Above all, ought to possess the patience to handle challenging circumstances.

Benefits of Teaching Jobs in Poland

  • Impact on students: One of the most fulfilling aspects of teaching is the opportunity to improve students’ lives by sharing knowledge, encouraging critical thinking, and igniting a love of learning in them.
  • Contentment at Work: A great deal of teachers find great satisfaction in knowing that they are helping their students grow both intellectually and personally.
  • The objective of mentoring children throughout their academic and personal growth gives educators a sense of fulfillment and purpose.
  • Vacation and Holiday Times: A lot of the time, teaching jobs come with set vacation and holiday times that let teachers rest and refuel.
  • Benefits for Health and Retirement: A significant portion of educational institutions offer health insurance and retirement benefits, supporting the overall well-being and financial security of their teachers.
  • Improvements in Professional Development: To keep up with the latest teaching techniques, educational trends, and subject matter expertise, educators are provided with ongoing opportunities for professional development.
  • Different Subjects and Academic Levels: Depending on the student’s educational institution and degree of education, teachers may be able to teach students of different ages and disciplines.
  • Innovation in Instruction: Teachers can apply creativity in class planning and teaching methods, adapting their approaches to engage students and foster a supportive learning environment.
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Additional Benefits

  • A Sense of Community: Teachers, staff, and students at a university or school where one works together foster a sense of community.
  • Opportunities for Leadership: Teachers may be given the chance to take on leadership roles in their school, such as department head, mentor, or coordinator.
  • Employment Security: Teaching is often a relatively stable vocation, particularly in areas where there is a great need for qualified teachers.
  • Positive Workplace Context: Schools can offer this chance by cultivating a cooperative and upbeat work atmosphere where teachers support each other in their efforts to educate pupils.

Teaching Positions in Poland

In the past, there existed a strong and consistent professional path for teaching, as the number of student teachers expanded for larger goals. Teaching is both rewarding and difficult. The teaching roles listed below are open to you as a teacher; go through the positions and apply to the ones that meet your qualifications.

Below is a description of the requirements, skills, and knowledge it encompasses, along with what you typically learn and what you strive for.

1. Polish English Teacher

In addition to teaching students proper grammar, writing, and reading comprehension, an English teacher must also evaluate students’ essays and tests, monitor their development, and instill in them the importance of the English language.

They teach children how to properly enunciate words, how to study poetry and literature critically, and how to evaluate and question media coverage. One of the main responsibilities of an English teacher is responding to questions from students. They are also in charge of creating lesson plans that will teach pupils the skills they need.


An English instructor in Poland typically makes about 5,630 PLN a month.


  • To include the full duration of each lesson, create lesson plans.
  • Next, organize courses effectively, applying different teaching strategies according to the subject matter.
  • Also, provide students with lesson plans, mark their essays and tests, maintain a clean classroom, and encourage students to read aloud in class.
  • Moreover, make assessments and send students progress reports.
  • Besides that, encourage student participation to create an engaging learning environment while instructing them on the structure and content of the English language.


  • Foremost, hold a certificate in TEFL, CELTA, or DELTA teaching, in addition to a higher degree in philology or linguistics.
  • Next, possess a minimum of one year of experience as a teacher.
  • Also, have excellent interpersonal skills and take great pride in what they do.
  • In addition, possess creativity and a customized approach to teaching; they also exhibit professionalism and reliability.

Additional recommendations

  • Overcome language barriers and communicate clearly in English Establish and nurture cross-cultural connections with assurance and deference.
  • Also, get ready for public speaking competitions and English exams.
  • Besides that, reduces the possibility of misunderstandings and settles disputes impartially and expertly.


  • We offer our teachers the choice of working a flexible schedule.
  • Also, the monthly salary is appealing.
  • In addition, the type of work is flexible
  • Besides that, there are educational aids and materials available.
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2. Professional Assistants for teachers

They spend time conducting research and studies, assist full professors, and mentor and supervising recent graduates. Assistant professors are qualified to serve on university committees as well. An assistant professor’s responsibilities include conducting experiments and studies, giving demonstrations, and responding to inquiries via phone, email, or in person.

They instruct and oversee graduate and undergraduate students in addition to representing the university at conferences and making presentations as needed. Assistant professors create proposals for funding requests for research and provide feedback on student performance to academics and department directors.


An assistant professor in Warsaw, Poland, makes, on average, PLN 5,698 per month; their annual pay is PLN 115,584, and their hourly wage is PLN 56.


  • Most importantly, conducting scientific research and disseminating the results in international journals for science or related fields
  • Also, launching commercialization initiatives and assuming leadership of research teams to begin working with the academic community
  • Besides that, delivering lessons for the following degree programs in both the first and second study cycles: Political science; national and international security.
  • Aside from that, fulfillment of organizational duties in compliance with the obligations of each assignment.


  • Four years of full-time work under the terms of an employment contract
  • Also, the university is the primary place of employment.
  • In addition, 210 hours of instruction each year
  • Moreover, task-oriented work schedules
  • Besides that, the prospect of further career advancement
  • Similarly, group life insurance covers university staff members, their wives or life partners, and their adult children.
  • Likewise, supplementary health insurance for spouses/life partners, children, and university employees includes private medical treatment.
  • Above all, the ability to enroll in POGODNA JESIE group pension insurance and the Occupational Pension Plan.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Ph.D. in the pertinent academic field, together with a motivation letter and academic curriculum vitae (CV).
  • Also, experience as a university instructor.
  • Moreover, publications would be beneficial.
  • Besides that, outstanding observational, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
  • In addition, excellent attendance is seen at academic events and conferences.
  • Furthermore, exceptional writing, research, and interpersonal skills.
  • Likewise, a great willingness to communicate with and instruct pupils.
  • Aside from that, understanding, tolerance, and a readiness to help.
  • Above all, a copy of the qualifying documents (such as the Ph.D. diploma or certificate, and the MA diploma or diploma equivalent), attesting to the candidate’s qualifications.

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English is a language that many in Poland wish to learn because it is so vital for international communication. Additionally, instructors can find significant opportunities in fields like business, the arts, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply to be a teacher in Poland?

A bachelor’s degree, a teaching license, and stellar recommendations are requirements for educators working in both public and private schools. Typically, a minimum of one academic year must be spent in a classroom.

Are there many teachers in Poland in demand?

ESL instructors are in great demand. Depending on the type of institution, salaries can vary between 70–100z/hr, with more prestigious private schools offering higher salaries.

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What credentials are required to teach English in Poland?

Requirements for TEFL qualification: The majority of positions demand a TEFL course of at least 120 hours. University degree as a prerequisite: In Poland, teaching English normally requires a degree. Term dates: In Poland, the academic year begins in February and September/October.

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