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Japan MEXT Asia Pacific University Government Scholarship 2023

Japan MEXT Asia Pacific University Government Scholarship 2023

MEXT Asia Pacific University Japanese Government Scholarship 2023, Japan is open to take Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD level programs at Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation.

Description of the scholarship:

Outstanding overseas students who are recommended by APU are given this scholarship. This scholarship is offered by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) with the goal of boosting global competitiveness and encouraging active exchange between overseas students at Japanese universities.

In Kyoto, Japan, there is a prominent private university called Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU). You can anticipate a diverse and diversified environment that promotes intercultural dialogue and understanding as an international student at APU.

The institution provides a wide range of programs, with a concentration on technology and innovation in particular, allowing students to acquire knowledge and practical skills in their chosen subjects.

International students studying at APU have the chance to interact with students from different nations while becoming fully immersed in Japanese culture. A vibrant campus life is created by the university’s helpful instructors and staff in addition to a wide range of extracurricular activities and events.

APU is a desirable option for international students seeking both academic quality and a distinctive cultural experience due to the added benefits of living in Kyoto, a city renowned for its historical buildings, gorgeous environment, and rich cultural legacy.

Available Topics

  • Under this scholarship program, you can study any subject.

Benefits of the scholarship

  • The full entry fee
  • The APU Tuition Reduction Scholarship pays the entire cost of tuition.
  • A monthly living expense budget of 144,000 JPY (subject to vary)
  • Airfare in the economy between the home nation and APU at the start and end of the program.

Nationalities that qualify:

International students from MEXT-designated nations are eligible to apply for this grant.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Plan to study abroad in Japan from a foreign country
  • Be a citizen of a MEXT-designated nation
  • Have a birthdate of April 2, 1989 or later.
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.30 on a scale of 3.00 from their most recent university.
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  • This scholarship is not available to active military personnel or civilian employees of the military at the time of application.
  • Recipients must be able to enter Japan during the APU-specified arrival window.
  • Applicants cannot have previously been awarded a MEXT scholarship unless they have more than three years of academic research experience following the last payment of the prior MEXT scholarship grant.
  • Candidates for this award are prohibited from submitting an application for another MEXT scholarship.
  • Recipients of this award are prohibited from receiving another scholarship while enrolled at APU.
  • Recipients of this award must be Japanese citizens with the designation “student” on their visa.
  • The English Proficiency Test Score has a score validity time restriction and only results from exams administered on or after March 23, 2022, will be acceptable.

Application Process:

  • By November 15, 2023 (for September 2024 Enrollment), submit the APU application.
  • No enrollment is available for April. There is no need for additional paperwork to be considered for this scholarship.
  • APU evaluates application materials and chooses exceptional candidates to suggest to MEXT.
  • Applicants are informed of their final APU application results along with the names of those who have been nominated for this award.
  • Selected candidates complete and send additional MEXT application materials to APU in step four.
  • MEXT makes the ultimate scholarship award decisions.


About Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation

The Ritsumeikan Trust, Oita Prefecture, and Beppu City joined together to establish Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) in 2000.

APU’s goal was to offer an international education that would foster the growth of global leaders who would work in a variety of professions and sectors. This was accomplished by creating an entirely new multicultural learning environment that was composed of 50% international students and 50% Japanese/domestic students.

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This objective has been accomplished in the last 20 years, and the outcomes have exceeded expectations! APU currently boasts over 10,000 alumni from more than 130 different nations and regions, and this international network of alumni keeps expanding yearly.

World Class Education

Graduate programs at APU have recently been chosen for a number of prominent scholarship programs. These include fellowships like the Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program, which helps students from member nations pay for graduate study at respected universities around the globe.

The Japanese government has chosen APU as one of the select few institutions for awards like the Student Priority Placement Program. The Indonesian Ministry of Finance, Japanese businesses, regional governments, and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) are a few of the other entities that have funded students to enroll in our graduate programs.

This demonstrates the value that the public and business sectors in Japan and around the world place on APU’s graduate programs.

APU Graduate Schools

The Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies (GSA) and the Graduate School of Management (GSM) are the two schools that makeup Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University’s graduate program. All graduate-level courses offered by APU are full-time, on-campus programs that are conducted in English.

Asian and Pacific Studies Graduate School

The Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies (GSAS) seeks to raise up people who will aid in fostering harmony and long-term growth in the Asia Pacific region. These people will be knowledgeable in administration, the environment, and development economics, and they will be able to solve problems practically, which is important for the growth of the Asia-Pacific area.

Asia Pacific Studies (APS)Master of Science

International Cooperation Policy (ICP)Master of Science

Dual Degree Program: International Material Flow Management (IMAT) Master of Science and Master of Engineering

Doctoral Program (PhD)Doctor of Philosophy

Graduate School of Management

Graduate School of Management (GSM) provides a case method education with a strong foundation in known management approaches and chances for independent study, with a concentration on Japanese business and management.

Students have the possibility to gain from the expertise of subject matter experts and learn the skills necessary for a prosperous career in international business in classes that are taught exclusively in English in a multicultural setting.



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