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Inviting Family Member to Germany on Family Reunion, Spouse or Child VISA

May 17th, 2023 at 05:38 am

Inviting Family Member to Germany on Family Reunion, Spouse or Child VISA

Many overseas students dream of studying in Germany on a scholarship or for free. Married international students may also want to bring their spouses or other family members to Germany. Therefore, we studied and present this post that provides accurate information about bringing your loved ones to Germany while studying in Germany on a student VISA.

Bringing Your Family to Germany on a Student Visa is no more a mystery

International students can bring their families to Germany. But only during your studies. But you must meet certain standards.

Family Reunion German Visa 

Germany requires a visa for your family. This visa lets your non-European family members live with you. Since you are studying in Germany on Aufenthaltserlaubnis, your visa is only valid till you finish.

Who needs a German Family Reunion VISA?

Non-EU/EEA family members need a German family reunion visa. Only if you have a student visa and your family wants to join you in Germany. The German consulate or embassy in their country issues this visa.

Eligible Family Members who can apply for a German Family Reunion VISA:

German study VISA holders can bring the following family members to Germany:

  • Minor kid
  • Parents
  • Marriage partner

Germany Family Reunion VISA requirements

  • If you wish to study in Germany with your family, there are some requirements. Preconditions are given below.
  • You need financial proof to bring your family to Germany. These funds must also pay for living expenditures. To avoid relying on Germany’s public finances, you should have enough money to cover your entire stay.
  • To host your family in Germany, you need a large home.
  • You need a marriage certificate to secure a German student visa to bring your spouse.
  • Your same-sex family member must be registered. Before getting a German student visa, do this.
  • Family visa applications have age requirements. Visa applications require an 18-year-old family member. If your parent needs a visa, you must be a child seeking protection. Your child must be under 16 and speak German to join you in Germany.
  • Your family reunion visa spouse must speak German well. Additionally, a CEFR A1 language certificate is required. Additionally, your 16–18-year-old child must speak German at the CEFR C1 level to join you in Germany.
  • Only minors can bring parents to Germany. However, if your child comes to Germany to live with you, he must live in the same house with you and not with another family member.
  • If you have a one-year German study permit, your family can join you.
  • Your child joining you in Germany cannot be divorced, married, or widowed.
  • You also need custody of your child in Germany.
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Germany Family VISA Application Steps

Two ways to get a German Family Reunion visa:

1 . Foreign German Family Visa application

Apply to the German embassy for a family visa to bring your family to Germany. Your country’s German consulate should receive this visa application. Applying from overseas requires an appointment on the official website.

The German consulate requires all documents in their required format and quality on your appointment day. The German consulate will also interrogate you. This interview will address why you applied and personal questions. After the interview, you may be requested for more papers.

2 . Family-Based German Residence Permit 

Family members need a residency permit. Such as obtaining permanent residence within three months after arrival in Germany. Then seek your residency permit from the German Foreigner’s Authority in any of your areas.

You can apply for a family member resident permit after getting your residence permit and permanent address. Apply with all required documentation, including proof of permanent residence.

German Family Reunion Visa Requirements

German family reunion visa applications require the following documentation.

  • Two completed German Visa Application forms are required. These documents also require family signatures. Parents can sign for children.
  • Sign the two security questions. This is clearance for a German government document test.
  • Provide two family member-signed applicant declaration forms. These are needed to verify information.
  • German family VISA applicants must have valid passports. You must also supply 2–3 photocopies of the passport ID page, resident/visa permit pages, and entry and exit stamps.
  • 2-4 related photos.
  • Both passport copies. They must include residence permits and entry/exit stamps.
  • German residency allows two photocopies.
  • Family member-written cover letter. Explain the visit’s objective and duration.
  • Provide German residency proof. The following can supply this.
  • “Meldebestätigung”—your residency registration certificate. You should also receive it within six months.
  • A rental contract must prove your residence.
  • Traveling family members should have health insurance and show proof. It should cover 90 days of German insurance.
  • Visa appointment email with booking code.
  • Germany Family Visa Reunion fees are EUR 75 for adults and EUR 37.5 for children.
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Germany Spouse VISA Procedure and required documents

The spouse must submit to their country’s German embassy an invitation letter from the person studying in Germany with the institute’s stamp or proof.

Your spouse must produce the following documentation to join you in Germany:

  • Proof of your previous marriage
  • Divorce decree
  • Your marriage. If your spouse joins, you require a marriage certificate.
  • Registrable same-sex partnership certificate.
  • Academic certificates for your spouse (if relevant).
  • Proof of spouse age and identity
  • Matriculation certificate
  • School leaving certificate
  • Birth certificate.
  • German proficiency certifications for your spouse
  • A1 Telc Goethe-Zertifikat
  • Other valid certificates
  • Your spouse’s country of residency proof
  • Voter ID
  • Wedding photos (if needed)
  • German Child VISA application and papers

A family member must submit a German Child VISA application to their country’s German embassy with an invitation letter from a German student with the institute’s stamp or verification.

German Child VISA application Process and required documents

  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Adoption certificate (if appropriate)
  • Proof of child custody.
  • Hospital registration number. if needed
  • Divorced parents’ custody certificate. It comprises
  • Custody order
  • Divorce decree custody order “Vaterschaftsanerkennung” paternity certificate.
  • Parental consent.
  • Your consent letter.
  • Child’s matriculation certificate. This should be obtained 14 days before application.
  • School diplomas
  • Nursery data
  • School names and contacts
  • Self-married certificate
  • Your partnership certificate (if applicable).
  • Divorce decree and certificate
  • Ex-partner death certificate. (if applicable)
  • German proficiency certificates for your child
  • CEFR-C1 for 16-18-year-olds
  • Your old child photos.
  • The child’s family’s contact details.
  • German Child VISA paperwork for parents

Parent documents required to apply for German Child VISA

  • Birth certificate
  • Adoption certificate (if needed)
  • Paternity certificate
  • Parental marriage certificate
  • Proofs of sole and shared custody
  • Parental birth certificate
  • Parental matriculation certificate
  • Parental school leaving certificate
  • Parent’s national ID
  • Parental voter ID (if needed).
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The embassy requires German-translated documentation. Documents must also be sealed or authenticated. The German Foreigner’s Authority processes and verifies the German Family Reunion Visa in 6-8 weeks.

How much time it will take to obtain a German Family Reunion VISA?

Authorities handle the German Family Reunion Visa in three months.

German Family Reunion Visa applications cost €75 (adults).

German Family Reunion Visas cost 75€ for adults and 37.5€ for children. A German residence permit for a family member costs 56-100€ for adults and 28-50€ for youngsters. Turkish nationals pay only 28.8€. Family Reunion Visa extensions cost 49-96€ for adults and 24.5-48€ for minors.

Can German Family Reunion VISA holders work?

If they qualify and are old enough, your relatives can work in Germany.

German Family Reunion Residence Permit extension

You must apply for a family reunion residence permit extension 4-6 weeks before the German Residence Permit expires.

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