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New Job Opportunity at Absa Bank

New Job Opportunity at Absa Bank

ROLE: Head, Digital & Change Enablement 

A job with our family offers the chance to be part of this exciting growth adventure, reset our future, and create our destiny as a proudly African business. We have over 100 years of rich history and are solidly positioned as a local bank with regional and international

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Job Summary

Plan, mobilize, manage, and execute Absa Ghana and ARO Strategic Change Projects utilizing authorized project-management principles across the Absa Project Management Lifecycle. You will lead digital transformation, change management, the Project Management Office (PMO), and Enterprise Architecture strategy in this multidimensional post.

Key Accountabilities

Project Planning and Definition

  • Help business outline its requirements to accomplish strategic goals, including developing Stage 1 and Stage 2 business cases for associated initiatives.
  • Work with product owner to identify, scope, plan, and agree structure and deliverables using Absa Project Management.
  • Business case approval from the Project Sponsor and Steering Committee is required.
  • Prepare and agree on project/sub project duties with the Project Steering Committee for all project changes.
  • As needed by Country, ARO, and Group reporting standards, provide monthly accurate progress reports and revised plans to the Project Steering Committee, Head: Change
  • Delivery, ARO Delivery Review Forum, and other stakeholders.
  • Maintain the project business case and get ARO Change Approval Forum funding.
  • To obtain approval for external resource and service procurement within a Programme, consult the Program Manager.
  • Lead large contract negotiations with external suppliers and work with procurement to obtain resources and services.
  • All service contracts should clearly state the supplier’s obligations for scope, quality, cost, and timelines.
  • Ensure all tasks follow Absa protocols, quality standards, and architectural framework as outlined in Absa Project Management training and methodology.
  • As per the Absa Project Management methodology and training, comply with ABSA Group project practices and procedures and be proactive with resourcing and financial restrictions.
  • Maintain and maintain Country, ARO, and Group project management systems per ARO criteria.
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Managing Staff

  • Coordinate resource planning with the Programme Manager or Sponsor and hire staff, contractors, and consultants as needed.
  • Make sure that workers are properly taught and prepared for solution implementation, that the operational handover is carefully planned and managed without affecting existing systems and processes, and that all SLA obligations are met.
  • Review and quality-check project team outputs (business analysis & design) per Absa
  • Project Management methodology and training.
  • Mentor and manage business analysis and design activities and give conceptual thought leadership to build the project team and ensure project success. Mentor and coach project team members in business analysis and design.
  • Lead the project team, guide less experienced people, and provide on-the-job training as needed.
  • Manage Implementation Manager tasks as needed, depending on the rollout and implementation project strategy.
  • Review individual and team performance targets regularly to ensure project delivery quality, deadline adherence, and resource optimization.
  • Delegate well to let team members assume performance responsibility.
  • Encourage learning and information transfer and recognize team achievements to actively and creatively build their skills.
  • Determine project implementation training needs and schedule delivery within project timelines.
  • Give sub-project workers comments to measure their performance.

Project Management

  • Establish and maintain the right structures to govern and monitor project commencement, progress, and delivery, or conform with the Programme Manager or Senior Project Manager’s structures.
  • Actively participate in all Project phases and activities and advise the Project Team on project conception, requirements analysis, business and technical design, and change control.
  • Control the project team’s work by assigning tasks, evaluating progress, assuring responsibility, and securing commitment to project success.
  • Follow the Programme Manager’s structures to deliver projects.
  • Prepare an accurate cost, cash flow, timeline, and resource prediction and inform the Project Steering Committee.
  • Manage project difficulties, risks, escalation, and contingencies.
  • Find all the items and tasks needed to complete them. Keep thorough project and resource plans with activity completion estimates.
  • Check resource and finance usage versus the original budget or the latest allocation. Get approval for all project changes.
  • Help negotiate big contracts with external providers and procure resources and services.
  • Each project should include a quality plan that specifies the overall quality approach, the standards to be used and/or developed in product preparation, and quality assurance, review, and control methods.
  • Make sure all tasks follow departmental protocols, quality standards, and architectural frameworks.
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Accountability: Project Management

  • Create a thorough digital strategy that supports the company’s aims.
  • Make sure the digital strategy can change with market and technological changes.
  • Lead organization-wide digital transformation with vision.
  • Promote innovation and continual development by encouraging teams to think digitally.
  • Share the digital strategy’s vision and value with executive leadership and stakeholders.
  • Build good relationships with internal and external stakeholders to align and support digital projects.
  • Partner with finance and other departments to budget and allocate resources for digital initiatives.
  • Prioritize and justify strategic digital technology investments.
  • Assess digital project hazards and devise mitigation solutions.
  • Implement strong contingency plans to meet unexpected issues and enhance digital system resilience.
  • Determine and track digital program success and impact via KPIs.
  • Inform stakeholders of the digital project’s progress and suggest improvements.
  • Keep up with industry developments and innovations.
  • Assess and recommend technology to improve organizational efficiency, customer experiences, and competitiveness.
  • Create and implement change management methods to accept digital solutions.
  • Train and support all staff to help them adopt new digital procedures and technologies.
  • To seamlessly integrate digital technologies into company processes, and collaborate with cross-functional teams.
  • Coordinate with department heads to implement digital transformation holistically.
  • Regularly evaluate digital processes to promote continual progress.
  • Encourage employee innovation by letting them share ideas and try new technology.
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Enterprise Architecture:

  • Align Enterprise Architecture with business strategy.
  • Implement and maintain the bank’s enterprise architecture framework for scalability, security, and agility.
  • Coordinate with IT and business leaders to optimize technology investments and meet long-term goals.

Cross-functional Cooperation:

  • Build excellent relationships with department heads to successfully deliver digital and transformation initiatives.
  • Align digital activities, change management, and enterprise architecture.


  • Bachelor of IT

How to Apply for this New Job Opportunity at Absa Bank

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Closing Date: January 22, 2024



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