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CBP Border Crossing Record 2023 – Top Mexicans in US Illegal Border Crossings

October 25th, 2023 at 04:55 am

CBP Border Crossing Record 2023 – Top Mexicans in US Illegal Border Crossings

For the first time, Venezuelans surpassed Mexicans in September in terms of unauthorized border crossings into the US. For the first time, in September, Venezuelans overtook Mexicans as the largest group of nationals detained for entering the US illegally over the southern border.

In September 2023, there were 218,763 interactions between individuals of all nationalities at ports of entry along the Southwest border, according to the most recent monthly report published by US Customs and Border Protection. Thus, compared to the 181,084 illegal immigrants apprehended in August, this is a 21% increase.

The border police apprehended 54,833 Venezuelans in September after they entered from Mexico, more than doubling the 22,090 arrests made in August and significantly exceeding the previous monthly high of 33,749 arrests in September 2022.

The bulk of illegal crossings were originally made by Mexicans, but within the past ten years, the majority of crossings have been made by Central Americans, and more lately, by individuals from South America, Africa, and Asia. Mexicans were detained 39,733 times in September, a significant number less than Venezuelans. Colombians, Hondurans, and Guatemalans completed the top five.

Nearly 500,000 Venezuelans were already in the country on July 31 when the Biden Administration declared temporary legal status, threatening to deport anybody who entered the country illegally after that date and failed to obtain asylum. As part of a diplomatic reconciliation with its longstanding opponent, Nicholas Maduro’s regime, it recently started conducting deportation flights to Venezuela.

Troy Miller’s Reaction to the Situation

According to Troy Miller, the US increased personnel and resources at the border in September. To handle historic hemispheric migration, including sizable migrant groups traveling on freight trains, and to enforce a result, such as by arranging for direct repatriations to Venezuela, we are constantly interacting with both domestic and foreign partners. Miller stated.

Along the Southwest land border, CBP documented 53,296 interactions with Mexican nationals, down from the 55,493 Mexican migrants in August 2023 and 63,431 in September 2022. These encounters comprised both individuals apprehended for unauthorized crossings and those processed at ports of entry along the US-Mexico border.

Compared to 2,379 in August, there were 4,042 interactions with Chinese nationals along the Southwest land border in September. There were only 399 interactions with Chinese nationals in September 2022. Russian national encounters with CBP were 1,779 in September compared to 2,099 in August. 2,617 Russian interactions occurred on the Southwest border in September 2022.

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The CBP figures show that there have been almost 2.5 million interactions along the US-Mexico border, with around 1.5 million of those individuals being single adults. According to CBP, the total for September came close to the all-time high of 222,018 interactions that were documented in December 2022.

For the second year in a row, the number of arrests for the government’s financial year ended on September 30, surpassing 2 million. This is a 7% decrease from the record-breaking number of over 2.2 million arrests during the same period last year. Using a smartphone app called CBP, over 43,000 migrants entered the nation via land crossings with Mexico in September, raising the total to almost 278,000.

Online Appointment System

265,000 individuals from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela entered through September at airports after submitting an online application with financial sponsors, including Pathways, since the online appointment system became live in January. In September, the number of Crossings reached a new budget-year high of almost 2.5 million and an all-time monthly high of 269,735

A 106 billion spending plan unveiled on Friday included roughly 14 billion for the Border, according to the Biden Administration’s proposal. September saw the arrest of 18 individuals who were on the FBI’s Terror watch list by border officers, setting a record for interactions of this kind along the southern border for the fiscal year 2023.

In the previous 12 months, 169 individuals on the FBI Terror Watch List were apprehended in between southern border ports of entry. Hence, a figure that surpasses both the previous six fiscal years put together as well as the FY22 record-setting total of 98.

US H-1B Work Visa Update | US Work Visa 2023

US to permit certain holders of work visas to extend their status without having to exit the nation. A pilot program that would allow certain holders of work visas to renew their visas in the US without having to return to their home countries is about to be launched by the US State Department.

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Participants in this US State Department pilot program must have an H1B visa, which allows over 85,000 highly talented individuals to enter the US for up to three years of employment. The United States wants to do away with the need that holders of H1B visas to visit an overseas consulate to renew their status.

Department of State Response to the Initiative

A representative for the Department of State stated that the program will deal with the ambiguity that certain US businesses who hire H1B temporary workers frequently experience while the pilot program is in place. The Department of State will evaluate whether this regulation is affecting appointment availability worldwide, the spokeswoman said.

Additionally, the authorities will assess if the strategy will clear backlogs and make appointments easier for people attempting to obtain work visas outside of the United States.

Since domestic visa renewals ceased in 2004, immigration attorneys have been pressing the administration to bring back this practice in light of the present circumstances. Immigration attorneys claim that the government is burdening workers with their requirement to return to their home countries to renew work visas.

This is because getting a new visa requires paying a lot of money to travel overseas and make an appointment at a US consulate. By the end of this year, the State Department hopes to begin allowing holders of work visas to reapply while they are still in the nation.

The representative added that participation in the pilot program will initially be voluntary. The initiative must go through the rule-making process before the authorities formally launch this pilot program. Following completion of this process, the State Department will review feedback from the public and revise the proposed Rule as necessary.

After that, the White House will consider the proposal in its entirety. In 2004, the State Department suspended the domestic renewal of certain work visas due to the agency’s noncompliance with certain conditions.

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