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Tips To Tap Into Canada’s Hidden Job Market

Tips To Tap Into Canada’s Hidden Job Market

It can be hard to find a new job, and it can be even harder if you are moving to a new country. As a newcomer to Canada, getting a job is one of the most important things you need to do to make sure you can support yourself and start your career. When you start looking for a job in Canada, it’s important to have as many options as possible so you can get the job you want faster. That’s why it’s so important to tap into the hidden job market if you want to work in the field you want.

Since newcomers to Canada often don’t know much about the work culture, this article answers questions about what the hidden job market is, why it’s important to access it, and, most importantly, how to access Canada’s hidden job market.

What is the hidden job market?

The term “hidden job market” refers to all the job openings that aren’t advertised or posted online. Many newcomers only look for jobs that are posted online on portals, company websites, and social media. By doing this, they miss out on hidden opportunities.

Employers may recruit top candidates from competitors or internal staff and peers for many jobs. Some employers may know the best candidates before posting the job. Some positions are “hidden” until the right person fills a need or skill gap.

Why Tap Into Canada’s Hidden Job Market?

Canada’s hidden job market can boost your chances of getting a job. 65–80% of Canadian job openings are hidden. Depending on industry and economic conditions, candidates who can access and be considered for these hidden jobs will have an advantage. As a newcomer to Canada, you must access the hidden job market for these reasons:

  • Before jobs are put online, they are already filled.
  • Employers prefer referrals from people they know and trust.
  • Leave out the ATS round.
  • More jobs to choose from
  • Less competition
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Tips to Access the Hidden Job Market and Get a Job in Canada

You may need to change your job search strategy to take advantage of the hidden job market’s many opportunities. Expanding and engaging your network is key to finding hidden job market opportunities. We’ll show you 15 ways to find a great job in Canada’s hidden job market.

1. Get in touch with people you know.

You may not know many people in Canada if you just arrived or will soon. Connecting with friends is still a good start. Your contacts may not know about global opportunities at many companies. Consider alumni, former coworkers, and Canadian friends and family. Since you already know them, you can directly ask them if they know of any open positions that match your skills and experience, or if they can introduce you to others who might. Ask if they can refer you to the hiring manager if their companies are hiring or will hire soon.

2. Create a Networking Strategy

Networking can be time-consuming without a strategy to focus your efforts on where it will benefit your job search and career. Define your role to focus. List companies you want to work for based on industry, size, and culture. Reach out to recruiters, hiring managers, and new hires in your field on LinkedIn. Meet two to three professionals per week. As a newcomer actively seeking a job, you can schedule four to five networking meetings per week.

3. Contact employers even if they have no open positions.

You can contact a potential employer before a job is posted. Call or email to express interest in working for them and request a meeting to learn about their business and desired skills. Adjust your elevator pitch for each company. If you impress, employers may consider you for future positions. Fast-growing companies may hire you even if they weren’t recruiting.


4. Leverage volunteer opportunities and survival jobs

Volunteering is effective, especially if it’s related to your career. Use it to demonstrate your skills, knowledge, and work ethic, and share your career goals with others who may learn about new jobs before they’re posted externally. Even a survival job can expand your network and expose you to relevant unlisted jobs. Be open-minded and ready with your elevator pitch.

5. Grow your network

Keep a spreadsheet of people you’ve met and what you discussed. Send a note or interact with them on social media. Share a relevant article. This keeps you in mind for relevant jobs in their network.

6. Seek Advice

Since you’re new to the Canadian job market, asking for advice may help you connect with professionals and potential employers. If you weren’t offered, you can get feedback on your elevator pitch, resume, or interview performance. Ask about your industry or desired role in Canada to learn about cultural differences like jargon, scope, major players, and industry associations. This will improve your applications and increase your supporters. Remember that not everyone will respond, but those who do can become valuable connections.

7. Go to Conferences (When Safe)

Conferences are also a great place to meet people who might know someone who knows someone who is hiring for the job you want. Even if you don’t get an interview that day, the fact that you are meeting new people, expanding your network, and working on your professional development shows employers a lot.

Conferences can be very expensive, so keep an eye out for online learning and conference opportunities.

8. Subscribe to News Alerts

By signing up for news alerts, you’ll know when companies make big changes. Even though these alerts won’t always be about jobs, you can find jobs by learning more about a company.

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Maybe it made a recent acquisition. Or maybe the company just finished buying a big piece of land. In either case, these alerts can help you find hidden job opportunities before hiring gets busy.

Also, think about signing up for industry news alerts to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in your field. Also, think about newsletters as a great way to get inside information.


The hidden job market is not necessarily a secret; you just have to dig deeper to find it. Explore the different paths, build your network, and use the tools you have to find out what’s been there the whole time.

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