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Unskilled Jobs in UK for Foreigners 2024 (£12k – £35k Annually)

January 6th, 2024 at 04:24 am

Unskilled Jobs in UK for Foreigners 2024 (£12k – £35k Annually)

Work that does not need employees to have specialized knowledge to perform their duties is deemed unskilled. These are the types of jobs that may be found in any nation since many different menial tasks need to be completed but don’t call for any kind of formal education, training, or skill.

Consequently, those with little to no specialist knowledge seize this opportunity to support themselves. Housekeepers, cashiers, and grocery shop clerks are a few examples of jobs that need little to no specific training.

While unskilled labor is still needed, the demand for skilled labor has increased relative to the need for unskilled labor in recent years due to technological advancements. Furthermore, as it has been shown that highly skilled foreign nationals boost the economy of their home countries, many governments prioritize the immigration of these individuals.

One of those nations that welcomes immigrants with higher skill levels more than those with lower skill levels is the United Kingdom. If a foreign individual meets 70% of the conditions listed in the UK’s tiered visa system, they can enter the country even if they have no relevant job experience. First and foremost, one of the hardest obstacles faced by foreign workers seeking employment is finding unskilled labor while still residing in their home country.


Foreign workers can discover new opportunities by taking unskilled occupations in the UK, as the job market is always evolving. The requirement for individuals with a broad range of talents changes along with the needs of organizations. As a result, unskilled employment is more desirable and easier to locate. Let’s examine the realm of low-paying occupations in the UK and discuss the benefits, drawbacks, and practical advice for those who are prepared to go on their adventure.


  • Find well-paying unskilled jobs in the UK, such as janitor, private driver, server, and more.
  • Also, recognize how advances in technology are affecting the need for trained workers.
  • In addition, find out how highly qualified immigrants are given priority for economic growth in the UK.
  • Besides that, make educated employment decisions by looking at the annual mean salaries for different unskilled roles.
  • Additionally, learn about the difficulties foreign job seekers encounter when trying to find unskilled labor.
  • Above all, get details on trustworthy job search sites in the UK that serve foreign job searchers.

Requirement of Unskilled Jobs in the UK 2024

Visa Requirements:
  • A Standard Visitor Visa is available for short-term unpaid labor. However, you can’t normally work with this visa, so you’ll need to be sure the job you wish to undertake can be done by visitors.
  • If you wish to work without skills for a longer period, you may need to investigate the Youth Mobility Scheme (YMS) or other specialized visa categories. YMS is restricted to individuals within specific age and nationality ranges.
Offer of Employment:

Receive a wage offer for a position from a UK-based company. The UK Home Office must approve the company’s hiring of overseas employees.

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National Insurance Number:

Upon arrival in the UK, you must obtain a National Insurance Number right away. This ensures that you pay into the nation’s social security system and is necessary to work lawfully.

Verification of Right to Work:

In the UK, all employers must perform Right to Work checks. Make sure you have all the documentation, including your visa, required to prove your eligibility to work in the UK.

Medical Care:

You could be required to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge at the time of your visa application. This is contingent upon the kind of visa you want and your nation of birth. This allows you to access the National Health Service (NHS).


Before you arrive, be sure you have a place to stay. You need to have somewhere to stay, especially if you need to apply for a visa. Some companies might be able to help with this.

Financial Account:

To collect your income and manage your finances, open a bank account in the UK.

Language Proficiency:

While certain low-skilled jobs may not necessitate specialized language proficiency, learning how to communicate in ordinary English and navigate various environments is still beneficial.

Adherence to the Law:

Make sure you abide by all immigration laws and regulations. Violations may result in severe penalties, such as deportation.

Available Unskilled Jobs in the UK

1. Server (£22,506)

Serving as a mediator between customers and business owners is the role that servers at restaurants play. They are responsible for taking orders and responding to questions concerning the various items on the menu and the price of the meal. They also make non-kitchen cuisine items like drinks, desserts, and salads, and they describe any unusual meals they have served.

2. Private Chauffeur (£32,643)

A chauffeur’s duties include operating, maintaining, and cleaning an employer-owned vehicle. Because they drive for the same person or family every time and attend to their needs, they offer a more individualized service than a cab driver. They also provide assistance opening doors and getting in and out of the vehicle. This firm’s clientele includes private homes, well-known celebrities and businesspeople, and commercial enterprises.

3. Janitor (£20,194)

A janitor’s tasks may involve keeping a building maintained and in good shape in addition to performing standard cleaning activities. Furthermore, this may involve duties like mopping, sweeping, cleaning, disinfecting restrooms, taking out garbage and recycling, and washing and shining mirrors and windows.

4. Driver (£30,495)

A driver, often known as a delivery driver, is a person who moves people or goods from one place to another. Their main duties include taking merchandise out of a store, warehouse, or other approved gathering location, loading it onto a delivery vehicle, and then securely delivering the goods to clients.

5. Stocking Associate (£17,729)

A stock associate must guarantee that shipments are received precisely, stocked orderly, and maintained regularly. They also want to help the team out whenever they can. The sales team will find it easier to locate products and give customers a positive shopping experience if the stockroom is organized properly.

6. Production Laborer (£18,704)

A production worker’s main duty is to operate the numerous pieces of machinery located within the manufacturing plant. He or she is in charge of obtaining the required raw materials, assessing their quality, and loading them into the manufacturing machine each day.

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7. Courier (£12,388)

A courier’s job is to retrieve parcels and envelopes from a central depot and deliver them to a prearranged list of places. Moreover, the work involves planning routes to optimize efficiency and guarantee package delivery on schedule. Please confirm the recipient’s address one more before attempting delivery.

8. Bouncer (£28,233)

A bouncer’s job is to patrol an establishment and protect the staff and customers from any unsuitable or dangerous conduct or individuals that may be there. Additionally, to call the police when necessary, warn the offending parties, and diplomatically remove them.

9. Farm Worker (£19,747)

Using a variety of equipment, such as tractors and combine harvesters, farm workers are responsible for planting, tending, and harvesting crops. Additionally, they might be responsible for caring for and rearing livestock, which might include feeding the animals, cleaning their stalls, tending to sick or newborn animals, and operating milking equipment, among other things.

10. Receptionist (£23,582)

A receptionist maintains the reception area neat, orderly, and functional. Moreover, they check in visitors, order supplies for the rest of the company, and make sure that typical office supplies like pens are available and conveniently accessible.

11. Laborer (£21,751)

Workers are required to perform physical labor that demands a high degree of strength and physical fitness to construct buildings or other physical structures. They perform hard, manual labor, including setting up foundations, putting in windows, clearing land, building walls, and digging trenches, among other things.

12. Sales Representative (£26,599)

It is your responsibility as a sales representative to act as the point of contact between the clients you service and the business you work for. Finding new business prospects in the market and introducing the company’s products and services to them are your responsibilities. In addition to giving your company advice on how to boost sales, you will be in charge of actually selling these goods and services.

13. Construction Workers (£23,363)

At construction sites, barricades, temporary structures, and scaffolding need to be set up, taken down, and cleaned up after workers clear out trash, debris, and potentially dangerous materials. Their jobs also require them to help independent contractors, such as painters and electricians, when needed. A range of heavy machinery and equipment must be moved and operated by them.

How to Apply

Visit the websites or email recruitment agencies below

  • Fasthire:
  • Jooble:
  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Reed
  • My Fresh

There is a growing need for qualified individuals as technology transforms the labor sector. The UK’s evident desire for immigrants with advanced degrees highlights the significance of knowledge to the host nation’s economy. The information can be used by job seekers to identify high-paying positions and determine the difficulty of finding low-skilled employment in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the UK offer a non-skilled labor visa?

Under the UK’s points-based immigration system, which divides employment-based immigration into five categories, Tier 3 visas are issued. Temporary, unskilled migration for mostly seasonal employment mostly included in Tier 3.

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How can I apply in 2024 for a seasonal British visa?

Visit an application facility to apply for a visa and get your photo and biometrics taken.
Create or enroll in a UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) account in addition to scanning your identity document with the “UK Immigration: ID Check” app.

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