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Nestle Sales Graduate Trainee Program 2023

Nestle Sales Graduate Trainee Program 2023

Do you have the skills and experience required to work for a prominent organization that is known on a worldwide scale? Are you eager to contribute your own personality and taste to the mix so that Nestle and you can jointly define the future? The next step is to send in your application to the Nestle Sales Graduate Program in 2023.

In the East African and South African Regions, Nestlé is looking for young people who have the potential to become members of our team.

Graduates who have recently received their degrees have the opportunity to get off to a strong start in their professions by participating in the Graduation Program, which spans 23 nations, ranging from Eritrea to Zimbabwe and South Africa to Mauritius.

Apply to become a participant in the program that lasts for twenty-four months, and you’ll have the opportunity to work for a reputable company staffed by incredible people.

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates must fulfill the conditions listed below in order to be eligible for the Nestle Sales Graduate Programme 2023:

  • A B.Com. in Marketing, Economics, Accounting, or Statistics
  • Must receive an academic grade of at least 70%.
  • Be in possession of a valid Code 8 driver’s license (job requirement) – No license, no interview
  • Effective and fluent communicator (in English)
  • Solid analytical skills
  • Strong analytical and mathematical abilities
  • Collaborator (cross-functional)
  • Travel-ready
  • Self-starter and service-minded
  • Be willing to work.
  • Adaptable hours of employment
  • Highly tenacious, self-disciplined, and results-oriented
  • Good presentation skills; strategic and proactive
  • Empathetic; must be able to comprehend the needs, motivations, and aspirations of others

Application Process


Those who are interested in applying for the Nestle Sales Graduate Program 2023 must fill out an online application and upload their academic records, a resume, and a photocopy of their driver’s license.


About Nestle

Nestle is the world’s largest food and beverage corporation, and they have more than 308,000 people working for them. Their mission is to improve people’s lives and make the world a healthier place for generations to come.

Because Nestle considers its employees to be the company’s most valuable resource, the company will provide prospective employees with the opportunity to work in an environment that is diverse in terms of both the teams it employs and the cultures with which they interact, as well as the businesses, functions, and geographic areas in which they are located.

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Where do we operate?

Nestlé, a company with origins in Europe, has developed into a genuinely multinational corporation throughout the years. Learn more about our various locations in different parts of the world here.

Nestlé is a genuinely global enterprise with 275,000 people across the globe.
We have more than 340 plants in 77 different countries and sell our goods in 188 different nations.

Oceania and Asia

The region of Asia and Oceania is incredibly diverse and offers countless opportunities. The area is a patchwork of cuisines, cultures, and religious traditions that spans two continents and numerous time zones.

With an office in Sydney, Australia, we first established our presence in the area in 1908. Currently, 97 of our factories and a research and development center in Singapore, which is essential to the creation of novel goods and technology, are located in the area, with over 110 different nationalities making up one-third of our workforce. We also have many Business Service Centers there that offer the Nestlé Group essential services in IT, procurement, and hiring. Brands like Maggi, Milo, Nescafé, and Bear Brand have become recognizable household names for many generations in the area.

Nestlé Asia & Oceania has embraced recyclable or reusable packaging, increased resource efficiency, and made investments in renewable energy as part of its commitment to sustainability. In order to help 400,000 young people gain the abilities and resilience they need to succeed in the workplace, the area is also committed to upskilling them.


Nestlé began operations in Europe in 1867, first in Switzerland.

At present, we employ more than 80,000 people who work with renowned brands like KitKat, Nescafé, Nespresso, Purina, S.Pellegrino, and Maggi in more than 50 different nations on the continent. On the European continent, we run 100 different factories in close collaboration with tens of thousands of farmers and locals.

Our research center in Switzerland is part of a global network of R&D facilities that enables us to stay on the cutting edge of food innovation. Additionally, we have business services centers in Lisbon, Portugal, and Lviv, Ukraine, which provide accounting, social media, and website creation services to Nestlé businesses all over the world.

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We support the European Union’s goal of becoming the first continent in the world to be climate neutral, and we are working toward having net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050.

North America

Our operations in the USA and Canada are part of Nestlé North America. We have 105 locations spread throughout 34 states and provinces in both nations, employ 33,000 people, and have three research centers dedicated to R&D, health science, and pet care. Since the late 19th century, we have been in business in North America. With sales of more than CHF 28 billion, North America is currently the greatest market for us globally.

In this area, our most popular categories include pet care, meals, pizza & snacks, coffee, and drinks. With legendary brands including Nestlé Toll House, DiGiorno, Purina, Nesquik, Stouffer’s, Coffee Mate, Sweet Earth, Starbucks Coffee, and S.Pellegrino among many more, we are present in 97% of US households.

The goal of Nestlé North America is to use the power of food to improve everyone’s quality of life both now and in the future. By concentrating on high-growth industries that cater to shifting customer demands, such as pet care, coffee, luxury bottled water, consumer health, and newborn nutrition, we are redefining our product range.

Latin America

Latin America is home to 11 markets for Nestlé, where 53,000 people work. Because of Nestlé’s lengthy history, our operations are deeply ingrained in the culture of many of the nations in which we do business. Customers in the area have confidence in us, and we are also significant users of the region’s abounding goods like milk, cocoa, and coffee.

Our employees work with a wide range of products from the coffee, dairy, food, and confectionary sectors at around 80 plants run by our Latin America division. La Lechera, Abuelita, Nescau, D’nofrio, Mahler, Mucilon, Milo, Nature’s Heart, and Sahne-Nuss are some of the major brands we sell in the area. Our operations in Mexico and Brazil are among Nestlé’s top 10 largest markets by revenue. Additionally, we run a regional R&D center in Santiago, Chile, to better serve our LATAM markets and provide them with innovations that are appropriate to their regional contexts.

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The goal of Nestlé Latin America is to promote inclusion, equity, and diversity. In addition to providing chances for youth development and supporting local communities, we also champion sustainability from “farm to fork” and beyond.

Middle East and Africa

Nestlé has a long history in the Middle East and Africa dating back to the introduction of baby cereals in Egypt more than a century ago. A huge diversity of cultures, languages, and faiths may be found in the area. It is experiencing increased urbanization and substantial population growth, which presents our company and colleagues there with tremendous potential.

Three distinct businesses—Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Central & West Africa (CWAR), and East & Southern Africa (ESAR)—are responsible for our operations in the Middle East and Africa, which collectively span over 60 nations. We currently run more than 40 plants around the region and employ more than 23,000 people. We also operate an R&D facility in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, with the goal of enhancing the caliber of regional agricultural output and creating premium consumer goods.



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