Police officer fixes faulty traffic light, gives to the needy

Police officer fixes faulty traffic light, gives to the needy

Police officer fixes faulty traffic light, gives to the needy

Police Lance Corporal, Simon Agbeko Ekpeagba, is in the news for undertaking a massive but sole social responsibility. He came in the news when he single handedly financed the repair of a faulty traffic light that has been abandoned by the responsible authorities.

The abandoned traffic light is cited on the Kasoa-Kaneshie highway. That is exactly at the Odorkor traffic light. The said traffic light serves as the only legitimate way for pedestrians to cross the road safely.

After he bought workers the necessary items needed which included a bag Cement to mount the fallen traffic light, he was personally seen being involved in the whole process.

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Officer Agbeko has been described by many as a kind-hearted person into benevolence. Many are of the view that should all Ghanaians emulate this spirit of selflessness, our country shall see a positive change overnight.

yen.com.gh has earlier reported when same Officer Agbeko supported a physically challenged persons. The Police officer bought them a pair of crutches, blind walking stick and wheelchairs.

Many taught buying crutches and wheelchairs to the needy was just for social media attention. The recent activity to the said police officer has shown his real intention in the first place.

“I become worried when seeing them struggling to make a cross on this busy road. I have a dream to create the enabling space where physically challenged persons would have easy care” The Officer stated this when asked why those donations were made.

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The life of a police officer in mother Ghana is a stressful one as many police officers have been disrespected in one way or the other. Notwithstanding, the kindness of this police officer has change the taught of many people.

We believe this won’t be the last time the police officer would do this.

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