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New Visa Regulations for Students in Australia & Asylum Seeker Deal Update

New Visa Regulations for Students in Australia & Asylum Seeker Deal Update

Work limitations apply to those with student visas. The limitations on work for international students in Australia are covered in this article.

Beginning on July 1, 2023, international students are permitted to work 48 hours per fortnight under the revised visa restrictions. Aged care professionals are exempt from this restriction, as they are permitted to work an unrestricted number of hours through December 31, 2023.

To qualify for the benefits, applicants for the Mates Visa Program must be less than 31 years old and have finished their studies at a recognized institution.

Australia Student Visa Requirements, Eligibility Criteria, and the Application Steps

International students who desire to study in Australia can apply for student visas. The Immigration Office’s rules must be followed by applicants in order to be eligible for a visa subclass 500.

Requirements for Australia Student Visa

You must submit the following documents with your application for an Australian student visa (subclass 500):

  • First and foremost, recent biometric data and a passport
  • Secondly, application for Student Visa
  • Thirdly, civil Documents Serving as Proof of Study Program and/or Parental Consent if Under 18
  • Fourthly, Medical Insurance
  • Additionally, financial capability and verification of English Language Proficiency.
  • Also, authentic Temporary Employment History together with Entrant Australian Values Statement
  • Last but not least, the form for Authorized Recipient

How to Apply

Students must adhere to the following application requirements:

  • First and foremost, open an ImmiAccount.
  • Secondly, assemble the necessary paperwork.
  • Thirdly, pay the subclass 500 visa fee.
  • Finally, submit a subclass 500 application.

Australian Student Visa Validity

In Australia, a student visa is particularly ideal for a period of five years. Your visa is valid for the entire length of your studies if your program is shorter. You are, however, entitled to a visa extension in certain circumstances.

Australian Student Visa Processing Time

Higher education processing typically takes 4 months. A student visa, meanwhile, can take anything from three months to a year to process. It depends specifically, on why you are studying in Australia.

Can one stay after their Australian student visa has expired?

Other visa alternatives are available to you if you want to stay longer than your student visa permits:

  • Firstly, Graduate Student Temporary Visa, Subclass 485. Students who completed specific credentials in Australia and held a previous academic visa subclass 500 within the previous six months are eligible for this visa.
  • Secondly, Graduate Student Skilled Recognition Visa, subclass 476. For engineering graduate students at a good university, this visa subclass is appropriate.
  • Besides that, you can also, apply for a guest visa, subclass 600, if your student visa lapses before you graduate.
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Can one get permanent residency with an Australian student visa?

Students’ student visas do not allow for permanent residency. Applicants must file for a permanent skilled work visa in order to get permanent residency. Students must leave Australia if their student visas do not renew.

Can one work with an Australian student visa?

You are permitted to work up to 40 hours per two weeks with a student visa of type 500. Instead of waiting till your visa is obtained, you can begin working as soon as your course begins.

Is one allowed to change their study course?

You cannot alter your course of study, thesis, or study purpose while holding a study visa 500 without the Minister’s approval.

Can one travel abroad with an Australian student visa?

Yes, as much as their visa is still in good standing, overseas students are permitted to travel freely.

Can International students bring dependants to Australia?

International students’ families are welcome to join them if they are:

  • First and foremost, a companion.
  • Additionally, a minor dependent (including any offspring of a partner).
  • However, once your child turns 18, they must submit their own visa application.
  • Additionally, all members of your family must be morally and physically fit.

2-Year Extension to Australia Graduate Visa 485 for International Students

Individuals who have finished their studies in Australia are eligible for the Graduate Visa subclass 485. Intriguingly, those with graduate visas can remain in Australia for 18 to 48 months. Additionally, if used wisely, it grants holders full employment rights and offers bright chances for eventual permanent residence.

You must be aware that the Graduate Visa subclass 485’s regulations and requirements may change shortly if you are an international student studying in Australia.

Recap of The Graduate Visa and Previous Changes

The Graduate Visa has two streams.

  • Post-study work rights stream – designed for graduates of higher education
  • Graduate work stream – designed for students who finished any two-year diploma or trade certificate in any profession.
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Previous Changes to The Graduate Visa 485

Beginning on July 1, 2022, all international students completing any two-year trade certificate or diploma in any field at a VET college were eligible to apply for a two-year Graduate visa 485 under the Graduate work stream.

All candidates are affected by this modification, whether or not their profession was included in the list of medium- and long-term strategic capabilities.

Latest Changes for the Graduate Visa 485

Sadly, the concession mentioned above expired on July 1st, 2023. To apply for the Graduate visa subclass 485 under the Graduate work stream, candidates must now nominate a skilled occupation that is listed on the medium and long-term strategic skills list and receive a favorable skills evaluation.

Additionally, the course that applicants complete in Australia must have a strong connection to the profession that has been chosen.

The post-study work rights stream for graduate supply is also subject to adjustments at this point. For instance, the Australian government has chosen to extend post-study employment privileges for foreign graduates with certain degrees who fit the criteria for sectors of confirmed skill shortage by two years.

Work Rights Extension Allocations

  • First off, bachelor’s degree graduates will get 4 years instead of 2
  • Secondly, master’s degree graduates will get 5 years of extension rather than 3
  • Lastly, Ph.D. graduates will receive 6 years of extension instead of 4 years

It’s vital to note that candidates will also receive an additional one or two years of work privileges in regional areas in 2022 in addition to this extension. Additionally, the two-year extension is available to graduates who are still in possession of a temporary graduate visa under the post-study employment stream as of July 1, 2023.

A two-year extension is also available to applicants who submitted their applications on or after July 1, 2023. Remember that to take advantage of all the concessions effectively, the applicant’s qualifications must be on the Department of Education’s list of acceptable qualifications.

Asylum Seeker Deal

Secret deal with Australia to deal with asylum seekers. Australia and Papua New Guinea are attempting to reach an agreement.

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Australia’s government has made the covert decision to provide Papua New Guinea money in exchange for retaining almost 75% of refugees and asylum seekers in Port Moresby. The bilateral agreement, which is classified, was approved in December 2021, but the details, including the amount of the subsidy, are still kept under wraps.

The Top-Secret Agreement

According to the covert arrangement, Australia will send refugees there against their choice, and Papua New Guinea will provide protection and assistance. The majority of the asylum seekers and refugees who were deported from Australia 10 years ago as part of that country’s offshore detention policy are today in a state of shock with uncertain futures and dire mental and physical health conditions.

Did you realize that the secret agreement is being questioned? The subsidies provided under the top-secret deal between Australia and Papua New Guinea have been completely clarified, according to independent senator David Pocock.

The Asylum Seeker Resource Center additionally expressed concern over the lack of accountability for how funds are handled. Australia’s government has so far refused to comment on questions regarding its covert arrangement with Papua New Guinea.

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