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Study In Italy: Università Cattolica International scholarship 2024

November 16th, 2023 at 07:26 am

Study In Italy: Università Cattolica International scholarship 2024

Interested applicants should submit their applications for the Università Cattolica International Scholarship 2024. Information about scholarship worth and the application process, as well as eligibility criteria, are outlined below.

About Università Cattolica International scholarship

Do you want to know more about the various cultures, organizations, and societies that exist around the world? Have you ever wondered why certain nations have more money than others? Why are some people at war while others are at peace? Would you like to know how to settle international issues amicably? Would you like to know how various regional civilizations have developed and how these traits still influence modern societies?

A special curriculum covering these subjects is the Undergraduate Curriculum in International Relations and Global Affairs (IRGA). The program offers a cogent interdisciplinary curriculum that combines sociology and psychology, economics and law, history and political science, and so on. This helps students gain an understanding of how individuals, communities, nations, and international organizations interact throughout the world.

Students enrolling in the degree program will gain exposure to specialists from institutions and organizations operating in the political, social, and economic domains of the international relations setting, ensuring close contact with the professional world. The B.Sc. faculty will include one or more foreign academics on a “visiting professorship” basis. 2018–2019 saw Martin Klein, a visiting lecturer from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, teach international economics, and Ibrahim Al Marashi, a visiting lecturer from California State University, teach international relations.

About Università Cattolica

Even though Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is our entire name, most people just call us Cattolica.

As evidenced by its academic standing, reputation, and extensive global network, our university has a well-established academic profile, which our students and alumni take great pride in.

Your options are virtually limitless at Cattolica, where we provide an outstanding array of cutting-edge studies in the areas of philosophy, the arts, agriculture, psychology, linguistics, accounting, and business.

With 16 disciplines ranking in the top 300 worldwide or higher, Cattolica University’s ascent puts it in formidable company in the prestigious QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022.

Although Cattolica takes great pleasure in its academic standing, the campus’s diversity and limitless opportunities are what set our university apart. You will select a course of study and setting for learning that best suits your needs and will help you develop the abilities and competencies necessary for a better future.

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Cattolica prioritizes you. The knowledgeable faculty members support you and assist in making the connection between your education and your intended career path. Additionally, every international student has access to all of the assistance, knowledge, and mentorship that they require, thanks to our array of campus resources. These consist of associations for international students, a health facility, housing assistance, sports facilities, and a special center for international students.

Cattolica is always creating new and innovative programs. Accept the new opportunities and choices that are available to students and integrate themselves into the modern world.

You will feel welcomed into the Cattolica community as soon as you arrive, in addition to feeling like a member of our university.

Scholarship Information

  • Host: Università Cattolica
  • Type of Scholarship: Funded
  • Level of study: Degree
  • Eligibility: International Students

General Eligibility Criteria:

General Prerequisites for a Diploma

Requirements for a Secondary School Diploma

The following prerequisites are derived from the annual admissions rules released by the Italian Ministry of Education.

You have to:

  • finish their secondary school education and obtain their diploma by August 30, 2024.
  • possess a high school diploma that was awarded following at least 12 years of prior international education and obtained during at least 2 years of enrollment in the same country’s educational system.

Accomplishments from an 11-year international schooling program do not grant admission to Italian institutions unless you meet one of the subsequent requirements:

  • You completed a year of university coursework and all of the exams listed in the pertinent study plan. It is not possible to request a credit transfer for university coursework.
  • You can offer proof that you attended preschool (mostly applicable to countries in Latin America). This can only be taken into account if the curriculum emphasizes improving students’ reading and writing abilities in their native tongue and attendance is required.
  • You successfully finished an Italian university’s foundation course. The acceptability of foundation courses from non-Italian universities for diploma integration is case-by-case and is not guaranteed.

University-level education accessibility

  • The candidate’s high school diploma must meet the prerequisites in the awarding nation for them to be admitted to a university.
  • You must provide proof that you passed the necessary exam(s) in the nation where you completed your high school education if admission to a university is contingent on passing it.

Criteria for English Language Proficiency

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Program-specific specifications

The Bachelor of International Relations and Global Affairs program’s multidisciplinary curriculum demands that students understand fundamental logical, quantitative, and analytical techniques in addition to having a solid understanding of world history, institutions, and cultures.

Admission to the program will be prioritized for individuals whose high school transcripts show a GPA of at least 75% at the time of application. According to the IB undergraduate entrance standards, this corresponds, for instance, to CCC for A-levels or 31 points for the IB Diploma curriculum.

You can include the results of a SAT or ACT, for example, if you want to bolster your application. It is especially advised that you do this if you have poor grades in quantitative subjects or none at all. Please be aware that only the highest overall test scores, regardless of how many times you took the test, will be taken into account. SAT/ACT Superstores will not be taken into account.

Università Cattolica Scholarships Coverage

International students living outside of the European Union and its member states pay a set tuition and university fee. The annual cost of tuition and university fees is €8,500.

Financial Aid

While completing the online application, candidates have the option to request the “UCSC International Scholarship.” Università Cattolica offers an annual tuition price reduction called the UCSC International Scholarship to make degree programs more accessible to international students. About 35% of the total cost is covered by the discount.

When an applicant receives an offer of admission, they are notified by email of the reward.

The tuition and university cost for students who are awarded the UCSC International Scholarship for the 2024–2025 academic year is €5,600.

This scholarship is automatically renewed for the full length of the degree program each year. Recipients must continue to be enrolled full-time to complete their degrees on schedule. All additional expenses will be borne by the student if the candidate is unable to graduate on the scheduled date.

Should students get alternative financial aid, such as scholarships and housing provided by EDUCatt, the UCSC International Scholarship will not be given out.

On behalf of Università Cattolica, the non-profit foundation EDUCatt creates programs and initiatives to advance access to higher education, or the so-called DSU: diritto allo studio universitario.

Note: University and student fees are determined by the end of May for the upcoming academic year. After the first year of enrollment, changes to this sum are possible, but they should be minimal.

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