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Canada Now Visa-Free for Citizens of 13 New Countries

Canada Now Visa-Free for Citizens of 13 New Countries

Travelers from all over the world have been drawn to Canada for a long time because of its beautiful landscapes, lively cities, and friendly people. Through the visa-free travel program, people from certain countries can go to Canada for tourism, business, or transit without first getting a visa. This project not only makes it easier to travel but also promotes cultural exchanges and brings more people from other countries to Canada.

The visa-free travel program of the Canadian government has been announced to undergo expansion. The aforementioned action was undertaken with the objective of enhancing global diplomatic ties and stimulating the growth of the tourism industry. Canada has expanded its visa exemption policy to include individuals from an additional 13 countries, provided they satisfy the necessary criteria.

This modification provides individuals hailing from Albania, Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dominica, Grenada, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, San Marino, Slovakia, and Slovenia with enhanced access to novel prospects.

Countries Part of the Visa-Free Travel to Canada

These are the new countries that are part of this expansion:

  • Albania: Albania is a beautiful Balkan country that is known for its long history and beautiful scenery.
  • Andorra: A charming principality in the Pyrenees mountains that is known for its ski resorts and Romanesque architecture.
  • Antigua and Barbuda: This is a country in the Caribbean known for its beautiful beaches and lively culture.
  • Barbados: An island country with white sand beaches, lively nightlife, and a history of British colonial rule.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: A country in southeastern Europe that is known for its beautiful scenery, historic sites, and many different cultures.
  • Dominica: This is a tropical island country with lush rainforests, volcanic peaks, and hot springs that are made by nature.
  • Grenada: It is called the “Spice Isle of the Caribbean,” and it has beautiful beaches, spice plantations, and a lively carnival culture.
  • Liechtenstein: A small alpine country between Switzerland and Austria. It is known for its castles, skiing, and tax breaks.
  • Malta: Malta is an island group in the Mediterranean known for its ancient ruins, clear waters, and lively festivals.
  • Monaco: This is a wealthy city-state on the French Riviera that is known for its fancy casinos, harbor full of yachts, and Formula 1 Grand Prix.
  • San Marino: It is an independent microstate that is surrounded by Italy. It is known for its architecture from the Middle Ages, beautiful views, and long history.
  • Slovakia: A country in the middle of Europe that has both historic castles and charming towns.
  • Slovenia: A beautiful country in the middle of Europe. It has beautiful lakes, ski resorts in the mountains, and a lively capital city.
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On July 1, 2023, these changes will take place.

Eligibility Requirements 

Citizens of these countries must meet the following rules to be able to travel without a visa:

  • They need a passport that is still valid.
  • They must have a ticket that goes back or somewhere else.
  • They must have enough money to take care of themselves while they are in Canada.
  • They can’t have a history of crimes.
  • The Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) can be applied online by people from these countries. The cost of the eTA is $7 CAD, and it is good for five years.

Benefits of visa-free travel

  • The facilitation of visa-free travel to Canada can enhance accessibility and affordability for individuals seeking to visit the country.
  • Enhancing various aspects can contribute to the improvement of Canada as a favorable destination for both business and tourism.
  • Additionally, this initiative has the potential to enhance Canada’s diplomatic relations with other nations.
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What this means for travelers

Citizens originating from the 13 recently incorporated countries are granted an exemption from the prerequisite of acquiring a visa in advance of their journey to Canada. This will facilitate the accessibility and affordability of traveling to Canada, thereby broadening the array of options available to individuals when planning their travel arrangements.

What this means for Canada

Canada has experienced a positive development. The expansion of Canada’s visitor appeal to individuals from the 13 newly added countries has the potential to enhance the country’s attractiveness and stimulate economic growth. Additionally, this initiative has the potential to enhance Canada’s diplomatic ties with these nations, thereby strengthening bilateral relationships. With the recent facilitation of travel for individuals from these nations to Canada, they are now afforded the opportunity to embark on captivating journeys and witness the diverse topography and vibrant urban centers of the country. The provided sources offer additional details regarding this alteration, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the information provided.

The recent policy modifications pertaining to visa-free travel have yielded favorable consequences for both Canada and the 13 countries that have been newly incorporated into this arrangement. The act of facilitating travel to Canada will lead to improved accessibility and affordability, consequently generating a multitude of advantages for both nations participating in this endeavor.

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Things to do in Canada

Here are some things people from the 13 new countries can do when they visit Canada:

  • See the Rocky Mountains, the Great Lakes, and the Arctic Archipelago are all remarkable natural features that exhibit exceptional beauty.
  • Visiting Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, all of which are vibrant urban centers, is highly recommended.
  • Acquire knowledge pertaining to the extensive historical and cultural background of the nation.
  • Experience the amiable and inclusive nature of Canadians, who exude warm hospitality.



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