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Latest Employment Opportunity at DAI

April 2nd, 2024 at 08:56 am

Latest Employment Opportunity at DAI

Position Title: Climate Finance Specialist


Ghana’s climate financing activities will be developed and implemented by the Climate financing Specialist. The specialist will also identify climate finance gaps, develop and implement Ghana Climate Finance priorities, and provide carbon market framework technical support to advance USAID Ghana Mission Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) investment goals (including climate-focused structures). Climate financing in Ghana will support the Mission’s private sector involvement, commerce, bilateral and regional goals, and programming. The Climate Finance Specialist will identify and promote climate finance solution-driven opportunities.

The Specialist will collaborate with the USAID Ghana Mission, business stakeholders, and the Ghanaian government through its relevant agencies to create and promote climate finance policies and programming. The consultant will offer key recommendations on how the program may reduce climate funding gaps and advance a green growth and carbon market agenda with Ghana’s private sector.

The Climate Finance Specialist will organize co-creation meetings with shortlisted grantees, USAID, ATI, local implementing Business Support Organizations, and SMEs. They will also co-create with USAID and other stakeholders and support USAID Ghana and ATI efforts to significantly increase and mobilize private sector-led climate financing opportunities to support the GoG’s carbon markets and NDCs agenda through new partnerships and consortiums. These efforts should restore land, watersheds, and forests and conserve Ghana’s natural capital and biodiversity. Payment arrangements for ecosystem services, green value chains, climate-positive corporate investments, and trade may also be established.

The consultant will follow the USAID/Ghana buy-in ATI Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Plan (ATI AMELP), which includes financial and economic outcomes, innovative climate financing/blended finance structures, capital raised and deployed, and job creation. ATI Activity Teams and USAID Ghana Mission Technical Leaders will collaborate on all activities.

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Developing the Ghana Climate Finance Landscape Assessment and Framework

  • Facilitate a climate finance opportunity landscape evaluation in order to provide technical help to the government and/or the business community. Conduct a geographic study of climate-related risks, estimating their impact by sector.
  • Oversee the creation of private sector baseline analysis and engagement tools to identify the most promising sectors/areas for private sector engagement and to better understand investment barriers and incentives, as well as the establishment of a private sector outreach mechanism to increase private sector participation.
  • Develop and launch the Climate Finance framework in collaboration with the USAID Economic Growth Team, making clear and specific recommendations for the Mission’s actions to develop climate financing programming, as well as supporting transactions with clear development outcomes that align with the Mission’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) goals, including leveraging additional funding sources. The framework would also guide the Mission’s efforts and include a road map for raising awareness of climate finance options while simultaneously promoting low-carbon growth and a green growth agenda.
  • Streamline climate funding interventions across all Mission activities.
  • Provide strategic guidance and support to private sector investors in climate-resilient and sustainable supply chains (local, regional, international, and US enterprises).

Capacity Building

  • Lead and facilitate co-creation meetings, including sector-specific conferences, with key stakeholders such as USAID, GoG, the business community, ATI selected grantees, and other aligned stakeholders such as climate innovative funds, bilateral climate funding, regional funds, and SMEs.
  • Facilitate public-private partnerships to increase capacity and produce long-term, inclusive shared benefit throughout climate smart food systems.
  • Create and implement opportunities for ATI staff and grantees to learn about climate change and climate financing.
  • Support the USAID Mission’s climate financing programs, particularly the Embassy Deal Team (EDT), by submitting requests to the ATI Deal Concierge Support Services.
  • Support the creation of information and evidence, as well as the development of knowledge products about climate change.
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Expected outputs/deliverables

  • A geographic analysis of climate-related hazards and their impact by sector.
  • Create climate-related financing programs to tap into additional public and private funding sources.
  • Identification of potential enterprises, cross-linkages, and transaction support to help businesses obtain financing from private finance entities such as MFIs, banks, and aligned funds.
  • Public-private dialogues bringing together important stakeholders, the USAID Mission, and the Ghanaian government to address and resolve sector-specific priority challenges.

Required skills:

  • Postgraduate studies in international development/relations, climate change, climate finance, environmental and natural resource management, green finance, international development, economics, or a related topic.
  • At least seven years of expertise in the private sector finance sector, with a focus on helping firms close deals in the climate change or green finance spaces.
  • Knowledge and experience in climate finance and mixed finance. Experience with the multilateral climate governance framework and global climate financing architecture.
  • Experience with carbon markets, climate change adaptation, and mitigation in Africa is preferred.
  • Experience in high-level policy debate and cross-institutional engagement, including meetings with Mission, government, and private sector personnel.
  • Understanding the critical challenges and metrics governing international climate change policy and finance.


The Climate Finance Specialist reports to ATI’s Senior Technical Director for Africa.


DAI is a global development corporation having corporate headquarters in the United States, United Kingdom, the European Union, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Palestine, as well as project operations around the world. We address fundamental social and economic development issues arising from inefficient markets, weak governance, and instability. DAI works at the forefront of global development. Putting ideas into action—and then making an impact. We are devoted to creating a more livable planet.

DAI and its employees are dedicated to combating racism and holding ourselves accountable for good change both inside the company and in the communities, cultures, and nations where we live and work. Also, DAI is dedicated to hiring and maintaining the best personnel of all races and backgrounds in order to become a better development partner.

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DAI maintains the highest ethical standards. We are committed to preventing sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment, as well as other ethical violations. As a result, we do thorough vetting and reference checks on all of our positions.

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Closing Date: April 30, 2024



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