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Study-In-Portugal || University Of Evora Scholarships Without IELTS

Study-In-Portugal || University Of Evora Scholarships Without IELTS

There are opportunities to receive funding to study at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level through the University of Evora Scholarships Without IELTS: Study in Portugal.

Description of the Scholarship:

A venerable establishment with a history that can be traced back to 1559, the University of Evora may be found in the culturally and historically significant city of Evora, Portugal. Students come from all over the world to attend this university because of its vibrant learning environment, which is made possible by the institution’s dedication to academic achievement and its wide variety of programs.

Its gorgeous campus offers a conducive environment for innovative study, cultural exploration, and personal development since it blends traditional architecture with modern facilities. The University of Évora is a center of learning that encourages collaboration across academic disciplines and is committed to developing the next generation of influential people on a worldwide scale.

The University of Évora takes great satisfaction in its distinctive academic offerings, which span a wide range of fields, from arts and humanities to sciences and technology. This strong tradition is something that the university honors and embraces.

It is clear that the university is committed to the development of a thriving international community, as seen by its provision of support services for international students, its language programs, and its partnerships with famous schools located all over the world.

Students at the University of Évora continue to be inspired and given the tools they need to make a meaningful difference in a global landscape that is constantly shifting thanks to the university’s emphasis on research, cultural advancement, and academic progress. The following is a list of the various scholarship programs the University of Evora has available.

Subjects that are Available:

Under the auspices of this scholarship program, each and every subject is open for study.

Benefits of Receiving a Scholarship

1. Low student-to-teacher ratios:

Because there are slightly more than 7,000 students enrolled at the University of Évora, the average class size is rather manageable and conducive to one-on-one interaction. Students are able to develop strong relationships with their teachers and classmates, and they also receive individualized attention as a result of this.

2. An absolutely stunning campus:

Because it is situated within a gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage Site, the University of Évora provides its students with the unique opportunity to study while taking in the breathtaking scenery of the city and the countryside in the vicinity.

3. An excellent standing in the academic community:

The University of Évora is an institution that is well-regarded and has a solid standing in the academic community. The university provides a diverse selection of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and graduates from these programs are in great demand in various industries.

4. Student population from other countries:

Students at the University of Évora come from more than one hundred different nations, making it one of the most international student bodies in the world. Students will get the opportunity to interact with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds and learn about these cultures as a result of this experience.

5. Tuition that is within reach:

The University of Évora has tuition costs that are reasonable, particularly in light of the fact that they are compared to those of other universities in Europe. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for students who are interested in receiving an education of a high standard at a cost that is affordable to them.


1. Scholarships Based on Academic Merit:

Merit scholarships are available to high-achieving college students. Dispatch No. 1353172009 (2nd series) and Order No. 7767/2017 (2nd series) govern the distribution of these scholarships, along with Article 21 of UÉ’s Academic Regulation. These scholarships are open to undergraduate, integrated, and master’s students.

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The number of scholarships recommended for annual endorsement and sent to higher education institutions by the General Directorate of Higher Education determines the number awarded.

The Directorate-General for Higher Education directs the DGES to pay merit scholarship recipients directly within the specified timeframe. The student must provide an international bank account number (IBAN) for bank transfers and deposit into their account.

2 . Scholarships for Outstanding Academic Performance:

The University Senate of Évora established an award for excellence in 1988. This prestigious award is given annually to the University of Évora undergraduate student with the highest grade point average who completes their Bachelor’s degree. This prestigious award requires a minimum score of 16 out of 20.

3. Scholarships for International Students Based on Academic Merit:

International students at Évora who excel academically can receive merit-based scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to first-year students who meet these criteria:

  • A minimum GPA of 14 for first-cycle classes.
  • A second-cycle bachelor’s degree with a minimum 15 GPA.
  • A weighted average of 16 for their bachelor’s and master’s degrees (required for 60% and 40% of third-cycle courses, respectively).

To keep the scholarship, the student must maintain excellent academic performance. Scholarship recipients must pay 1,050 Euros for bachelor’s and integrated master’s degree programs. The amounts in the notices posted at the start of each course apply to the second and third cycles of study.

Thus, Évora’s merit scholarship program recruits and retains top international students. Students must maintain academic excellence to keep their scholarships. Scholarship recipients pay much less for tuition.

4. Grants for International Students to Promote Development and Corporate Collaboration:

The University of Évora provides development and cooperation funding to Portuguese-speaking African refugees and stateless students. Students who meet these requirements will receive a grant for the first year of the program.

In subsequent years, students must meet the minimum performance requirements to receive the grant. If they don’t, they’re ineligible. Bachelor’s and integrated master’s degree programs cost 1,250 Euros for development and cooperation grant recipients. The amounts in the notices posted at the start of each course apply to the second and third cycles of study.

In other words, the University of Évora intends to provide international students from Portuguese-speaking African nations, refugees, and stateless people with development and cooperation funds to help them succeed academically.

For the grant, which is based on nationality and status, students must maintain minimum academic standards. Grant recipients pay less for tuition.

5. Scholarship from Santander Universities:

The student who enrolls in the University of Évora via the National Access Route and has the highest grade is given the Santander Universities Scholarship. The 2,500 EUR scholarship is intended to support students from low-income households in continuing their education at the University of Évora.

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A government program in Portugal called the National Access Route helps students from low-income households who desire to continue higher education financially. The program pays for living expenses, books, and tuition.

Low-income students who want to enroll at the University of Évora should take advantage of the Santander Universities Scholarship. The scholarship offers financial support to students so they can pay for their education. The prize also honors students from low-income households for their academic success.

6 . Scholarships for Joana Vasconcelos:

Portuguese students studying visual arts or design at the University of Évora are given scholarships by the Joana Vasconcelos Foundation. Students from low-income families and those with strong academic records are given scholarships. The scholarships are renewable for up to two years and are valued at EUR 2,000 each.

For students to be qualified for a scholarship, they must:

  • Have Portuguese nationality.
  • Enroll in either the first year of the second cycle of studies in artistic practices in visual arts or design at the University of Évora, or the second or third year of the first cycle of studies in visual arts or design.
  • Maintain a strong academic record.
  • Are from a household with a poor income.

In order to award the scholarships, applicants must submit strong applications. A personal statement, recommendation letter, and academic credentials must all be submitted by applicants.

Portuguese students majoring in visual arts or design have a great opportunity thanks to the Joana Vasconcelos Foundation scholarships.

The scholarships offer financial aid that might help students pay for their academic expenses. Additionally, the awards honor students from low-income families for their academic success.

7 . Academic Excellence Award from Santa Casa do Misericordia of Évora

The finest research thesis in the social sciences from a master’s or doctoral degree course at the University of Évora is given the Santa Casa da Misericordia de Évora Academic Excellence Award.

The award, which has a value of EUR 2,000, aims to honor and promote superior social scientific research. The Santa Casa do Misericórdia de Évora, a Portuguese nonprofit, established the prize in 2017. The grant is one way the organization supports its commitment to advancing both education and research.

Students who want to be considered for the award must:

  • Enroll in a master’s or doctoral program at the University of Évora in the social sciences.
  • Submitted a research thesis that is of the highest caliber and significantly advances the social sciences.
  • Have legal residency in Portugal or be a citizen of Portugal.

An award is judged by a group of social science professionals. When making their choice, the panel will take into account the following factors:

  • The caliber of the research thesis, to start.
  • The importance of the study’s results.
  • The research’s possible impact.
  • The novelness of the research strategy.

Students who are interested in conducting social science research should take advantage of the Santa Casa da Misericordia de Évora Academic Excellence Award. The scholarship offers financial support to students so they can pay for their education. The honor also acknowledges the academic excellence of students who are engaged in cutting-edge social science research.

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8 . Scholarships offered by Peter Vogelaere:

The Peter Vogelaere Scholarship is a yearly prize given to the sports sciences bachelor’s degree recipient with the greatest overall GPA who also decides to continue their education by enrolling in the University of Évora’s master’s program in exercise and health.

The scholarship amount pays the first year’s tuition for the Master’s degree program. The University of Évora Professor Emeritus Peter Vogelaere established the scholarship. Professor Vogelaere is a well-known authority in the subject of sports sciences, and he is dedicated to helping students who want to work in that industry.

Students who wish to apply for the scholarship must:

  • To begin with, enroll in the University of Évora’s Bachelor of Sports Sciences program.
  • Secondly, have the best overall grade point average in their graduating class.
  • Have been accepted into the University of Évora’s Master of Science in Exercise and Health program.
  • Lastly, have legal residency in Portugal or be a citizen of Portugal.

A group of professionals in the field of sports sciences decides who receives the scholarship. When making their choice, the panel will take into account the following factors:

  • Firstly, the student’s academic record
  • Secondly, the pupil’s areas of interest in research.
  • Lastly, the possibility that the student will significantly advance the subject of sports sciences.

For college students interested in a career in sports sciences, the Peter Vogelaere Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity. The scholarship offers financial support to students so they can pay for their education. The grant also honors the academic excellence of students who are passionate about the study of sports sciences.

Nationalities that are eligible to apply:

The University of Evora provides financial aid in the form of scholarships and awards to students from all over the world, both domestically and internationally.

Qualifications Required to Apply:

The eligibility requirements for EACH award are different.





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