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Study In USA: Norwich University Scholarship 2024

November 29th, 2023 at 05:15 am

Study In USA: Norwich University Scholarship 2024

Applications from students worldwide are cordially invited to apply to Norwich University for the 2024–2025 academic year. The application forms are now being accepted.

About Norwich University Scholarships

The values of Norwich University’s academic awards vary depending on the granting policy that a student (local or international) is qualified for. The first determination of the value of the award is dependent on the recipient’s previous academic performance.

The comprehensive costs of living on campus for the year that is being considered for academic awards are taken into consideration at the time of acceptance and are used to determine the awards.

Concerning Norwich University

For working people and lifelong learners, Norwich University’s College of Graduate and Continuing Studies provides master’s and bachelor’s degrees, certifications, and continuing education programs.

Our programs are offered through NU Online, a virtual and highly interactive learning environment that links students nationwide and internationally with Norwich’s outstanding staff and curricula. It is designed to fit your diverse work schedules and lives.

Norwich University has fostered a culture of innovation and quality since its founding in 1819. Serving a diverse student body that mirrors the modern world, Norwich is the oldest private military college in the country and the original home of ROTC.

Since its founding in 1819, Norwich has been at the forefront of higher education, having been the first private college in the US to offer teaching in civil engineering and one of the first to be named an NSA Center of Excellence in Information Security Education.

You’re looking for an online course that will help you advance and work at your own speed. Norwich Online features a plethora of successful student stories from all around the world because of this. The innovative legacy of Norwich University is expanded and strengthened by its online undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs, which also train driven students for leadership positions in the most important sectors of the modern world.

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You want your school to be able to accommodate you at your current level. Norwich Online is aware that you might not be able to “go away” to college in order to earn a degree that will help you achieve your long-term objectives. Norwich wants to offer the same educational experience in a virtual environment because of this. Norwich Online is pleased to meet you at a location that suits your needs, whether you choose to take lessons in your neighborhood coffee shop, from the comfort of your bedroom, or while taking care of your family.

The College of Graduate and Continuing Studies at Norwich University has established a dynamic learning environment that enables adult learners to make positive changes in their own lives, the organizations they work for, and the communities they live in. This is achieved through relevant academic programs, involved faculty, and a personalized educational experience.

Our mission is guided by a common set of values and principles that guide our instruction and propel our institution’s development:

Leadership and service

We think that individuals in positions of leadership are the ones who bring about positive change, and in order to be a successful leader, you have to be prepared to sacrifice yourself for the good of others. The development of fundamental leadership skills is emphasized in each of our programs. These skills include a solid ethical base, a strategic mindset, a global perspective, the capacity for impactful and clear communication, and a strong dedication to serving others.

Thinking and acting

Being aware of what to do is crucial. The ability to do it is equally important. With a curriculum that strikes a balance between theoretical understanding and practical application, we train our students to be critical thinkers and strategic actors who positively impact their communities and places of employment.

Lifelong learning

We provide a wide choice of academic programs that cater to students at all phases of their professions and lives since we think that knowledge should be sought after continuously. Our programs are created to support lifelong learning and ongoing self-improvement, regardless of the student’s goals—personal fulfillment, career progress, or both.

Challenges and support

Expect difficulty is our institutional motto, which encapsulates our philosophy that most worthwhile endeavors necessitate a significant amount of hard work. Make a difference. As a college, we want to challenge each student to reach their own potential while offering them the resources they require for success. As a student and later as a part of our Norwich alumni community, they will feel this support.

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Scholarship Information

  • Host: Norwich University
  • Type of Scholarship: Funded
  • Level of study: Graduate
  • Eligibility: International Students

Why study at Norwich University?

With a 200-year legacy of academic distinction and creativity, Norwich University’s master’s, bachelor’s, and certificate programs offer students the flexibility they need to achieve while imparting information and skills that are immediately useful.

Convenience and Flexibility

Every week, students can participate in class discussions and interact with program content at any time from any location, thanks to Norwich’s 24/7 online learning platform and technical assistance.

A Supportive Community

Students help each other learn through small classrooms and lively online discussions, creating enduring professional and personal relationships in the process.

Real Impact

More than 27,000 Norwich alumni—more than 11,000 of them online—are significantly improving their companies, communities, and fields. Find out more about the true ties that bind the Norwich alumni community.

Programs Offered

Our demanding academic programs offer a highly relevant curriculum created by international subject-matter experts. Our programs, taught by knowledgeable instructors with specialized training in online education, set students up for success and growth in their work, personal, and civic lives.


Scholarship Requirements and Benefits

For applicants to be considered for freshmen scholarships, they must:

  • Be accepted into Norwich University’s undergraduate program.

Benefits of the scholarship

The following is the value of the Norwich Freshman Scholarships:

  • Presidential Award: $30,000 annually for four years, provided the applicant has a 3.60 GPA or above.
  • Provost Award: Up to $28,000 per year (3.40–3.599* GPA) for four years
  • Trustee Award: $3.0-3.399* GPA up to $27,000 for four years
  • Dean’s Award: Up to $25,000. *GPA of 2.550–2.999* every year for four years
  • Academic Recognition Award: Given for academic merit on the Admissions Office’s recommendation, up to $23,000 annually for four years.
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Academic prizes for new students are determined by recalculating the weighted high school GPA, which takes into account both core and non-core courses.

How To Apply?

No separate scholarship application is needed because eligibility for these prizes is determined by the cumulative grade-point average, which is determined during the admissions process.

Visit the Norwich University Freshman Scholarship Page for more details on this possibility.






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