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$90,000 Wilson Center 2024-25 Fellowship – USA

$90,000 Wilson Center 2024-25 Fellowship – USA

The Wilson Center is currently accepting applications for its Fellowship, which is designed for post-doctoral level study at universities in the United States.

Scholarship Information

The Wilson Center is currently accepting applications for nine-month residential fellowships, and the competition is open to people from all over the world. Academics, professionals, journalists, and other members of the public intellectual community are cordially invited to participate in the renowned international Fellowship Program offered by the center.

Throughout their stay at the Wilson Center, participants are required to maintain active engagement with local Washington politicians, Wilson Center personnel, and other resident scholars in addition to conducting research and writing assignments related to their respective areas of expertise.

The center welcomes fellowship applications that concentrate on urgent problems that are experienced in both the United States and other parts of the world, with an emphasis on policy relevance and a methodology that does not involve advocacy.

Wilson Center:

By promoting outstanding scholarship and connecting it to important challenges for Washington policymakers, the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars aims to bridge the gap between the worlds of ideas and policymaking.

The Center, which was created in 1968 by Congress as a national memorial to President Wilson, is a dynamic organization committed to preserving “the ideals and concerns of Woodrow Wilson.” As a respected academic and national leader, President Wilson emphasized the value of bringing together policymakers and academics in a common goal. The Center takes this objective seriously and works hard to close the gap between ideas and public policy, encouraging innovative exchanges that benefit the work of both academics and decision-makers.

Along with its residential program, the Center also offers conferences and seminars, conducts research through a number of initiatives, and uses its website and email marketing to promote its own work and that of its fellows. The Center actively encourages its fellows to take part in its conferences, meetings, and seminars so they can interact with a variety of people and broaden their horizons.

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The Wilson Center prioritizes diversity and inclusion in all facets of its activities. The Center is committed to modifying its policies, programs, and practices to advance fairness, diversity, and inclusivity throughout all aspects of its operations, in line with its overarching objective.

Available topics include

Under this scholarship program, you can pursue studies in any subject.

Benefits of Scholarship:

A salary of $90,000 is provided by the Center for a fellowship that lasts for nine months. The fellows are responsible for covering their own fees related to travel and health insurance.

Eligible Nationalities

All nationalities of overseas students are eligible to apply for this fellowship.

Eligibility Standards

  • Citizens or permanent residents of any nation (applicants from nations outside the United States must have a current passport and be able to get a J-1 visa even if they are already in the country). (Read more about visas.) If you have any inquiries regarding your ability to get a J1 visa, kindly get in touch with the Center.
  • Citizens or permanent residents of any nation (applicants from nations outside the United States must have a current passport and be able to get a J-1 visa even if they are already in the country).
  • Academic candidates must be post-doctoral and have written a book or monograph in addition to their Ph.D. work.
  • Practitioners or decision-makers with a similar level of professional accomplishment
  • English proficiency is a requirement for the Center since it wants to promote discussion among its participants.

Notes Regarding Eligibility

Application is not contingent on institutional affiliation. A book or monograph is typically required of academic candidates. Researchers and practitioners who have previously held research fellowships or grants at the Wilson Center are not prohibited from applying for a fellowship.

The Fellowship Committee of the Board of Trustees, however, may take into account the nature and recentness of the past award as one of the reasons during the selection process.

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  • Firstly, Candidates pursuing a degree (even if it will be awarded before the requested fellowship year)
  • Besides that, Proposals with a partisan or advocacy bent
  • Basic science investigation
  • Activities that produce dance or music
  • Visual arts initiatives
  • Doctoral dissertation rewriting projects
  • Editing of writings, papers, or documents
  • The creation of textbooks, anthologies, translations, and memoirs

Application Process

The Wilson Center encourages academics, professionals, writers, and public intellectuals to participate in its renowned international Fellowship Program and to seize the chance to actively contribute to the Center’s national purpose.

Every year, the Center grants between 15 to 20 residential fellowships. Fellows will be associated with one or more Wilson Center programs or initiatives and are encouraged to communicate with Washington, D.C., policymakers, Wilson Center employees, and other academics working on related research and subjects.



To learn more about the residential fellowship program and the competition, please read the frequently asked questions listed below.

Additional questions can be sent to by applicants. Online submissions for the 2024-2025 fellowship competition are due at 11:59 p.m. 1.10.2023, Eastern Standard Time.


Who may submit an application?

A: Project proposals on global challenges are welcome from academics, professionals, journalists, and public intellectuals.

Key issues in public policy should be addressed in topics and studies. Candidates for academic positions must hold a doctorate or a JD. A comparable level of professional success is anticipated from the remaining candidates.

I do not hold U.S. citizenship. Can I apply?

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A: Yes. Applications from citizens or legal residents of any nation are welcome at the Center. Important:

Foreign applicants must have a valid passport to receive a J1 visa, even if they’re already in the nation. If you have questions about your J1 visa eligibility, please contact the Center or visit

3 . I have a J1 visa, but it’s not a nonimmigrant one. Can I use this in its place?

A: No. No other visa is acceptable for this fellowship; the Center mandates that all Fellowship winners who are not U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents apply for and acquire a J1 visa. Please be aware that J2 visas are available for family members to enter the United States.



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