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    Job Vacancy at Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA)

    February 24th, 2023 at 09:41 am

    Job Vacancy at Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA)

    Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA) has a great opportunity for a Country Compliance Manager with a lot of experience. This is a specialist and manager role, and the person in it is directly responsible for managing a compliance team in a country. This person will also work a lot with Leadership at all levels in a country.

    A Country Compliance Manager (CCM) must have a good understanding of all operational processes, especially manufacturing, as well as audit-related tasks in order to be able to manage, monitor, and carry out tasks in the country. And a deep understanding of the controls in The Coca-Cola Company’s (TCCC) Risk & Control Matrix (RACM) and Control Self-Assessments (CSAs).

    The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Botswana (CCBA) is the biggest Coca-Cola bottler in Africa. It sells 40% of all Coca-Cola on the continent. CCBA has a large presence in Africa. It has more than 17,000 employees who serve more than 300 million people across the continent.

    The goal of the CCBA is to improve Africa every day and make it a better place for everyone by growing as a business and making a better future for our people, customers, consumers, communities, the planet, and our shareholders. For shared value and the greater good, we act in the most honest way possible. We are a world-class, customer-focused, socially and environmentally aware, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company that is driven by engaged, motivated, and inspired employees.

    The key purpose of the role is to:

    • Take care of the country’s operational compliance tasks by giving the country compliance team good leadership, direction, coordination, training, and expert advice.
    • Take care of the country’s operational, financial, and compliance audits and projects.
    • Help make the country’s annual governance calendar and be in charge of its creation and implementation.

    Key Outputs and Accountabilities

    Key Outputs and Accountabilities include, but not limited to:

    Country Compliance Leadership Role:

    • Guide compliance operations to make them stronger and more effective, cut down on fraud and make sure control gaps are closed.
    • Keep and grow the role of leadership for all activities related to compliance in-country
    • Work with the CMT and MD on a daily basis or as needed to make sure compliance issues are taken care of; make operational recommendations
    • Keep the country’s top leaders informed of changes to operational risk and the steps to deal with them on a regular basis.
    • Monitor and manage the implementation of country audit calendars. Make decisions about which audits will be done by internal and/or external providers.

    Internal Controls and Reporting:

    • Maintain standard operating procedures (SOPs) in the country and make sure that compliance-related policies, controls, and processes are aligned. As needed, give feedback on the creation of SOPs.
    • Manage country audit schedules and decide which internal and external audit providers to use.
    • Keep track of and manage performance for each RACM and CSA control, review audit results, and keep an eye on actions taken to close gaps and fix any other problems found.
    • Review, evaluate, and improve CSA tools, processes, and reporting to make it easier to figure out how well controls are working.
    • Put in place and keep track of changes and new controls, and make sure the changes are built into the operations.
    • Assess the effects of changes and new controls to RACM and CSAs so that any changes to content or implementation processes can be made as needed.
    • Update and look over RACM narratives from different departments to make sure they match business processes and RACM requirements.
    • Using a risk-based method, make RACM Control Self-Assessments (RSAs) to test processes and check compliance across the country.
    • Validate the way internal controls are tested with experts in the field to make sure it fits with business processes.


    • Review all of the reporting data and information given by the country compliance team as part of the process of putting together packs, presentation decks, and the required data and information in written form.
    • Draft presentations for the board, country audit committee packs, and other high-level review and meeting documents on time and well.
    • Write up Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and policies, test routines once a year, and report on the results.
    • Tell the Regional Compliance Manager (RCM) what you think about the control testing processes.
    • Report to the Country Audit Committee on things that have to do with country compliance.
    • Tell the RCM and CMT how the action plans are going and when the deadlines for the assessments and audits are.
    • Report to the RCM and CMT on governance issues through reports like Audit Committee Packs, the results of RACM and CSA testing, and the Issues Mitigation Tracker.
    • Share best practices from each country with CCMs and RCMs to improve internal controls and compliance in the whole region.
    • Put together the quarterly RACM and CSA results for each country
    • Point out the most important governance, control, and process problems to the country compliance team and agree on a timeline to fix the problems.
    • Review governance processes often and suggest ways to make them better.

    Internal and External Audit

    • Review the country-specific controls with the help of internal and external auditors to make sure they fit with business processes.
    • Help review country audit requests and get information requests to the right people; guide auditors, Country Compliance Officers, and operations to make sure audits run smoothly and within the time allotted.
    • Gather and send the information requested to internal and external auditors so they can check if internal controls are being followed.
    • Review, analyze, and interpret key audit findings and related action plans for the country to effectively reduce the identified risk; investigate findings or problems and report them as needed.
    • Drive closure of audit findings to reduce further risk to the in-country business
    • Make a country governance calendar and make sure it is followed and carried out throughout the year.
    • Set up routines for controls and processes according to the rules.

    Risk and Governance Capability Improvement:

    • Contribute to the creation of training materials that will improve internal control and governance across the country.
    • Coach and train the country compliance team on any changes and updates to RACM, related policies, information gathering, and report writing.
    • Encourage and take part in a culture of sharing knowledge within the country compliance team.
    • Work with other CCMs to share the best ways to do things.

    Relationship Management:

    • Build and keep working relationships with multiple customers and stakeholders in the country; understand needs and operating contexts; and manage expectations.
    • Then, Be the main point of contact for the country compliance and operational teams and offer them specialized help.
    • Also, Openly share information with the Compliance Community of Practice.
    • Moreover, Use good problem-solving techniques to find solutions that will work.
    • Furthermore, Help choose external contractors and suppliers for country audits when needed.
    • Afterward, Communicate on all levels (internal and external) to solve problems in a good way.
    • Thereafter, Show that you know how to deal with conflict and how to get rid of it.
    • Lastly, Use what you’ve learned from the team’s successes and problems to improve the team’s work and relationships.

    Team Leadership and Management

    • Take an active role in choosing and naming Country Compliance Officers
    • Then, Set team and individual goals that are in line with the needs and priorities of the country. Help the team reach its goals.
    • Handle the day-to-day activities of staffCoach direct reports and oversee/guide the team’s performance.
    • PDRs and IDPs should be done for each direct report.
    • Also, Lead the team in a way that is in line with the company’s values and ethics, both at work and outside of it.
    • Focus on good two-way communication with the team when you talk to them.
    • Respect difference and find value in it
    • Use good problem-solving techniques to find solutions that will work.
    • Manage conflicts in a positive way and do everything you can to find solutions that everyone can live with.
    • Use what you’ve learned from the team’s successes and problems to improve the team’s work and relationships.

    Skills and work experience:


    • BCom Honours or equivalent
    • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Associate General Accountant (AGA), and relevant work experience will be taken into account.
    • Extra degrees in things like Policy Framing, Control Framework Design, and Forensic Investigation will be a plus.
    • It’s important to have hands-on experience with SAP and/or Microsoft Dynamics.
    • Previous experience with governance and control in a manufacturing setting is preferred.
    • More experience with internal audits will be helpful.


    • Operational financial experience of at least 5 years
    • People-manager skills essential

    How to Apply for this Job Vacancy at Coca-Cola Beverages Africa

    Click Here To Apply Online

    Closing Date: 12th March 2023

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