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New Job Recruitment at World Vision

New Job Recruitment at World Vision


Through over 70 years of expertise, we help the most vulnerable children overcome poverty and live fully. Christian-inspired, we support youngsters of all backgrounds, even in perilous situations.

Join our 33,000+ staff in nearly 100 countries and enjoy changing vulnerable children’s lives!

The Main Duties

Planning and Executing Projects

  • Lead LIFE project yearly work plan development and AP-level project implementation in line with annual targets.
  • As per the work plan and milestones, complete all LIFE project activities (livelihood, food security, child protection, faith & development, and cross-cutting themes) on time.
  • Conduct community needs assessments and reviews to select development actions that support the WVG strategic plan and LIFE TP.
  • Form and strengthen local advocacy groups (CVA) to assist community lobbying for basic sector service standards.
  • Support the creation of local CP&A groups comprising informal and official CP actors in the community and coach them to take ownership of sustainable action plans.
  • Assist CP&A group in creating a shared action plan to combat child abuse in the cluster (Area programs).
  • Make ITAW/EVAC work and end child marriage. It takes all cluster campaigns now.
  • Lead BSL, S4T, EWV CFC, CPA, CVA, and CoH CP project models/approaches to fulfill LIFE project goals and maintain program sustainability through community empowerment, stakeholder capacity building, and collaborative connections.
  • Increase Development Capability LIFE project facilitators, volunteers, communities, churches, and partners.
  • Review projects with district staff and stakeholders periodically.
  • To meet project goals, work with project partners and stakeholders to implement, monitor, and evaluate project activities.
  • Participate in community kid mapping and monitoring to guarantee RC and family participation in LIFE Project Implementation.
  • Provide LIFE Project implementation activity brief, images, and videos on RC participation for Sponsorship System registration.
  • Help RC and sponsors communicate and ensure Child Sponsorship AP KPIs include Sponsorship 2.0 kid and community content production are met on schedule.
  • Child Monitoring should be integrated into LIFE Project Implementation and reported to the Sponsorship System.
  • Plan and coordinate logistics with Cluster Manager and supply chain coordinator for AP/Cluster project activity implementation.
  • Help integrate and apply F&D core project concepts for effective programming.
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Finance and procurement

  • Help with project procurement plan and budget
  • Prepare and submit disbursement and procurement requests on time.
  • Project activity implementation and procurement requests
  • Coordinate with Supply Chain to obtain/deliver inputs and other resources on time.
  • On-time project cost submission and partner payment
  • Check budget and expenditure and notify Cluster Manager.
  • Implement Audit and Risk Assessment recommendations in LIFE projects and their effect areas within the cluster. Manage project finances and assets according to donor criteria.
  • All contracts must be timely and cost-effective.

Grant and PNS Resource Acquisition

  • Identify AP issues and possibilities and create donor proposals.
  • Help create resource acquisition concept notes/proposals.
  • Provide quality programming to build LIFE interventions’ technical branding/niche.
  • Develop relationships with commercial sector actors or donors to seek financial opportunities.
  • Generate fieldwork to attract donor financing.

Partnerships, networking, external engagements

  • Develop strategic partnerships, collaborations, and networks with stakeholders during planning and implementation.
  • Maintain good relations with recipient communities, local authorities, District and Municipal Assemblies, and other partners to sustain the project.
  • Motivate and engage the faith community to involve children and families in F&D activities.
  • Assess and strengthen institutional capacity for district and regional partners/stakeholders to support project implementation.
  • Represent WV Ghana at stakeholder meetings (internal and external).
  • Help Child Parliament/kids clubs
  • Communicate LIFE project initiatives to government, local authorities, media, communities, and other stakeholders.
  • To improve conversation among zonal or district stakeholders, networks, coalitions, farmer organizations, and CVA working groups, build effective partnerships.

Assessment, Accountability, Learning, Reflection, and Knowledge Management

  • Evaluate and jointly evaluate project interventions to assess progress against targets and give technical backstops for areas that require improvement.
  • Conduct periodic LIFE project reviews to inform key partners and report discrepancies.
  • Assess project risks, mitigate them, and escalate as needed.
  • Helps the Faith and Development Coordinator oversee AP community Faith and development initiatives.
  • Document lessons learned, best practices, and human interest stories for internal and external knowledge exchange forums, the WV Partnership, and funding partners.
  • Coordinate baseline, midterm, and final evaluations.
  • Help collect LIFE indicator data through quarterly and annual AP Level LIFE project assessments.
  • Encourage and report LIFE TP and F&D integrated activities, outputs, and outcomes in
  • AP communities monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually.
  • Coordinate and report AP CVA, and CP actions
  • Track CP&A group performance, implementation, and capacity.
  • Facilitate effective CP reporting and referral procedures.
  • Other duties
  • Management may need other activities.
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Education, knowledge, technical skills, and experience

  • Minimum Qualification: BSc in Agriculture Science, Development Studies, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Science, Agronomy, Social Sciences, Social Work, Community Development, International Development, or any other relevant field (Master’s Degree an advantage).
  • At least five years of development-related project implementation experience, two of which should be connected to livelihood, food security, or child protection.
  • Experience in external engagement with donors and government, as well as dealing with several stakeholders.
  • Project and budget management expertise
  • Development facilitation and participatory approach expertise.
  • Proficient in partnering, conflict management, consensus building, oral and written communication, presenting, and reporting.

Other Skills/Qualities:

  • Ability to work well with personnel and partners.
  • Experienced in community mobilization and engagement, as well as development facilitation to link and build capacity of community groups and partners.
    Coach, facilitate, and train Strong observation, problem-solving, analytical, and critical thinking
  • Innovation and adaptation: seizing possibilities and devising practical solutions
  • Communicating: knowledge, influence, cross-cultural diplomacy,
  • Establishing and maintaining effective relationships with stakeholders involves fostering trust, transparency, openness, and goodwill.
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Other Competencies/Attributes:

  • Ability to handle stress and work under pressure.
  • Socially adept, team player.
  • Cost and time management in projects
  • Monitoring, reporting, and proposal drafting
  • MS Office, Outlook 265, Microsoft Teams, Zoom proficiency
  • Community building, action learning, and participation


  • Principles and methods for community empowerment
  • Excellent knowledge of BSL, S4T, EWV CFC, CPA, CVA, and CoH CP models
  • Project logic frameworks
  • Working knowledge of program and project cycle management is ideal.
  • Learning methods for adults
  • Understanding Child Protection, Community Action Plans, and CCPCs
  • Principles and methods for community empowerment
  • Knowledge of local power dynamics

How to Apply for this Job Recruitment at World Vision

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Closing Date: January 10, 2024



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