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IRCC Ideas for CFP 2024 Settlement Services | Canada Immigration Guide

November 21st, 2023 at 02:10 am

IRCC Ideas for CFP 2024 Settlement Services | Canada Immigration Guide

The IRCC suggested four topics for inclusion in the CFP 2024 settlement services as part of an endeavor to provide high-quality assistance to newly arrived immigrants and refugees. In 2024, the department intends to issue a request for proposals (also known as a “Call for Proposals”) about settlement programs in order to provide services for the subsequent five years.

The deadline for submitting applications for financial support was set for January 31, 2024, with the application process having begun on November 14, 2023. Applicants will have the opportunity to submit several funding requests if they so desire. They would need to submit an application through the Grants and Contribution System in order to accomplish this.

The funding for CFP 2024 will start on April 1, 2025, and projects may be eligible for funding for a period of up to five years. On the other hand, this will come to an end on March 31, 2030.

More than 1,300 partners and stakeholders participated in the national consultations that took place in the first half of 2023. These even showed the primary problems that need attention in the future.

The priorities and parameters of the CFP 2024 will make it possible for the program to continue providing relevant services at the appropriate time to suitable customers.

Themes that will be covered in the Settlement Program

A number of alterations and enhancements will be made to the settlement program, depending on the following topics:

  • Enhanced level of consistency: Incorporate and put into action a system that is more consistent for the delivery of service at the national level. In addition to this, it is essential to make certain that customers who face the greatest number of challenges and issues are able to obtain the assistance they require.
  • Encourage and accelerate collaboration: Foster and expedite collaboration by planning and sharing information with various levels of government in order to demonstrate support for the successful implementation of productive settlement programs.
  • Raise the number of community partners: Increase the number of community partners by encouraging the co-creation of programs with clients and improving the capacity of volunteers to forge community relationships. This will help to get more people involved in the organization.
  • Flexibility of the Program: Ensuring that the program continues to maintain its flexibility with regard to adaptations to the characteristics and specific requirements of various locations and clients. At the same time, make an effort to recognize the value that the various provinces and territories bring to the table in terms of working together to facilitate the settlement and integration of newly arrived immigrants.
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4 streams proposed by the IRCC for CFP 2024 settlement services

The other four specific streams for which the CFP 2024 will be soliciting suggestions are the Resettlement Assistance Program, the Francophone Integration Pathway, Equity (capacity building), and Service Delivery Improvement.

CFP 2024 will build on the program’s growth, which has been in effect since 2019, by asking for ideas to expand the Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) to four more regions of the nation. In addition to this, it plans to make certain that customers who speak French will receive more dependable assistance from the RAP. A refugee pathway will also be established so as to make certain that the transition from one stage of their lives to the next for those refugees who seek support from the RAP is as painless as possible.

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The criteria and conditions of the Settlement Program will be incorporated into the Francophone Integration Pathway in some form or another. The following are the two approaches that have been recommended:

  • Enhancing the capabilities of organizations that now offer assistance to immigrants of French origin, as well as
  • Putting in place a baseline financial need for the production of Francophone programming in each region

In addition to this, the CFP intends to improve the capability of the settlement sector to serve varied arrivals with services that are more equal and inclusive. In addition to this, it intends to provide assistance to organizations that have not previously been granted funding through the Settlement and Resettlement programs. They will receive assistance in the form of a grant of up to $25 million per year.

Last but not least, the CFP 2024 is an important step that must be taken in order to make the most of the usage of digital and hybrid service delivery. In addition to this, it will encourage the testing and investigation of innovative ideas that can improve the delivery of services.

A brief overview of settlement services in Canada

The Canadian government provides close to two billion dollars each year for immigration and settlement programs. In addition to that, this entails a contribution that was made toward the foundation of the province of Quebec. The main goal of this funding is to give organizations that help immigrants the money they need to create programs and services that make it easier for people who meet the requirements to get used to their new surroundings and contribute to society. The second objective is to provide organizations that assist immigrants with the financial resources necessary to develop these programs and services.

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Certain temporary residents may also be eligible to use the services made available as a result of the IRCC’s financing in addition to protected individuals and permanent residents.

Providers of settlement services must respond to the CFP that the IRCC issued in order to be eligible for financial aid and to explain how their services will benefit immigrants. On the website of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), there is a list of around 1,300 places dispersed across Canada where newcomers who are qualified for funding from IRCC can access assistance right away. These facilities are located all over the country.



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