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Where to Buy Cheapest Golden Visa in Europe?

Where to Buy Cheapest Golden Visa in Europe?

Malta MPRP offers the cheapest European golden visa. Malta grants Schengen permanent residence for 100,000 euros with costs. Real estate is required. Include family.

European “golden visa” programs exist. Malta may be less familiar than Portugal and Greece. Foreign investors don’t know much about the Maltese residency program or how it may aid them.  Europe’s official golden visa programs are here. Golden visa schemes are different from investment visas for entrepreneurs. 90% of “golden visa” investors buy real estate passively.

Malta is where we start.

1. Malta

Under the New Malta Permanent Residency program (MPRP), which started on March 29, 2021, and is also known as the “Maltese Golden visa,” it’s cheaper because you only have to pay 100,000 euros (a one-time government fee as a gift) if you rent. The total cost for a family will be around 125,000 euros, which includes all agent fees, lawyer fees, and a one-year rent of 10,000 euros. It’s not an investment that can be recouped; it’s more like a one-time gift to Malta. Remember you get Schengen permanent status.

Another choice is to buy the property directly for €300,000 plus taxes and other fees. With this program, you can rent a place for five years or buy a home in Malta or Gozo right away.

Basic eligibility rules are that you can’t have a criminal record and you have to show that you have at least €500,000 in assets (such as land, savings, investments, etc.). If you can’t do that, you can’t apply for residency in Malta. There are no longer any ways to get money or buy Malta bonds.

You have health insurance and you don’t have a criminal record. Remember that Malta needs you to pay the government a flat, one-time fee that you can’t get back. If you want to make investments that you can get back in full, consider these choices.

Some of the benefits of the Maltese golden visa system are listed below.

  • A passive way to spend.
  • Permanent residence in the Schengen area, no living requirements, free movement in the Schengen area, permanent residence certificate, full PR for family, no age limit for children.
  • Live, work, study, and settle for an endless amount of time.
  • Third-generation grandparents or parents can also be added for an extra fee.
  • Naturalization after 5 years.
  • Tax benefits
  • Switch to citizenship program (residency to citizenship) allowed.
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It takes 8 months to process. After your biometrics are approved, you must also visit Malta in person once for the e-residence pass to be given to you. We want you to send in your application early.  Remember that in Malta, you will rent a home instead of buying one, which will save you money.

MPRP is the only program in Europe that gives out both a residency card and a permanent residency license. It’s also important to know that you can work with this tool.  Both programs are run by the Residency Malta Agency.

Maltese PR people can apply for citizenship through naturalization after 5 years of living in Malta, but the waiting time is long and makes it hard to get. This is why the Maltese Golden Visa Program is only for people who just want to live there and not become citizens. Malta is different from other EU countries in that it does not have tests for citizenship or language skills. If you have a lot of money and can pay for close to a million euros, you can apply for the residency to citizenship program in Malta. It takes just 14 months to become a citizen.

2. Portugal

Portugal GV is one of the cheapest plans, hence it’s popular. It’s the greatest Golden Visa method. If you can wait, it’s the greatest EU citizenship scheme. It’s purposeful. To avoid losses during covid, invest in real estate.

Portuguese GV will cease shortly. Last-minute applications are accepted till June. Buyers can use our two-week fast-track application. After 5 years, you can collect 280,000 euros from your hotel investment and become a Portuguese citizen.

If you spend €280K in residential properties, buyback hotel shares, or €350K in investment funds, the scheme requires €280,000. Portugal is expensive. It’s crucial to know that investment funds and 5-star hotels will fully repay your money after 5 years, plus developer returns. Best tool.

If a home generates rent after five years, you can sell it. Money won’t waste. Portugal has no inheritance tax, therefore property can be inherited. PGV fees and land investment should cost roughly 12,000 euros per individual over five years. Property investments in Lisbon, Porto, the Algarve, and other coastal districts will be banned from January 2022 when the Golden Visa modifications spread to the interior. Thus, a brief golden period.

After five years, residual expenditures will be between 12,000 and 15,000 euros since the full 280, 000 euros are refunded. The trick makes Portugal GV the cheapest plan. Move to Portugal if your long-term goal is EU membership. Portugal is the only EU country that grants citizenship without residency. Visit Portugal for 2 weeks and become a citizen after 5 years. Kids find it simpler. Before applying for citizenship after five years, you must spend a few days in Portugal and pass a Portuguese language test. For Brazilian Portuguese speakers, it’s the best tool.


3. Europe

Greece has the second most famous and least expensive golden visa program in Europe. Here, you can buy real estate for €250,000 plus property taxes and about 10% in legal fees. You can also buy shares or invest in hotels, spas, or business projects.

On August 1, 2023, Greece will raise the amount of money you need to spend to get a “golden visa” to 500,000 euros.

There are also choices for bank deposits and government bonds worth €400,000 that can only be held for two years.

4. Latvia

Third, Latvia’s golden visa program is the cheapest, but clients don’t like it as much as the other two. Latvia allows €250,000 real estate or bond investments, like Greece. Unlike Malta, it cannot be paid for, making it pricey. A €100,000 company option may be the lowest. You also have to pay €50,000 more, which is a waste. The business option is not passive. Work and create jobs. Most clients don’t want to invest in a business. Instead, they prefer real estate and equities. Business cannot grant permanent residency, and Latvia’s application process is difficult and lengthy. Latvia rejects applications from blacklisted nations.

Don’t forget that both Malta and Greece offer lifelong residency (the same as having a green card) right away in the Schengen area. This is a status that is very important. All three golden visa programs don’t require you to live there, which is another big plus. Something else important to think about.  Malta is the quickest of the three cheapest ways to get citizenship.

5. Bulgaria / Cyprus

Bulgaria and Cyprus initiated GV projects. Cyprus and Bulgaria grant “golden visas” to property buyers over EUR 300,000. Even if you spend hundreds of thousands of euros, you can’t travel visa-free in Schengen because both countries aren’t in Schengen. Make sure a Schengen country allows visa-free travel before investing. Since Bulgaria and Cyprus are EU members, non-Schengen residents who wait five years have a high chance of becoming EU citizens.

Citizenship in the EU fastest

If you want to get an EU Golden Visa in the future, where is the fastest way to become an EU citizen? It’s important to know that EU membership can’t be bought, no matter how much money you spend. To become a legal resident and stay there for a long time, you have to put in a lot of hard work and pass tests in language and fitting in with society.


Check out how long it takes to get EU citizenship, which is a very desirable thing to do.

  • Portugal: 5 years, but you don’t have to live there.
  • Malta: 5 years (must live there)
  • Greece: 7 years (must be alive)
  • Latvia: 10 years (must be alive)
  • Ireland (must live): 5 years
  • Bulgaria: five years (must live)
  • Cyprus: 5 years (must live there)
  • Netherlands: 5 years (must live there)

How to decide which country is best?

Consider the country’s proximity before applying for the Golden Visa. Portugal is closer for Americans, Brits, and Latinos. Greece is closer than the Middle East. Malta is also closer for Egyptians and Arabs.

Malta is also unique in that English is a legal language. Moreover, Malta doesn’t require citizenship tests, although residents must speak Maltese and English. If you don’t want to learn the local language, becoming a citizen of an English-speaking country may be best. Greece and Latvia require language learning before citizenship, even with a “golden visa.”

When you look at all of the above golden visa options, Malta is by far the best and cheapest.




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