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Subclass 476 Visa Capped | Impact and Next Steps | Australian Immigration 2024

January 8th, 2024 at 08:01 am

Subclass 476 Visa Capped | Impact and Next Steps | Australian Immigration 2024

Beginning on December 22, 2023, the Australian government implemented a significant modification for Subclass 476 Skilled Recognized Graduate Visas. These visas were formerly restricted, but they are currently capped annually. This change affects foreign graduates who followed this path for an 18-month work and study stay in Australia, particularly those in the engineering field.

Reason Behind the Australian 476 Visa Cap

The decision to implement a cap is the result of significant demand beyond original projections, a shift in emphasis toward employer-sponsored skill migration, the requirement to uphold resource management, and the sustainability of the programs.

Consequences for Applicants

Because of the restricted number of visas that are possible, the longer processing timeframes, and the possibility of receiving a refund of application fees for submissions submitted before the announcement, this move creates heightened competition.

Do you have any questions regarding graduation strategies? Graduates can get around this change by learning about other skilled migration visas and making sure their 476-visa application is complete and compliant with all requirements. Additionally, consulting registered migration agents for guidance on developing a healthier knowledge and plan

To preserve the Australian Dream despite the additional difficulties brought about by the 476 Visa cap, graduates should stay adaptable, knowledgeable, and capable. With the right planning and preparation, the way to Australia is still available.

Australia 5 Visa Changes to Expect in 2024

In 2024, the Australian government made public its intention to rewrite the country’s immigration regulations. The majority of the new activities that the Plan called for had to do with skilled migrants and international students. Many of the significant measures that the Australian government has planned for the New Year will be implemented gradually.

Everything you need to know about the 2024 changes to Australia’s immigration laws is covered in this article.

1. Skilled Migration and Working Conditions

The Australian government intends to launch the new Skills In-Demand Visa in late 2024, replacing the current Temporary Skill Shortage Visa. This four-year skilled worker temporary visa is intended to give workers more freedom to change occupations and expedite the application process for permanent residency.

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For highly qualified migrants who work in non-labor areas and make at least $135,000 in the first half of 2024, the new Visa will offer a pathway. Discussions about the creation of a route for low-paid employees with in-demand talents are expected to start. Furthermore, a channel for temporary skilled migrants working in occupations with a shortage will be accessible.

2. Changes to Skilled Worker and Graduate Visas

Beginning in mid-2024, the Australian government intends to make substantial changes to the skilled worker and graduate visa program to streamline and strengthen the program’s structure.

The Australian government seeks to reduce net overseas migration by focusing on issues about pathways for permanent residence for holders of temporary visas and the reduction of migrant exploitation. Strengthening the Australian economy and working conditions was also given a priority in the plan. Furthermore, the initial period of temporary graduate visas will be reduced to two years for bachelor’s or master’s degree coursework and three years for master’s degree by research.

The government’s intention to decrease the number of long-term temporary Visa holders is in line with these modifications.

3. New Visa for Pacific Migrants

A new visa will also be available this year to eligible immigrants from the Pacific Nations. The Pacific Engagement Visa will enable up to 3,000 nationals of partner nations to become permanent residents of Australia each year. The Senate has passed legislation allowing candidates to be chosen at random through a voting process.

If chosen, they would then have to fulfill certain conditions, one of which would be to be employed in Australia. In a statement issued in October of last year, the Immigration Minister said that the program will launch in 2024, assuming that the essential administrative and legal arrangements are finished.

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4. New Genuine Student Test

The existing test will be replaced by a new, authentic student exam. The new migration policy in Australia will include the implementation of genuine temporary admittance standards for all foreign students. This will promote the submission of work from sincere learners and discourage those who are not sincere and are more concerned with getting a job than learning.

It is expected that this will be implemented in the first part of 2024. The government has taken action in the past to fortify the division of the Home Affairs Department devoted to student visa integrity in 2024. To remove dishonest service providers from the system, they wish to take action.

5. Priority Processing for Protection

Applications for visas after research found that people were abusing the refugee visa system to extend their stay in Australia. Late last year, the Australian government announced that it would be bolstering the system with a $60 million package. With $54 million in funding, a real-time priority processing system for protection visa applications evolved, helping to upend the business model of individuals who abuse the system.

This will become more and more important in 2024 since most visa applications will be handled faster. The Australian government’s immigration strategy until 2024 outlines future reform initiatives that will require participation. This entails restricting migration for lower-paid migrants with the requisite skills as well as restructuring permanent skilled migration.

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