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Top Tourist Attractions in Boracay 2023

Top Tourist Attractions in Boracay 2023

Being a little island, Boracay is simple to ignore. It is small, especially in comparison to the nation’s other tourism powerhouses like Cebu or Palawan. It is frequently depicted in postcards and photos in a single location: the well-known White Beach. And that makes sense. It’s challenging to locate a beach with waters the color of turquoise and sand so white.

However, White Beach is not the only attraction on Boracay. Spoiler alert: it’s not merely to lie on the ivory grains that line its shores that numerous tourists return to time and time. Despite its modest size, Boracay is packed with activities and attractions for visitors of all ages and travel styles.

Smaller, more tranquil coves have been organically cut into its coast. Restaurants that have become popular tourist destinations adorn the streets of this city. Additionally, slipstreams continuously smear its waters. Even learning to dive and swim like a mermaid is possible!

We’ll list the top attractions that Boracay has to offer in this article.

Top Boracay Tourist Attractions

1. White Beach

Unquestionably, White Beach is the most well-known beach on Boracay and the most prominent tourist attraction in the Philippines. Many tourists from all over the world have fallen in love with the expansive expanse of pure white sand. It consistently earns a spot on a variety of lists issued by major international travel publications and organizations.

Two-thirds of Boracay’s western coast is dominated by White Beach. Sunbathing, swimming, watching the sunset, and participating in water sports are just a few of the beach activities available at White Beach to eager beachgoers. It serves as the primary starting point for diving expeditions and island-hopping cruises.

2. D’Mall

D’Mall is an outdoor community mall with a wide variety of stores selling trinkets, apparel, shoes, and other items. You can locate mobile network/internet service providers, ATMs, and money changers in this area.

The hub of the island’s activity is now D’Mall. It is a frequent location for tour pick-up and drop-off. Many businesses proudly advertise their proximity to it. And visitors use this as a benchmark when assessing how accessible certain attractions are.

3. Station X

On the island, Station X is a hub of modern culture and recreation. This Instagrammable center was made available to the public in October 2017 and houses several shops, eateries, and bars. It also accommodates activities, festivals, and festivities. Although this is a Hue Hotels & Resorts property, anyone is welcome to live, laugh, and fall in love in its communal areas.

You can shop, eat, and hang out without spending money on entrance at this location. However, you’ll have to fork over a little cash if you want to utilize the hotel’s pool and daybed.

4. Food Trip

In addition to being a refuge for beachgoers, Boracay is a culinary heaven. It is the origin of numerous straightforward yet well-known foods, including Lemoni’s lemon bars, Jonah’s fruit drink, Real Coffee and Tea’s calamansi muffins, and Merly’s chori burger. The top restaurants and gastropubs in the Philippines, like Dos Mestizo’s, Nonie’s, and Los Indios Bravos, can be found there.

You can go to Paluto restaurants, where you can buy the ingredients and have the food cooked any way you choose if you’re searching for fresh, affordable fish selections. Prawns, crabs, lobsters, shellfish, and several fish species are all readily available. With fresh meats, veggies, and fruits, you can vary your menu.

5. Island Hopping

Boracay is more than just White Beach. Shorter but no less beautiful beaches are created by the fair sand that fills the island’s sharp corners. Around it, there are smaller islands. Joining a boat excursion will allow you to walk through some of them.
Typically, a join-in boat excursion in Boracay makes four (4) stops:

  • Puka Shell Beach
  • Crystal Cove (Island)
  • Buffet lunch stop
  • A coral garden (snorkeling site)
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6. Puka Beach

Second only to White Beach in terms of beauty, Puka Beach is one of Boracay’s most stunning beaches. However, it is frequently included in itineraries for island hopping tours. It once served as a haven for vacationers looking for a peaceful respite from White Beach’s continual and occasionally unbearable noise. Also, it is discretely tucked away in Barangay Yapak at the northernmost point of the island.

Despite being the centerpiece of the island-hopping tour, Puka Beach is also reachable by land. You can either arrive here on an e-trike on your own or as part of a tour.

7. Snorkeling Site

For those who like to snorkel, every boat cruise includes a stop at a coral garden. In our case, the boat is anchored right off Balinghai Beach, not too far from the coast. You may get a sneak preview of the aquatic life and surroundings of the island here.

8. Crystal Cove

Laurel Island, also known as Tiguatian Island, is located off the coast of Boracay and is home to Crystal Cove, a two-hectare resort dotted with almost enticing perspectives. The area’s caves, which are decorated with intriguing rock formations and make for striking photo backgrounds, are the main attraction. Swim and snorkel, as well as the miniature museum and aviary, are other options.

9. Magic Island

Between Crystal Cove and the main island of Panay, there is a little islet called Magic Island. You could get an excellent view of Crystal Cove’s cliffs rising out of the azure waters from its beach. These rocks, however, are not merely cliffs. These might as well be diving platforms for some thrill seekers.

10. Crocodile Island

One of the few islets off the southeast coast of Boracay, Crocodile Island is a popular stop for island hopping. When you look at Google Maps, the aerial view doesn’t resemble a crocodile at all. However, as your boat approaches the island, you may see how it got its name by looking at it from a specific angle. Divers and snorkelers are drawn to the island’s underwater scenery even though it is desolate, rocky, and has no flora.

11. E-Trike Land Tour

E-trikes, often known as electric tricycles, are another option for exploring much of Boracay besides island hopping. You can hire one to take you around the island; it is currently the most popular method of transportation.

An e-trike trip is far more adaptable than boat cruises, which follow a set schedule. You decide where to go and how long to remain at each stop because you are only charged by the hour. It is ultimately up to you whether to adhere to the suggested itinerary provided by the majority of drivers or create your own.

12. Cujo’s Keyhole

Cujo’s Keyhole quickly becomes a must-see site in Boracay as development increases and more visitors look for additional locations to discover on the island. Cujo’s Keyhole, often known as “The Keyhole,” is a luxury residential and resort complex on Boracay’s northeast shore that is popularly known as “The Newcoast.”

13. Mt. Luho

Mt. Luho, which is more of a hill than a mountain, is located close to Bulabog Beach. As the highest point on the island, there are vantage points from which you can see Bulabog Beach, Ilig-Iligan Beach, the ocean, and the neighborhood.

14. Diniwid Beach

Adjacent to White Beach, Diniwid Beach is a beach that is somewhat concealed. A rocky trail leading from Station 1 to the smaller, more tranquil white sand beach provides access to it. Although the sand isn’t as fine and powdery as that at White Beach, the quiet, clear seas make it worthwhile to visit.

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If you want to swiftly get away from the packed shore of the busiest beach on the island, it is your closest alternative. Expect the beach to become slightly more crowded than usual at sunset because Diniwid Beach is a great place to see the sun go down.

15. Ilig-Iligan Beach

Search the northern part of the island to uncover its many isolated beaches if you wish to get away from the hubbub of visitors. One of them is the serene length of pure white sand known as Ilig-Iligan Beach. Although it is a strong contender to replace Puka Beach, there aren’t many businesses there, and the only basic services are, at best, paid restrooms and toilets.

16. Bulabog Beach

From Stations 1, 2, or 3, you can take an e-trike to Bulabog Beach, which is parallel to White Beach on the west, in about 5 minutes. The windy coast may not have White Beach’s popular shore of fine, white sand, but it does welcome thrill-seekers.

Operators renting equipment and giving lessons, particularly for kite- and wind-surfing can be found on the beach. Jet skiing and paragliding are only a couple of the additional water sports that are accessible. Other visitor amenities include dining establishments and hotels.

Water Sports & Other Activities

Crystal Kayak

This is Boracay’s newest rage. People uploading beautiful magazine-style images of themselves in transparent kayaks, with the emerald to sapphire water adding pizzazz to each photo, are all over social media.

Standup Paddling

Make a stand if you find the thought of lying on the beach all day boring. If you dare, paddle boarding. White Beach is ruled by stand-up paddling or paddleboarding, a sport that was popular long before crystal kayaks took over the island. Because of the tranquil seas, it is one of the best locations for beginners to practice and enjoy the activity.

Paraw Sailing

The paraw, an outrigger boat with two unmistakable triangular sails, is one of Boracay’s most identifiable symbols. It becomes much more lovely at sunset when White Beach, in particular, turns into a massive shadow play stage with the paraws serving as the primary actors and the sunset acting as a natural lighting director.


For the daring, this will undoubtedly cause you to shout uncontrollably with wonder and delight. shoot advantage of the island’s unique top-down perspective and record the experience with an action camera or have the crew of the boat shoot your pictures. In the off-peak season, doing it with a friend is less expensive.

Banana Boat Ride

Rides on banana boats have been a mainstay of beach activities. It’s one of the most exciting methods to strengthen relationships with your loved ones, friends, or even coworkers. Nothing compares to sharing roars of laughter while bouncing and bumping around the seas of Boracay.

UFO Inflatable Ride

Similar to banana boat rides, which propel you over the waves in an inflatable banana-shaped boat, UFO rides also operate in this manner. But instead of balancing a massive fruit, get ready to be whisked away and spun around on a saucer filled with air. Imagine it as a UFO on the ocean.

Scuba Diving

On the island, a lot of diving facilities provide beginning classes for new divers. For some of them, prior diving experience is not necessary. Some dive sites accept swimmers of any skill level. You will be led by the instructors and divemaster at every turn, and they will show you how to use the equipment and breathe properly.

Helmet Diving

Another option if you simply want to take in Boracay’s vibrant marine life without using wetsuits and oxygen tanks is sea walking, which is also known as walking on the water. It’s like taking a stroll through a park, but the gravel is the ocean floor.


Kite Surfing

Bulabog Beach, which spans along the eastern coast of the island, is the go-to location for kiteboarding and windsurfing in Boracay.

Mermaid Swimming

By allowing pupils to swim while donning stunning mermaid tails that sparkle in the sunlight, the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy gives monofin swimming a distinctive twist. Aside from aesthetics and fantasy, monofin swimming is seen to be an excellent workout and serves as a form of instruction for aspiring free divers.

Jet Ski

Jet ski your way across the waters of Boracay if you want to be in charge! Speed up to seek the thrill or slow down to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Rent a jet ski and explore on your own, or let a local guide give you instructions and watch out for your safety.

Massage & Spa Services

It’s time to put your tension behind you if you brought it with you to Boracay. Take your pick from the opulent spas or modest beachside massage services offered throughout the island and relax. Depending on the depth and duration of each massage, prices may change.

Boracay Sunset

Words cannot adequately express their splendor. You’ll be rendered dumbfounded. Look at the picture, please! Search for “Boracay sunset” on Google if that isn’t sufficient. It is the epitome of the proverb “The best things in life are free.”


Boracay’s thriving nightlife earned it the well-deserved moniker “Party Island.” While the island still has clubs where visitors may have some beverages while dancing to live bands, the nighttime party scene isn’t as wild, boisterous, or prevalent as it once was.

Other Beaches

While Boracay is home to several public beaches, such as the famous White Beach, it also has several private coves. Consider booking a stay at a five-star hotel with access to a private beach if you want to enjoy an exclusive beach experience and are willing to splash out on your ideal vacation or well-deserved getaway.

  • Newcoast Coves
  • Lapuz-Lapuz Beach (Fairways)
  • Carabao Island (Romblon)
  • Lanas Beach
  • San Jose Beach

Boracay Hotels & Resorts

Booking a confirmed reservation with a lodging facility that has been approved by the DOT is one of the travel requirements for entry into Boracay.

However, here are a few of the resorts and hotels in Boracay:

  • Frendz Boracay Hostel
  • 8 Colors Beach House Resort
  • Villa D’Enghien
  • Dakong Amihan Home
  • Henann Park Resort
  • Belmont Hotel Boracay
  • Le Soleil D’Boracay Resort Inc
  • Henann Crystal Sands Resort
  • Crimson Resort & Spa Boracay
  • The Lind Boracay

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