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University of Manitoba 2023-2024 Financial Aid and Awards

University of Manitoba 2023-2024 Financial Aid and Awards

Applications from eligible and enthusiastic candidates seeking to take advantage of the Financial Aid and Awards for International Students offered by the University of Manitoba are invited for the beginning of the academic session. The University of Manitoba rewards academic excellence and provides financial aid to those who need it through bursaries and scholarships for international students.

Each year, the University of Manitoba awards $30 million in admissions grants to first-year students. Each year, UM awards $10 million in scholarships, with about 2800 students. There are several accolades in the UM Awards Database.

About University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba, the first university in Western Canada and the sole research-intensive institution in Manitoba, is situated on the ancestral territories of the Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene peoples as well as the Métis Nation.

We draw individuals who share our beliefs and desire for positive change from all around the world. We support accepting obstacles and moving forward.

Our students, researchers, and alumni contribute their distinctive perspectives to learning and discovery, influencing novel approaches to problems and taking part in crucial discussions on the issues that really matter, such as climate change, global health, and human rights. We are the nexus between thought and deed.

Information on Scholarships at the University of Manitoba

  • Host University: University of Manitoba
  • Scholarships worth: $240,000 are offered each year.
  • Total awards: 2800 .
  • Study Level: Undergraduate and graduate students
  • Eligible Nationalities: All Nationalities are Acceptable as Candidates

The University of Manitoba provides students with more than $30 million in scholarships and bursaries each year. So that you may concentrate on your study, learn how to obtain funds.

Students at the University of Manitoba have the opportunity to win one of the hundreds of scholarships that are available to them each year. These scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, personal interests, and community service. Find out more information about the scholarships that are open to you so that you can get some financial assistance to cover the costs of your education.

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Award Opportunities

1 . Entrance prizes

Based on your admission application and submitted transcripts, you will automatically be considered for a wide range of entrance scholarships if you are a Canadian high school student with a minimum 85% average throughout the list of eligible high school courses.

2 . Scholarships for presently enrolled students

Students at UM are eligible for thousands of scholarships each year based on their academic performance, personal interests, involvement in the community, and other factors. Find out more about the different scholarship options available to you so you can afford your costs while you’re a student.

3 . Bursaries

For students in need, the University of Manitoba provides a variety of bursaries ranging from $100 to $1,000. To be considered for a bursary, submit the University of Manitoba General Bursary application.

4. Awards for Indigenous students

There is a robust award program that can be utilized to further Indigenous students’ access to educational opportunities as well as boost their representation in a variety of academic disciplines.

5. Awards for international students

International students may be eligible for a variety of awards, including scholarships for college entry, bursaries, and other rewards.

6. Awards for graduate students

The Faculty of Graduate Studies is committed to assisting graduate students in achieving their academic goals by providing financial assistance in the form of scholarships and bursaries.

Financial Aid

There are programs available to help you if you’re in need of assistance with paying your student expenses or are experiencing financial difficulty. Use our on-campus food bank, look for on-campus employment, or submit a loan application.

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1 . Government-backed student loans

If you are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, you may be eligible for financial assistance in the form of student loans from the federal government as well as from the governments of the provinces in which you live.

2 . U.S. student aid

Find out more information about the financial aid opportunities, such as student loans offered by the government, that are open to students in the United States.

3 . Work-study initiatives

Further financial assistance is available through the work-study program at the University of Manitoba for students who are already receiving aid from the federal government in the form of student loans.

4 . Emergency loans and emergency bursaries

The university provides emergency bursaries to students in need due to war, international conflicts, environmental catastrophes, and extraordinary life events after they have used up all other available options and resources, as well as short-term loans to students facing unexpected living expenses or delays in government funding.

5 . UM Food Bank

Students who are experiencing financial difficulties have the option of utilizing the food bank in order to receive assistance with covering the cost of their food purchases.

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Eligibility Requirements

Candidates must demonstrate that they meet each of the following standards in order to be considered for the Financial Aid and Awards for Foreign Students program at the University of Manitoba:

  • Candidates must be international college students.
  • Scholarships are often given to full-time students based on their course load and academic standing.
  • To be eligible for financing, students who earn admission scholarships must enroll in at least 24 credits at the University of Manitoba during the current academic year.
  • Typically, in order to qualify for scholarships, students must enroll in and complete at least 80% of a full course within the current academic year.
  • The donor or a donor representative may specify in the scholarship’s terms that certain course load exclusions apply.
  • Graduate students are exempt from the credit hour requirements if they are registered as full-time students in the Faculty of Graduate Studies during the fall and winter terms.
  • Students who qualify may submit an application for bursaries. Applications for bursaries are made through Aurora in mid-August and are due on October 1st.
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Application Process


You will be automatically considered for entrance scholarships once you have submitted your application for admission to the university. Others want a different application. Please make sure to carefully study the specifications of each prize before applying, as eligibility restrictions and application procedures differ depending on the award.

Application deadline

The application deadline is October 1, 2023.




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