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Australia Subclass 407 Visa Update 2023 | Get Visa in 14 Days

Australia Subclass 407 Visa Update 2023 | Get Visa in 14 Days

Did you know that everyone taking a work-related training course in Australia is awarded a temporary visa called a 407? The focus of the training course may be on your current position, your field of study in higher education, or a professional training program.

Who is Eligible?

You must meet the following requirements for this type of training visa in Australia.

Get sponsored first and foremost, followed by a recommendation from a reputable sponsor
Invited third. You must submit your nomination, sponsorship, and visa application if a Commonwealth government institution is your sponsor.


You must provide the following documentation to be awarded a training visa 407 for Australia;

  • Passports and IDs are first. A valid passport and two forms of identification, such as a driver’s license, national ID card, marriage and divorce certificate, birth certificate, etc., are required.
  • Afterward, biometrics. You might be required to submit a photograph of your fingerprints.
  • Next, a letter of invitation. If you are getting funding from a Commonwealth government institution in Australia, you must present a copy of your invitation letter.
  • Also, proof of sponsorship. One of the following documents must be submitted by applicants for an Australia training visa: a letter of sponsorship approval (either a nomination letter from a sponsor or a written statement from a sponsor);
  • Additionally, volunteer forms. If the training is a volunteer position, your sponsor must enclose forms 1283 and 1284 with the nomination form.
  • Likewise, credentials records. You must enclose copies of your resume and credentials as well as any necessary registration or licensing. Included in this is a letter on official letterhead from your current employer detailing your position and responsibilities.

Other supporting documents

In addition, you must send the supporting paperwork listed below with your application;

  • First, financial funds documents. You must provide proof that you have the resources to support your family, if any, financially.
  • Second, health insurance. It is imperative that you and any additional family members going with you have health insurance for Australia.
  • Then, evidence of your English language ability. If English is not your first language, you must show that you can communicate in it. Transcripts from an English-speaking primary or secondary school are acceptable.
  • Also, proof of good behavior. It’s crucial to show that you adhere to Australia’s standards for moral behavior.
  • Additionally, needs for occupational training. You must submit a letter from the company in your country that oversees your field of work naming you as the training beneficiary.
  • Likewise, the letter must specify that you need the training to obtain a license, registration, or other credential that will allow you to continue working in your field indefinitely.
  • In addition, a letter confirming your conditional registration for the program from the pertinent authorities or regulatory body.
  • Moreover, you must affirm in writing that you will abide by all Australian rules and regulations as part of the Australian values declaration.
  • Furthermore, you must open a new account if you don’t already have one and submit an online application if you have a foreign account.
  • Besides that, all of your supporting documents must be scanned and colored copies uploaded with your online application. Your papers must meet the requirements of the immigration office just like the originals.
  • Lastly, make sure that all of your paperwork is written in English and not another language. If required, have it translated.
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5 Steps to Get Australia Visa Sponsorship Jobs in 2023 | Australia Immigration

Obtaining a visa that would enable you to move to Australia may prove difficult. Your educational history and ability to fill one of the many skill shortages will largely determine how well you can achieve this. You can identify jobs in Australia that sponsor visas by using the five straightforward steps we’ll detail in this post.

You might qualify for the Employer Nomination Scheme depending on your qualifications and the amount of relevant job experience you have. To find jobs in Australia that sponsor visas and look into options for sponsored visas, consider the following advice:

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1. Research Opportunities for Sponsored Visas

It is important to note swiftly that Australian businesses hardly ever post job openings on online employment sites that expressly declare they are looking to recruit someone from outside Australia. This is done to make it easier and more affordable for Australian businesses to hire locals.

Recruitment agencies commonly advertise job openings on well-known job search websites since businesses frequently need to fill positions quickly and are hesitant to wait for a sponsorship visa approval. Even if you are the most suitable applicant for the job, your application may be rejected if the company is unwilling to wait and sponsor you.

2. Consider Multinational Companies

A fantastic way to increase your chances of getting hired as a sponsored employee is to look for international firms having headquarters in both Australia and your home country. Transfer plans are frequently offered to employees by large companies. Unfortunately, utilizing this strategy would need you to spend a considerable amount of time working for the company in your home country.

3. Keep a Record of Companies Contacted

Make a list of companies matching your skillset and grab your attention if you want sponsorship jobs in Australia. Call the business’s human resources division if you cannot reach them. Then, advise speaking with the department administrator of your desired position, and inquire about the business’s willingness to sponsor an international candidate with the required credentials.

For the sake of streamlining the application process, keep track of every job you’ve applied for. Also, make it a point to communicate with these businesses frequently as well. This demonstrates your readiness and dedication to work hard for them.

4. Build a Strong Network

There are several social media groups, industry-specific groups on Facebook, and networking websites that can help you network efficiently and stand out. Use these networks to connect with the proper people in Australia. The social networking website LinkedIn is the most obvious choice for professionals.


It allows you to connect with employers from all over Australia, and if they like your profile, they may do the same for you. Besides that, if you join Australia-specific groups or organizations on social media sites like Facebook, your network will grow.

5. Market Yourself

Your ability to market yourself will be crucial in persuading employers to sponsor you while you are working abroad. People won’t buy a thing if they are unaware of its existence and possible applications. If you want to be successful at self-marketing, you must learn how to highlight your key assets and give potential employers an accurate image of your skill set.

Most importantly, effective self-promotion builds on one’s self-confidence. You must have faith in your skills and knowledge. You need to convince employers that you are not only the best candidate for the job, but also the ideal candidate.

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