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Scholarship Application Questions and Answers

October 13th, 2023 at 05:28 am

Scholarship Application Questions and Answers

Your questions about applying for scholarships have been answered below in the form of frequently asked questions and answers. Any further questions can be directed to the comment section that can be found below this post, and we will do our best to respond to them.

Are there scholarships available for [a particular area of study]? Scholarships for [nationality] are there?

Most academic areas and racial groups can find scholarships.  The key is only to find them. On, scholarships are arranged according to target audience and academic fields.  By selecting a certain study field or target population and clicking on it, you can browse a list of available scholarships that fit your specifications.

What are the scholarship eligibility requirements?

Scholarship qualifying requirements vary. The scholarship’s supported degree will also matter. Some of the scholarships we listed demand an undergraduate degree from a participating or host university, English language proficiency, outstanding academic standing, and unconditional or conditional admission. The scholarship’s eligibility conditions must be considered along with the program’s.

How can I submit my application for a scholarship?

Answer: Simply follow the university or scholarship provider’s application process. Because scholarship organizations have different needs, there is no uniform application process.  Application instructions are frequently well-organized. Follow the instructions to avoid being overwhelmed by the material.

When is the best time to apply for scholarships?

The application period established by the university or scholarship provider is the ideal time to submit an application for a scholarship. Typically, you should submit your admissions and scholarship applications six to twelve months before the academic year you intend to attend.

Are scholarships available every year? Can I still submit an application if I missed the deadline this year?

The majority of significant scholarships are awarded annually, however, this always depends on whether the University or the scholarship donor has sufficient funding for their program.

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I’ve looked for scholarships a lot, but I’ve never seen any that are available to undergraduates. The majority of grants only cover MS, MA, or PhD programs. Are there any scholarships available for college students?

Answer: It’s somewhat true that the majority of available scholarships are for postgraduate study, but you can still find overseas undergraduate scholarships if you look hard and persistently.

Question: Does a scholarship force me to attend a certain location or university, or would it allow me to attend any university in the world?

It depends on the kind of scholarship, to be honest. Aga Khan Foundation Scholarships, Ford Foundation Fellowships, and other scholarships allow you to study in any nation, but others, like World Bank Scholarships and ADB-JSP Scholarships, only allow you to study at designated host universities. Most government-sponsored scholarships (such as the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme and the Australian Government International Postgraduate Scholarships) let you attend any university in that nation.

Do I need to get accepted into my desired program at my selected university before applying for a scholarship? Is it possible to get a scholarship before university admission?

In response, the application process varies between scholarships. Prior to being able to apply for the scholarship, you are typically required to be admitted to the university.  The scholarship application and the admissions application may both be submitted at the same time.

In some cases, you don’t need to submit a separate scholarship application because your application for admission already serves as your application for the scholarship. However, some scholarship sponsors let you apply for the scholarship even if you haven’t been accepted to a program/school or are still working on your application. The next step is to submit an application according to the scholarship provider’s guidelines.

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Question: The application form may not always be accessible on the scholarship provider’s website. How can I quickly locate the application forms?

Answer: Although the application form should always be accessible on the scholarship website, there are a few situations in which it isn’t. One explanation could be that the form is still unavailable for viewing or downloading since the scholarship application season hasn’t started yet. Another explanation is that the link to the application form may not be clearly visible on all scholarship websites.

If so, you should make an effort to look at all the online pages that are pertinent to the scholarship. Don’t forget to check the left and right sidebars because they can contain the download link. When all else fails, contact the scholarship provider and request a link to the application form.

Question: Is it possible for me to get a scholarship in the same country I am in, and do I get to choose the course I want to study?

Answer:  Most international scholarships require you to study in any country except your own. If you want to study in your own country, you should try to find national or local scholarships. The liberty to choose a particular course of study will depend on the conditions set by the scholarship provider or university.

Question: I have applied for a scholarship and am still waiting for a reply from the University. I want to know whether it’s advisable to call them and find out how my application is going.  How will I know if I have won a scholarship?

Answer: As much as possible, you should refrain from contacting the University regarding the results of your scholarship application.  If you are shortlisted or accepted for the scholarship, the scholarship provider or university will surely contact you. Usually, the scholarship provider indicates a specific time period when the selection results will come out. If you haven’t received a confirmation during this time, then it would be safe to assume that you were not awarded the scholarship.

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