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House Cleaner Jobs in USA 2024 with Visa Sponsorship ($15 – $17 per hour)

January 18th, 2024 at 08:26 am

House Cleaner Jobs in USA 2024 with Visa Sponsorship ($15 – $17 per hour)

If you are a foreign national looking for work in the US, you might choose to apply for jobs in house cleaning with a sponsoring visa. You will receive a legitimate visa sponsorship from this job, increasing your chances of getting a US work visa. You should read this article through to the end if you wish to reside and work legally in the United States of America.

Job Details

The government has given American businesses and organizations permission to hire competent foreign workers to fill job vacancies due to the country’s labor shortfall. However, the company needs to prove that there was not a single qualified American application.

House cleaning jobs in the US don’t require any particular qualifications, which simplifies and opens up the application procedure. This article offers in-depth details on the subject. What precisely is a Visa Sponsorship, then?

Overview: Visa Sponsorship

“Visa Sponsorship” describes the procedures that are involved when a national is ready to take charge of a foreign national’s stay. If you are a non-US citizen, your application for a visa may be sponsored by a US citizen or permanent resident who is a family member, employer, or business.

Getting a visa through a family member is the most common route. But if you don’t have a family member who can sponsor you. Sponsorship of a visa based on employment becomes possible. An employer will file a petition with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to sponsor a visa. The American employer will help the foreign employee obtain a work visa for the United States under this sponsorship.

Housekeeping Position Description

With just a high school diploma or its equivalent, you can apply for home cleaning work in the US because the position is quite flexible and requires little experience. An overview of home cleaning jobs available to foreign nationals with sponsored visas in the United States is given in this section of the article. Go on reading!

Who is the Housekeeper?

A cleaner with a focus on household cleaning is called a house cleaner. He or she is in charge of keeping the house and its environs clean and maintained. Among many other things, this person is an expert at mopping, scrubbing, cleaning, and making beds.

You need to be extremely physically strong, show homeowners respect, and be well-versed in cleaning supplies and tools to be a successful house cleaner.

Prerequisites for House Cleaning Jobs in the US

A foreign national must meet certain requirements before being hired as a house cleaner in the US. These criteria include:

  • It is necessary to have a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Also, a legitimate driver’s license.
  • In addition, fluent in written, spoken, and understood English.
  • Aside from that, outstanding knowledge of cleaning materials and products.
  • Likewise, the capacity to stand for extended periods and move large objects.
  • Applicants need to be in good physical and mental health.
  • Besides that, outstanding observational skills and the ability to focus on even the smallest details.
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These are the standard requirements needed to apply for jobs in home cleaning in the US. There may be higher education and skill requirements in some businesses.

Home Cleaning Roles and Duties

It’s critical to comprehend the responsibilities of the position before applying for one. The same holds for American careers in housekeeping. In the US, a house cleaner’s responsibilities consist of:

  • Mop and sweep the flooring.
  • Also, dusting carpets, wood floors, and other surfaces with a vacuum.
  • Moreover, cleaning the dishes in the kitchen repeatedly.
  • Aside from that laundry
  • Besides that, cleaning the restrooms and urinals.
  • In addition, supplying the kitchen with supplies.
  • Lastly, replenishing the household’s cleaning supplies.

In the US, house cleaners are responsible for some of these duties. Keep in mind that your duties as a house cleaner in the US will depend on the requirements of your employer.

House Cleaning Salary in the US

It is also quite important to think about the pay you will be receiving when looking for a career. Typically, housekeepers earn $15 to $17 per hour. Their yearly salary ranges from $25,000 to $30,000.

In the US, a home cleaner’s pay is determined by their employer, the area they work in, and the number of years of experience they have. Applying for house cleaning jobs in Seattle, California, Hawaii, San Francisco, Phoenix, etc. will help you earn more money.

Available Housekeeper Jobs in the USA

1. Housekeeper (Full and Part-Time)

Full Job Description
  • Job type: full-time and part-time Housekeeper roles
  • Hiring firm: Ascension St. John Health
  • Location: Chesterfield, Michigan 48047
  • Starting Hourly Rate: $15.00
Apply Here

2. Seasonal Housekeeper

What we’re trying to find

We are seeking a fantastic Housekeeper to work with us in Penn Yan, New York. This person is a diligent worker who will uphold our values and maintain our homes immaculate. This work is seasonal. For this role, we are presently hiring. The job will probably end on or around October 28. There may be other chances within this or other jobs, but the organization is not required to extend your employment past the end of the season.

What you’ll do
  • Expert cleaning and maintenance with cleaning agents and materials authorized by the business.
  • Also, vacuum, sweep, mop, dust, and clean all surfaces.
  • Assist with laundry as needed.
  • Find and document any damage to your house.
  • Create maintenance tickets as required.
  • Gather and get rid of trash and waste
  • Reach and uphold the housekeeping benchmarks.
  • Participate in all team and individual meetings as required.
  • Stock up on necessities like paper products and soaps.
  • Additional tasks as assigned, as each day is unique
Apply Here

Benefits of House Cleaning Jobs in the United States

The benefits that house cleaners in the US enjoy extend beyond their pay. These perks, however, differ according to the employer and the employee’s home area. A few benefits of working in home cleaning are as follows:

  • Health Insurance
  • Life Assurance
  • Dental Coverage
  • Paid time off
  • Discounts and benefits for employees
  • Adaptable timetable
  • Paid instruction Reimbursement for Travel

These are some of the benefits of working as a house cleaner in the US. Furthermore, some businesses would rather provide their staff with professional development opportunities that benefit them.

Visas for US Entry for Housekeepers

There are two primary kinds of visas that you can apply for if you want to work as a house cleaner in the US. You can apply for any of these visas once your employer’s petition has been granted. Read on for more information.

H 1B Visa

Foreign nationals who want to work as fashion models or in any specialty occupation in the United States may apply for an H1B visa. Foreign people having a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent can lawfully work in the US with this nonimmigrant visa. Your company must prove to USCIS that you will receive at least the federal minimum pay for you to be eligible for this visa.

H 2B Visa

Foreign nationals who want to work in non-agricultural jobs in the US can apply for the H2B visa. Additionally, this visa is temporary and non-immigrant. Your company must prove that there are no capable U.S. workers available to complete the temporary task to be eligible for this type of visa. Furthermore, your business will obtain a labor certification from the Department of Labor and submit a petition to USCIS.

How to Get a House Cleaning Work in the United States

  • Before relocating to the US, it is possible to find work as a home cleaner there. This is much better because—if the employer offers a visa sponsorship—you will be granted one.
  • You can look for a job as a house cleaner in the US with a visa sponsored by visiting a lot of websites.
  • You can also look out for companies that hire cleaning services for foreign nationals on the Internet. Examine their online job boards and apply for any open openings.
Apply Here

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a job with a sponsored US visa?

  • Get an employment contract first.
  • Send in a Labor Certificate
  • Send Your Files to the USCIS.
  • Await the processing of your application for a sponsored visa.

Who in the United States can hire me?

As previously mentioned, receiving a job offer from a U.S. company is necessary to acquire a sponsorship employment visa. A contract that you must sign and return to the US corporation is part of the documentation related to the sponsorship. The Department of Labor requires a Labor Certification as a requirement for some nonimmigrant visas.

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