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New UK Visa Fees 2023 | UK Visa Application Fees

July 19th, 2023 at 07:15 pm

New UK Visa Fees 2023 | UK Visa Application Fees

The UK has announced a significant increase in visa fees, which will make travel there even more expensive. This article outlines the most recent fee increase announcement made by the UK government as well as the most recent modifications to visa fees.

Additionally, revisions to the immigration health surcharge, fee adjustments that will help professionals balance charges to offset migration expenses, and advice on how to prepare your UK visa application are all covered.

The UK government recently stated that visa fees would be increasing for several categories, including study and work visas. As a result, fees for UK work visas will increase by 20%, reaching 1,482 pounds, if the duration of the visa is longer than three years. On the other side, the cost of obtaining a student visa will increase by 15%, from 363 to 417 pounds.

Chief Secretary’s Remarks on Visa Fee Changes

John Glenn, the UK Treasury’s chief secretary, discussed the impending reforms. According to him, the increase in visa fees will also affect other visa categories such as post-study work visas, indefinite permission to remain (ILR), certificate of sponsorship expenses, settlement status, etc. Charges for priority visa applications are also expected to increase significantly.

Immigration Health Surcharge Changes (IHS)

The expansion of the IHS, which now covers all costs associated with a pair’s health care, is another notable shift. As a result, the primary rate will rise to 1,035 pounds annually. Students and minors, meanwhile, will pay a reduced charge of 776 pounds.

How the Visa Fee Adjustments Will Support Professionals

Intriguingly, these fee increases are intended to bring in more than £1 billion to support pay increases for various professions like teachers, doctors, junior doctors, and police officers. Additionally, the additional funds generated by the visa fees will enable the Home Secretary to provide financial support for the police forces, which will assist mitigate migration costs.

The UK government intends to equalize expenses for students and other applicants in addition to the reforms that have been proposed.

Availing Priority Services

It aims to maintain consistency without taking the location of the application into account. Most importantly, this action is anticipated to effectively offset costs associated with the border system and migration. We encourage you to fully budget for your UK visa applications by the most recent fee schedule.

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When requesting a UK work or study visa, applicants must account for the additional costs. If you want to move to the UK, make sure to carefully review your financial arrangements.

UK Priority Services

Family visas receive priority attention, which includes shorter wait times and extra quick decisions. The priority service for those requesting entry into the UK to live with family members was reinstated by the UK home office in February 2023. This path, though, mostly pertains to spouses and kids.

The adjustment comes after a challenging time when decision-waiting times exceeded six months. The Home Office had to shift workers to deal with the enormous volume of emergency applications coming from Ukraine as a result of the situation there.

The standard waiting period for visa applications is three months, while applicants from other nations had to wait six months to hear back. For families that were separated for extended periods, the six-month burden was difficult.

Priority Service

A decision should be delivered by the priority service in less than 30 working days, or six weeks. To access this service, an additional 573 pounds must be paid. Because of this, it’s crucial to keep in mind that not all apps are appropriate for the priority service. A decision within 30 working days is not guaranteed if the application is not basic and easy, but it will still be moved to the front of the line at every level of the decision-making process.

Waiting Times Reduced

As the Ukrainian workload has decreased over the past few weeks, waiting times have improved. Additionally, those who are applying for multiple family visas might now receive a quicker decision thanks to the new priority service. Applications for family visas are handled in 60 working days instead of the traditional 12-week period.

Which Visas are Included?

The new priority service and waiting times will apply to the following visas;

  • Partner, spouse, civil partner, and unmarried partner
  • Fiancée or proposed civil partner
  • Child and adult-dependent relative

Super Priority Premium Services

For applicants who would want a quicker response on their UK Visa or settlement application, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) offers a priority service and a super priority service.

Priority Service

Within a five-working day period of their appointment at the visa application center for international applicants, or within five working days of either the day of their appointment at a UK appointment center or the working day after having finished uploading documents, eligible applicants who apply through the UK’s priority service should have a decision.

However, the Home Office might not be able to satisfy this service requirement if an application is not simple.

UK Visa Super Priority Service

After their appointment at the visa application center for international applicants or their appointment at a UK appointment center for in-country applicants, eligible applicants who use Euclid’s super-priority service should have a decision by the end of the following working day, or within two working days if the appointment is on the weekend.

In-country applicants who utilize the UK immigration ID check app to verify their identification cannot use the super priority service.

Availability of Home Office Priority Service and Super Priority Service

For new family visa applications submitted outside of the UK, the super-priority service is not available. However, as of February 2023, new marriage and family visa applications filed outside of the UK are once again eligible for the priority visa service. Expect a decision in less than 30 working days.

A three weeks priority service and super-priority service is also available to current applicants with pending family visa applications.

Application Fees

The cost of employing one of these premium services requires an extra cost in addition to the usual visa application charge. Both the priority service and the super-priority service are optional.

In addition to the usual visa or settlement application price, the 5-day priority service costs 573 pounds for settlement and 250 pounds for non-settlement.
There is an additional price of 956 pounds for the following working day super priority service in addition to the usual visa or settlement application fee.

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Family members will have to pay an extra 573 pounds if they apply at the same time as the primary applicant. It costs 250 pounds to get a decision in five working days. Or, 956 pounds to get one by the end of the following working day.

Individual family members who apply jointly cannot expect to hear back at separate times. As a result, each member of the family must apply through a premium service if one person wants to receive a judgment more quickly. The premium service cost is not refundable even if a visa application is denied. The same rule applies if the decision on the application takes longer than expected

How to Book a Priority or Super Priority Visa Appointment

After an appointment, the option to apply via the super priority visa service or the priority visa service displays. If appointments enlisted as unavailable, the weekly allotment of appointments for premium services does not exist.

Additional appointments are often made available once every week. With a visa appointment, it is not feasible to apply using the priority visa service or super priority visa service.

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