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Pakistan Flood-Affected Students USAID Scholarships 2024

Pakistan Flood-Affected Students USAID Scholarships 2024

In order to enroll in undergraduate programs at American universities in 2024, students from Pakistan who have experienced flooding may apply for USAID scholarships.

Description of the scholarship:

The scholastic future of many Pakistanis is at jeopardy as a result of recent flooding. A fresh scholarship program attempts to assist individuals impacted.

ISLAMABAD: A glimmer of hope appears for university students from flood-affected districts in the wake of the disastrous floods that swept over Pakistan, causing unparalleled damage to infrastructure and hurting millions of lives. Due to financial difficulties, many of these students face the bleak potential of quitting their further education.

Some of these financial responsibilities have been reduced by the USAID-funded Merit and Needs-based Scholarship Program, which has been assisting students from financially disadvantaged homes since 2004.

The program has said that it will support students affected by the floods by offering scholarships for two semesters. Thirty partner universities will be involved in this effort from all throughout the nation.

Available Topics

Under this scholarship program, you can study any subject.

Benefits of the scholarship

  • Full tuition fee coverage for the spring 2024 and fall 2023 semesters.
  • A stipend to help with the cost of housing, transportation, and other academic expenses over the course of two semesters.

Nationalities that qualify:

Pakistani students may apply.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must be enrolled in a four- or five-year undergraduate degree program in the second through seventh semesters in the fall of 2023.
  • Accepts all subjects and disciplines.
  • Applicants must be from districts, subdistricts, or UC Tehsils that have experienced flooding, as determined by the Pakistani government, PDMA, and district administration.
  • Evidence of flood damage, such as harm to a home or source of income, is necessary. Please take note that fake photographs downloaded from the internet will be rejected right away.
  • The Institutional Scholarship Award Committee of the relevant University will interview the shortlisted candidates.
  • Gender equality is strongly emphasized, with 50% of the scholarships going to female applicants.
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Application Process:

Students who are interested in applying can do so via, which is the HEC Online Application System.

Following online submission, a printout of the application form should be delivered to the student financial assistance offices of the relevant university along with the required supporting materials.

Applications that are not comprehensive won’t be considered.

Important Reminders

Scholarships will only be given out on the basis of merit. However, if any information submitted by the candidate proves to be fraudulent during physical verification, the HEC maintains the right to rescind the scholarship.

Admissions that were obtained on a self-support, self-finance, or self-sustain basis are not eligible, nor are evening programs with higher tuition costs, two-year bachelor’s, associate’s, or lateral degree programs.

Students who currently receive another scholarship or ongoing award are ineligible.

Only two semesters will be covered by the award.

To submit your application and for additional information, go to

Warning: The deadline for submitting online applications is scheduled on August 16, 2023. To guarantee that their applications are processed in time, students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

This program demonstrates the tenacity and dedication of Pakistan’s educational institutions and organizations in preventing the youth of the country from suffering the worst effects of natural disasters.


About USAID Scholarships

For deserving but financially strapped students who might not otherwise afford to get their degrees, USAID and the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan launched the USAID-funded Merit and Needs Based Scholarship Program.

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Talented but financially struggling Pakistani youngsters can get full-tuition scholarships and stipends through the USAID-funded Merit and Needs-Based Scholarship Program to pursue bachelor’s or master’s degrees at any of the 30 partner universities in Pakistan. Housing, books, food allowance, and tuition are all covered by the scholarships.

The fields of business, agriculture, social sciences, medicine, and engineering are covered by the Merit and Needs-Based Scholarship Program. At the beginning of each admissions cycle, the scholarship program is promoted across the country, with a focus on luring female students and those from rural areas.


The USAID-funded Merit and Needs-Based Scholarship Program offers underprivileged students who meet the academic requirements for admission to any of the 30 colleges participating in this program learning opportunities through scholarships. The scholarship program increases the Higher Education Commission’s and these universities’ capacity to develop, carry out, and assess scholarships in a fair and transparent manner. Additionally, the program aids in preparing chosen students for post-graduation careers.

Principal Activities

Scholarships for bachelor’s or master’s degrees at 30 partner universities are made available to academically talented but underprivileged students from various regions of Pakistan.

Improve the management of scholarship programs at the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and affiliated universities by providing technical help.

Scholarship recipients’ engagement in an alumni network helps to prepare them for careers in academia and the commercial sector.

Locations Where USAID Operate

USAID operates in the following countries:


  • Angola
  • Benin
  • Botswana
  • Burkina Faso
  • Burundi
  • Cameroon
  • Central Africa Regional
  • Central African Republic
  • Chad
  • Côte d’Ivoire
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Djibouti
  • East Africa Regional
  • Eswatini
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Guinea
  • Kenya
  • Lesotho
  • Liberia
  • Madagascar
  • Malawi
  • Mali
  • Mauritania
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • Niger
  • Nigeria
  • Power Africa
  • Republic of the Congo
  • Rwanda
  • Sahel Regional
  • Senegal
  • Sierra Leone
  • Somalia
  • South Africa
  • South Sudan
  • Southern Africa Regional
  • Sudan
  • Tanzania
  • The Gambia
  • Uganda
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West Africa Regional

  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe


  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Burma
  • Cambodia

Central Asia Regional

  • China
  • India
  • Indo-Pacific
  • Indonesia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyz Republic
  • Laos
  • Maldives
  • Mongolia
  • Nepal
  • Pacific Islands
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines

Regional Development Mission for Asia

  • Sri Lanka
  • Tajikistan
  • Thailand
  • Timor-Leste
  • Turkmenistan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Vietnam

Europe and Eurasia

  • Albania
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Georgia
  • Greenland
  • Kosovo
  • Moldova
  • North Macedonia
  • Serbia
  • Ukraine

Latin America & the Caribbean

  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Cuba
  • Dominican Republic

Eastern and Southern Caribbean

  • Ecuador
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Venezuela

Middle East

  • Egypt
  • Iraq
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Middle East Regional Platform
  • Morocco
  • Syria
  • Tunisia
  • West Bank and Gaza
  • Yemen



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