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Field Service Technician Jobs with 482 Visa Sponsorship 2024

January 4th, 2024 at 07:12 am

Field Service Technician Jobs with 482 Visa Sponsorship 2024

In many sectors, field service technicians are essential to the seamless upkeep and operation of diverse systems and equipment. There is a great need for qualified field service technicians in Australia, and many businesses are willing to hire qualified candidates and sponsor them under the 482 Visa program.


On-site equipment and system installation, maintenance, and repair fall within the purview of field service technicians. They are employed in a variety of sectors, including information technology, manufacturing, telecommunications, and healthcare. Because of their exceptional customer service skills, technical expertise, and problem-solving abilities, field service technicians are highly appreciated.

Field Service Technician

An individual who travels to various sites to offer on-site services, such as equipment installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair, is known as a field service technician. They usually work for businesses that produce sophisticated machinery, systems, or technology-related services, or both.

Job Responsibilities of a Field Service Technician

Installation and upkeep of equipment

Field service personnel must install and maintain equipment at customer locations correctly. They make certain that every part is calibrated, assembled correctly, and operating at peak efficiency. This includes doing testing, according to technical documents, and making sure safety laws are followed.

Troubleshooting and maintenance

Field service professionals are called in to identify and fix problems with malfunctioning or problematic equipment. They locate the source of the problem and put workable fixes in place using their technical expertise and diagnostic equipment. This could entail updating software, reprogramming software, or swapping out malfunctioning parts.

Customer service and correspondence

Field service professionals work directly with clients, offering assistance and direction with equipment upkeep and operation. To guarantee client pleasure, they provide clear instructions, respond to questions, and handle issues. Being able to communicate effectively is crucial to comprehending client needs and offering suitable answers.

Benefits of Field Service Technician Jobs

  • Employment Opportunities in Australia: Highly qualified individuals are eligible to apply for the 482 visa, which allows them to work in Australia under the supervision of a registered employer. Competent Field Service Technicians, who are in high demand in a variety of industries, may find work with companies looking to hire them.
  • Industry Demand: Skilled technicians are in high demand in several industries, including manufacturing, information technology, mining, and construction. Field service technicians in Australia have chances across a range of industries because of the country’s diverse economy.
  • International Work Experience: Working as a field service technician in Australia allows you to work abroad. It exposes you to a range of work environments and technology and gives you the chance to share your knowledge with a worldwide workforce.
  • Offering Competitive Pay and Benefits: Under the 482 visa program, skilled workers like field service technicians are qualified to obtain competitive pay and benefits. To draw in and keep skilled workers, firms usually provide competitive pay.
  • Professional Development: In Australia, training and skill development are highly regarded. Field Service Technicians may be provided with access to professional development programs and training opportunities to enhance their knowledge and stay up to date with changes in the field.
  • Australia is known for its excellent healthcare system, wide range of recreational options, and clean, safe environment, all of which add to the country’s excellent standard of living. This could lead to an overall improvement in quality of life.
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Additional Benefits

  • Cultural Exposure: Living and working in Australia exposes one to the country’s multicultural society. You could be able to interact with people from different backgrounds as a result of this encounter, which could increase your awareness of different cultures.
  • Prospects for Permanent Residency: Depending on the individual circumstances and application eligibility requirements, the 482 visa may or may not be able to assist with permanent residency in Australia. This could be of interest to someone looking to settle down permanently.

Available Service Technician Jobs

1. Field Service Technician (Roma Resident)

  • Offer top-notch assistance to our clients in the mining, power generation, automotive, and agricultural sectors.
  • Next, diagnoses and fixes less complicated engine problems on-site for the client.
  • Also, carries out preventative maintenance on engines and associated parts in the field following approved schedules and standards.
  • In addition, engine restoration and rebuilding.
  • Moreover, ensure that all applicable rules, guidelines, and policies about health, safety, and the environment are followed. You should also make sure that any problems or incidents are reported to the operations manager.
  • Lastly, to complete necessary documentation, such as service worksheets, timesheets, warranty claims, and quality records, handwritten forms or business system input screens are utilized.

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2. Field Service Technician

Position Requirements

Hydraulic Fitter or Similar Trade It is necessary to have five years of field service or hydraulic systems competence. It takes a dynamic performer and achiever who places a high value on quality, attention to detail, planning, and organizational skills. Good communication skills

What We Provide

Excellent hourly pay, benefits, and overtime compensation are offered for a permanent position. Automobiles are a business’s tool of trade. The company offered a laptop and a cell phone.

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Work for a market leader in an exciting, challenging, and fulfilling role. Excellent conditions for employment. An excellent setting for teamwork with solid corporate values and culture.

Here at Bosch Rexroth, we take great pride in our work. As a team, we put a lot of effort into improving the lives of our clients. Inventive concepts, enthusiasm, and vigor are all qualities that support our success.

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3. Field Service Technician – Wetherill Park near Sydney

Our client is a well-known global manufacturer of blowers, vacuum pumps, and compressors with 160 years of experience. They are based in Wetherill Park, near Sydney, and employ passionate people. The hiring firm distributes important flow control and compression equipment, as well as related aftermarket parts, consumables, and services, to several profitable end markets in the energy, medical, and industrial sectors.

They provide a friendly work environment and take good care of their staff. We are seeking a Service Technician (Compressors), but will also consider applicants with automotive experience.

The role

A range of compressors will need to be installed, serviced, repaired, and maintained. You will also be responsible for overseeing your daily tasks. In addition, you have to test the system and equipment, find any faults, and fix them in case of a breakdown. You may occasionally need to travel both interstate and within NSW. Excellent communication skills are required for this position because it involves working with clients. A car, a tablet, and a smartphone are all included in the package.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain sponsorship for 482?

You need to have a job offer from an employer before submitting an employer-sponsored application. An appropriate position on the TSS 482 list must be offered to you, and you must meet the requirements in terms of education, training, and work history.

What is the cost of the 482 sponsored sponsorship?

AUD 420

Who in Australia qualifies for a sponsorship visa?

A job on the Skilled Occupation List and a minimum of two years of recent, relevant work experience are prerequisites for employer-sponsored visas in Australia, though specific standards vary by occupation. The visa subclasses are as follows: Subclass 482: Temporary Skilled Shortage (TSS)

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