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Hotel Jobs in Japan for International Applicants 2023/24

November 14th, 2023 at 02:28 pm

Hotel Jobs in Japan for International Applicants 2023/24

Nationwide, there are a lot of hotel jobs accessible, and this is one of the greatest industries for work in general. The hospitality (hotel) industry provides experiences and services that make people happy and comfortable all over the world. One of the many advantages of working in a hotel is the opportunity to meet and greet new people every day from all over the world, as well as the possibility to broaden your knowledge and education.

A vital part of the hospitality industry, hotels function largely the same everywhere. Thanks to its loose constraints, careers in hospitality are also a popular method to earn extra money. There can be training to preserve or improve the caliber of work because Japanese hospitality workers are among the best in the world and they wish to keep it that way.

Because there are chances for growth, working in the hotel industry might be a smart career choice. With experience, entry-level workers can move up to supervisory roles.

Hotel Jobs Available in Japan

Marriott International provides possibilities for equitable employment. We are in favor of hiring a diverse workforce and upholding an inclusive, people-first culture. Their goal is to stop discrimination based on any legitimate reason, including veteran status and protected traits like disabilities.

1. Servers

Marriott Hotels needs bartenders, food and beverage servers for in-room dining, Japanese restaurant servers, Italian restaurant servers, part-time banquet servers, and many more. Serving their patrons as a waiter means you will be well-versed in all the subtleties of their menu and excited to share your expertise. Your objective is to provide customers with an unforgettable dining experience that they will remember long after their visit, no matter the day.

Duties and Roles

  • Welcome guests and attend to tables promptly.
  • Also, provide food and beverages to visitors while offering guidance as needed
  • Next, offer your knowledge of the menu to assist guests with questions and special requests.
  • Moreover, enter transactions into the MICROS system accurately and on time.
  • Besides that, check in with the guests to make sure they are satisfied with each course and beverage.
  • Lastly, complete the closing chores, tidy the tables, and restock supplies like silverware.
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  • Strong interpersonal abilities and a commitment to teamwork
  • Also, a positive outlook and outgoing personality
  • Similarly, prior service experience is a big plus.

2. Front desk

Marriott is now hiring for the following positions: Guest Service Representative, Butler Service Desk Agent, Front Desk Agent, Front Desk Agent-Supervisor, Front Desk Agent-Clerk, Front Desk Agent-Lead, and a few more.


  • Verify bookings, allocate rooms, give out and turn on room keys, and take care of every guest check-in.
  • Also, handle hotel costs and all other payment methods, such as cash, checks, debit, and credit. Every check-out should be completed, and any contested or late fees should be paid.
  • Moreover, respond to, log, and process all calls, messages, requests, inquiries, and grievances from visitors.
  • Aside from that, assist housekeeping in making sure the rooms are ready for guests to check into.
  • Additionally, inform guests about parking procedures. When needed, bellhops or valets should be dispatched.
  • Lastly, give guests directions and details about the property and neighboring attractions.

3. Hotel Manager

The incumbent bears the responsibility of guaranteeing that the operations meet the demands of the workforce, aim to increase revenues and optimize financial performance.

Roles and Duties

  • Some of the areas of duty are front desk, retail/gift shops, housekeeping, security/loss prevention, engineering/maintenance, food and beverage/cuisine, and event management, if appropriate.
  • Also, acts as the strategic business leader for the property operations and, in their absence, assumes the role of general manager.
  • Besides that, with the assistance of direct reports (Executive Committee members and department heads), the role creates and executes the operations strategy and makes sure that the brand service plan and brand initiatives are carried out.


  • A two-year degree in business administration, hotel and restaurant management, or a similar major from an accredited university
  • Also, eight years of experience in management operations, sales, and marketing; or a related professional field.
  • Similarly, a four-year bachelor’s degree in business administration, hotel and restaurant management, or a comparable major, and six years of experience in management operations, sales, and marketing, or a related professional field

Other Vacant Roles

  • Managing Director, The Westin Rusutsu Report
  • Front Desk Supervisor
  • Manager of a specialty restaurant
  • Housekeeping Supervisor
  • Manager Assistant Front Desk
  • Manager of St. Regis in Osaka
  • Services Director
  • I-AAA Hotel Manager
  • Assistant Manager-Front Office, Night Manager, and several others.
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4. Cook/Chef

They welcome you into the family when you contribute your natural abilities and passion for cuisine. Regardless of your background in cooking or area of specialty, they provide substantial rewards and opportunities to develop your skills. You will work directly with a team of driven professionals who will accept and encourage your recommendations.


  • Foremost, cooking fresh food according to menus or recipes
  • Next, cook and swiftly prepare excellent meals.
  • Also, test your food to ensure proper preparation and temperature.
  • Besides that, use cooking appliances carefully and safely.
  • Moreover, make sure the storage containers and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.


  • Superb cooperation and attention to detail abilities
  • Also, a positive outlook and outgoing personality
  • Similarly, prior kitchen experience is a bonus.

5. Room Services

Marriott is hiring for several positions, including part-time attendant for the spa locker room, housekeeping assistant manager, housekeeping coordinator, housekeeper, and housekeeper.


  • Changing the equipment and supplies in the room
  • Also, make beds, fold linens, vacuum carpets, and clean floors.
  • Next, trash, soiled bedding, and room service items should all be cleaned up.
  • Similarly, greeting and responding to guests’ needs
  • Besides that, make sure the appliances, furniture, and desk are all clean.
  • Lastly, dust, polish, and stain-remove walls and furnishings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a foreigner work at a hotel in Japan?

Jobs in hotels in Japan. As you can see, Japan offers a wide range of hotel kinds, many of which are open to recruiting international workers. These reasons account for the abundance of hotel jobs in Japan. The kinds of hotels you want to work with will determine the kinds of jobs that are available.

What is the age requirement in Japan to apply for a job?

The applicant’s age range for a visa application must be 18 to 30 years old, inclusive. The applicant must be between the ages of 18 and 25 in Australia, Canada, the Republic of Korea, and Ireland unless the appropriate Japanese authorities agree to raise the age restriction to 30.

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