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Top 25 Tourists Sites to Visit in La Union, Philippines 2023

Top 25 Tourists Sites to Visit in La Union, Philippines 2023

La Union, known as the “Surfing Capital of the North,” is proud of the enormous swells that often hug its coastline. “Elyu,” as locals affectionately refer to it, completes the holy trinity of Philippine surfing along with Siargao and Baler. It’s quite well known that the province is known for being a wave rider’s paradise; it’s been well-documented in numerous publications.

But La Union is much more than just its waves. There are a variety of underappreciated attractions spread out over the province. Here are some additional significant locations to visit and activities that will make your trip even more memorable. Thus, from ancient man-made landmarks like Baluarte Watch Tower and Pindangan Ruins to other natural beauties like Tangadan Falls and Immuki Island.

Best Turist Spots in La Union

Urbiztondo Surfing

July through March is the ideal period for surfing. Surfing is unavoidable here, whether you’re an experienced rider, an enthusiastic beginner, or just a spectator. There are many places to rent surfboards and take surfing instruction. Seasonally (peak and off-peak), rates change.

San Juan Food Trip

San Juan provides a different kind of vacation for those who don’t surf: a delectable one! We will keep coming back to La Union because of the food. This city has a thriving cuisine scene. There is simply a lot to learn and new things to discover. San Juan has a lot to offer, regardless of whether you are on a tight budget or want to indulge.

Makai Bowls – surfer’s bowl

Along with eateries, San Juan is home to coffee shops where you can relax with your friends and sip on a cup of your favorite brew. Excellent locally owned coffee businesses provide regional coffee blends and other drinks. El Union Coffee and Clean Beach Coffee are among the options we’ve tried.

Tangadan Falls

Tangadan Falls, one of numerous waterfalls in the province, is tucked away in the hilly region of San Gabriel. Two stages of the Baroro River descend, each with a separate natural pool. The area is completely encircled by slick limestone cliffs that are dotted with stones.

The bottom tier creates twin cascades during the wet season. After the 15-minute hike down from the jump-off point, the chilly water feels wonderful. If you are not a confident swimmer, you can either swim in the shallow areas or hire a life jacket. If you can, avoid the mossy rocks because they are quite slippery; otherwise, exercise additional caution. You can go cliff jumping if you’re feeling daring!

Immuki Island

Immuki Island, which is reachable from San Juan after a 30-minute trip, is ideal for people looking for fresh experiences in La Union. A rocky paradise with three lovely lagoons and mangroves is created out along the shore of Barangay Paraoir.

The lagoons’ deep, steady waters are ideal for swimming and cliff diving. You can see swimming fish! However, take note that there are both shallow and deep regions. The lagoons’ deepest areas range in depth from eight to twelve feet. Additionally, wear safety footwear like aqua shoes because the coral and pebbles are dangerous.

Bauang Grape Farms

The town of Bauang is home to vineyards and grape plantations covering hectare after hectare. The grape-picking activity in Bauang is unquestionably an undervalued feature in the province, overshadowed by the beaches and waves of the nearby cities. Nevertheless, because grapes are a seasonal crop, timing is crucial.

We saw several persons with banners that said “Grape Picking” or “Grape Farm/Grape Picking” along the lengthy section of MacArthur Highway from TPLEX heading to San Fernando and San Juan. Since we weren’t sure if they were real, we headed over to Lomboy Grape Farm’s Uvas Café and asked questions there. We decided on it since Lomboy Farm’s founder is recognized as the area’s first grape farmer and is credited with bringing the business to La Union.

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San Juan Tourist Spots

Urbiztondo Beach & Sunset

Even if you have no interest in surfing, there are many things to enjoy here, such as the expansive sandbar and the breathtaking sunset. Due to the abundance of eateries and cafes along the shore, it is a popular hangout for sunbathers, foodies, and sunset watchers. Additionally, the region is well-known for its nightlife and beach parties.

Because of its proximity to the highway, the beach, and a variety of restaurants, Urbiztondo Beach is the ideal place to stay in La Union. It’s very simple to get to other La Union attractions from here. The majority of accommodations can be found here.

Here are some of your housing alternatives if you decide to base yourself in Urbiztondo:

  • Urbiz Garden Bed and Breakfast
  • The Escape San Juan
  • The Little Surfmaid Resort
  • EL Navi Surftown
  • Costa Villa Beach Resort
  • Surfer’s Point Deck

Lotus Valley Farm

Toby and Marissa Tamayo, the business’s founders and environmental activists, bought hectares of property in 2009 and turned it into a lush, thriving agro-tourism destination. With over 20,000 different types of trees (including narra, antipolo, molave, etc.) and countless delicious, ornamental, and medicinal plants, they built a forest paradise. Additionally, they erected bamboo tents in the middle where visitors can stay the night.

It also has a lotus garden, a creek, and a spring that contribute to the barangay’s water supply. Due to the presence of wildlife like wild bees, bats, and birds, to mention a few, some areas of this hidden gem are off-limits to the general public. Here, plant-based, farm-to-table cuisine is available. Some farms grow sunflowers.

Curma Center

You might want to visit the SIFCare-CURMA Hatchery in San Juan if you have a passion for the preservation of marine life or are simply interested in learning how you can contribute to environmental protection. Through routine beach patrols and hatchery management, CURMA (Coastal Underwater Resource Management Actions) works on the preservation and protection of marine turtles.

In addition, the group collaborates with other interested groups to organize coastal clean-ups and pawikan-release activities.

San Fernado Tourist Spots

Ma Cho Temple

San Fernando’s Ma Cho Temple is a well-known cultural icon. This allegedly first Taoist temple in the Philippines was built in 1977 and honors the Chinese sea goddess Mazu (Ma Cho).

It provides a sweeping view of the West Philippine Sea and San Fernando Harbor from its hilltop location. Both worshipers and non-worshipers are welcome at the temple.

Filipino-Chinese Friendship Pagoda

This Friendship Pagoda, which is also perched on a hill, honors the cordial ties between the Chinese and Filipino populations. It offers a beautiful view of San Fernando and the surrounding waters. A park where locals can relax is located at its base. (When we were there, residents stayed here to avoid the heat and unwind.)

Pindangan Ruins

The Pindanagan Ruins, built in 1764 during the Spanish era, are all that is left of San Fernando’s first Catholic church, namely the ancient stone walls, and buttresses. The Carmelite nuns operate and maintain this historic site that is close to their monastery.

Halo-halo de Iloko

La Union has a hot climate, especially during the dry summer months. It seems sense that halo-halo is particularly well-liked in the area. In San Fernando, no other name can compare to Halo-halo de Iloko when it comes to this dessert or snack (at least in terms of recall). It is rumored that the ingredients they utilize are largely purchased from local vendors and are fresh every day.


Christ the Redeemer Statue

The mountainous geography of San Fernando makes it the ideal location for iconic buildings like the Ma Cho Temple and the Filipino-Chinese Friendship Pagoda. The 25-foot Christ the Redeemer monument is another noteworthy hilltop feature in addition to these two. The statue, which was unveiled in June 2007, stands for unending thanks, blessings, and defense.

Thunderbird Poro Point Resort

Thunderbird Poro Point, which occupies a land area of roughly 65 hectares and faces the San Fernando Bay from its highest point on the Poro Point Peninsula, is home to opulent homes, dining establishments, spas, and a nine-hole golf course.

The resort’s flawless Santorini-inspired décor and the overall atmosphere certainly give off an upscale air that some people might find frightening.

Poro Point Lighthouse

One of La Union’s historical attractions, Poro Point Lighthouse dates back to 1905 under the American occupation and is only a short drive north of Thunderbird Resort. It is one of the attractions of the Poro Point Freeport Zone and climbs to a height of 27 feet facing the West Philippine Sea.

Due to its proximity to Poro Point Baywalk, many locals include it in their morning and late afternoon walking, jogging, or cycling routines (perfect for the sunset!)

Northern La Union Tourist Spots

Paraoir Manmade Forest

The long stretch of towering canopies that covers a considerable chunk of the Bacnotan-Luna-Balaoan Road creates a natural green tunnel that mesmerizes many onlookers. To take pictures, people frequently park their cars along the side of the road. It resembles the mahogany forest in Bohol very much.

Nalvo Pebble Beach

Luna’s shoreline is littered with stones, in contrast to San Juan’s beaches, which are covered with comparatively fine sand. The Nalvo Pebble Beach is the most well-liked section of this lengthy coastline. There are several resorts here, but Bahay na Bato, Bato de Luna, and Kamay na Bato are its most well-known art galleries. Visit one or more of these art galleries after touring the beach to take in the pebble sculptures and buildings.

Baluarte Watchtower

One of the five historic watchtowers in La Union that the National Museum of the Philippines designated as cultural assets in 2014 is the Baluarte Watchtower, commonly known as the Luna Watchtower. This ancient building served as a watchtower for invading foes including Chinese, Japanese, and pirates from the Moro people.

Bahay na Bato

Dr. Edison and Dr. Purita Chan-Noble used to spend their vacations at this expansive art gallery. The property, located on Barangay Nalvo Norte’s pebble beach, was primarily constructed out of stones and pebbles.

Filipino items are also shown in the indoor galleries. A garden with trees is located between two residences, bringing life to the otherwise sterile and barren surroundings and providing visitors with a sheltered retreat from the hot heat.

Bato de Luna

The South Korean stone artist and sculptor Mr. Bong Kim, who I believe is also the same creative force behind several of the monuments at the nearby Bahay na Bato, is featured in Bato de Luna. Other attractions include colorful photo ops and strange, sinister stone statues.

Darigayos Beach

Darigayos Beach is not as pebbly as other beaches in the Luna municipality, but the cream-colored sand is not also powdered fine. Because the waves are calmer here, locals and some visitors continue to throng to the beach. Always be cautious and get to know the layout of the beach first because there are areas that are shallow and deep areas.


Southern La Union Tourist Spots

Ciano Umok Gallery & Cafe Ilocano

It doubles as a restaurant and an art gallery and is tucked away in the center of the steep Barangay Palugsi-Limmansangan. The gallery displays the creations of its owner, Cesar Dumo, as well as other nearby artists.

Agoo Eco Fun World

The settlement of Agoo, which is located south of Bauang, is called for the delicate Agoho trees that are common in the region. These imposing trees line the roadway that runs through the town.

The local government created the Agoo Eco Fun World in Barangay Santa Rita West and launched it in 2014 as a component of the DENR’s forestry initiatives. Both locals and visitors are attracted to the area’s captivating artificial forest, which is home to thousands of Agoho trees, a lagoon, a Mount Katayagan view, and a beach that fronts the Lingayen Gulf.

Agoo Basilica

Agoo Basilica, also known as Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Charity, was constructed in 1578 by the Franciscan order and initially honored St. Francis of Assisi. Although the current Mexocan-Baroque building was constructed in 1975, it wasn’t made public until 1978.

The current minor basilica contains two bell towers, doors with engravings of the Ten Commandments in Hebrew lettering, a pipe organ, and a subterranean chapel and graveyard where it also keeps sacred saint relics. The Santa Monica Parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Fernando de La Union has its headquarters there.

Pugad Pugo Adventure

The forested and mountainous terrain of Pugo, located farther inland and away from the coastal communities of La Union, is the ideal “nest” for PUGAD Pugo Adventure, a well-liked amusement and adventure park. The town benefits from slightly milder temperatures because it shares a border with Baguio.

It takes pride in being the first company in La Union to offer zipline adventures. Additionally, there are swimming pools, a botanical garden, and a little zoo! ATV riding, the Giant Swing, paintball, and wall climbing are additional activities available to visitors in addition to ziplining.

Top La Union Resorts and Hotels

San Juan and San Fernando are the best places to set up shop if you want to see the majority of La Union. Both are in the province’s geographic center. The majority of the attractions on the above list are easily accessible from either.

Here are some of the top properties.

  • The Escape, San Juan
  • Aureo Resort La Union, San Fernando
  • P and M Final Option Hotel, San Juan
  • The Circle Hostel – La Union, San Juan
  • Awesome Hotel La Union, San Juan
  • The Little Surfmaid Resort, San Juan
  • G Hotel La Union, San Juan
  • Thunderbird Resorts – Poro Point, San Fernando
  • EL Navi Surftown, San Juan
  • Costa Villa Beach Resort
  • Surfer’s Point Deck

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