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Swiss Fully Funded CERN Doctoral Student Program 2023

Swiss Fully Funded CERN Doctoral Student Program 2023

There is a fully financed program available in Switzerland through 2023 for people who want to pursue post-doctoral studies at CERN. The CERN Doctoral Student Program offers a wide range of advantages, such as full reimbursement for travel costs to Switzerland, a sizable monthly stipend, health insurance, and air travel.

Description of the scholarship:

The largest and most well-known institution for particle physics research in the world is CERN, the prestigious European Organization for Nuclear Research. A unique opportunity to participate in ground-breaking research that will influence the direction of science exists for those who join CERN.

This program gives Ph.D. candidates practical experience in their subject and the chance to work on-site at Geneva’s biggest research facility. Successful candidates in applied physics, engineering, and computers who have established track records in research are eligible to work at CERN.

Contracts with researchers will start off at six months and can last up to 36 months. Doctoral students get access to state-of-the-art research facilities and work with renowned scientists, giving them a unique perspective on the scientific community.

This completely sponsored internship program aims to improve research abilities and make it easier for findings to be published in reputable scientific publications.

Being a part of CERN entails joining a vibrant international community of researchers in addition to conducting scientific research. High quality of life, including first-rate medical care, education, and housing, is provided to CERN staff.

Additionally, working at CERN in Switzerland seems like a chance to experience heaven on earth; with its breathtaking surroundings, above-average living conditions, and active culture, it is an alluring option for any aspirant researcher.

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Don’t pass up the opportunity to submit an application for the CERN Doctoral Student Program 2023, where you can work on your thesis in a world-class setting and engage with some of the most brilliant minds on the planet.

The application procedure and the necessary paperwork are succinctly described below. So let’s get started right away!

Available Topics

  • Under this scholarship program, you can study any subject.

Benefits of the scholarship

CERN will give you these resources throughout your studies:

  • First and foremost, an association contract with a 6-month initial term and a 3-year maximum extension. To allow you to spend time at your university (for periods of up to 12 months, granted as unpaid exceptional leave), the entire period (up to 36 months) may be spread over a maximum of four consecutive years.
  • Afterward, a monthly allowance of 3818 Swiss Francs (after taxes).
  • Besides that, a travel stipend.
  • Also, a supplement if you’re married and/or have kids, depending on your individual situation.
  • Additionally, coverage by the extensive health insurance plan offered by CERN (the cost will be automatically withdrawn from your salary).
  • 2 – 5 days of paid vacation time every month.

Please be aware that the 3-year maximum contract term should not be understood as setting a deadline for students to finish their PhDs.

Please be aware that CERN neither pays tuition nor can it contribute to any costs associated with your university.

Nationalities that qualify:

International students with the nationality of a CERN Member or Associate Member State are eligible for this program.

Eligibility Requirements

If you want to be considered for a spot in the program, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • To begin, you are a citizen of an Associate Member State or a Member State of CERN.
  • Secondly, you’ve begun or will soon begin a doctoral degree at a university.
  • Also, all or a portion of the work you plan to do at CERN will go toward your Ph.D. thesis. Your university still has the authority to award the degree. Your university thesis advisor will discuss academic arrangements with your CERN supervisor.
  • Lastly, you speak either French OR English well.
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Documents Necessary

To apply, you must create the following files in PDF format, clearly labeled in either English or French (e.g., “CV,” “Motivation letter,” “Academic transcript,” etc.):

  • Firstly, Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Secondly, a copy of your most recent academic transcript that shows how well you did in school (check that the file is unprotected).
  • Thirdly, a required letter of recommendation from a professor at a university. You may also send a reference from a previous internship if you have one.
  • Also, your referee may upload the reference letter through the supplied link once you’ve submitted your application, or you may do so yourself.

How To Apply?


Application Closing date:

The application window closes on July 31 at 12:00 p.m. (12:00 CEST). Please be aware that a group of CERN specialists may have access to your proposal during the examination process.

During this time, you might be approached for a phone or video interview or for additional information. By no later than October 31st, the recruitment process’s ultimate result will be announced.

About CERN

The French term “Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire,” or European Council for Nuclear Research was the inspiration for the name CERN. This interim organization was established in 1952 with the goal of creating a top-tier fundamental physics research organization in Europe. The term “nuclear” comes from the focus of pure physics study at the time on understanding the interior of the atom.

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What Does CERN do?

Scientists and engineers are examining the universe’s core structure at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. They investigate the fundamental particles, which are the building blocks of matter, using the biggest and most sophisticated scientific apparatus in the world. Nearly the speed of light is used to accelerate the collision of the particles. The procedure provides physicists with insights into the basic principles of nature and hints about how the particles interact.



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