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Saint Mary’s University International Student Scholarships

Saint Mary’s University International Student Scholarships

Saint Mary’s University awards entry scholarships to applicants who demonstrate academic achievement. Each year, more than $6.3 million is set aside for student scholarships. Numerous initiatives recognize the academic prowess of international students and aid those who are in need of financial assistance.

By offering students more than 260 scholarships, bursaries, and awards each year, the university is committed to supporting your success. With an admission average of 80% or higher, applicants admitted by Saint Mary’s University for undergraduate study will automatically be evaluated for re-eligible entrance scholarships.

About Saint Mary’s University

One of Canada’s best undergraduate-focused universities, renowned for its research, entrepreneurship, and international partnerships. We provide courses in business, science, and graduate studies to 7,000 students from more than 118 nations.

Saint Mary’s University, located in the center of Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Canada’s east coast, is distinguished by iconic structures, green areas, and clean ocean air.

Scholarships for International Students at Saint Mary’s University Information

  • Host: Saint Mary’s University
  • Value of Scholarship: Variable
  • Study Level: Undergraduate and graduate levels of study
  • Eligible Nationality: International students are eligible.

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates must fulfill the requirements below in order to be eligible.

  • Candidates must be foreign students.
  • Those accepted into undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • The grant is open to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in a variety of University-offered courses.
    Candidates must already have a full-time program offer from Saint Mary’s University in Canada.
  • Selection of applicants is based on merit and proof of leadership.

Language requirement: English

The basic standards for English language competency at Saint Mary’s University must be demonstrated by applicants.

Scholarship Types

Saint Mary’s University is dedicated to your success and offers students $15.7 million in scholarships, bursaries, and awards annually. To find the category that pertains to your current academic year, click the link below.

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Entrance Awards 

Scholarships and bursaries administered by the university are available to first-year students at Saint Mary’s University.

Undergraduate Aid and Awards 

Information on the awards, bursaries, and scholarships available to Saint Mary’s students who are enrolled right now.

Graduate Awards 

Details about the awards, bursaries, and scholarships available to graduate students in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.

External Awards

There are awards available from non-Saint Mary’s University groups.

Application Forms

For several scholarships, awards, and bursaries, an application form list is required.

Why Study At Saint Mary’s?

Below are some reasons why international students should consider studying at Saint Mary’s University:

1 . A rich supportive community

The college is situated on one lovely city block. You will rapidly develop close relationships with other students and feel at home in your new environment. You can achieve more when you are feeling motivated.

2 . Professors that know you

You will not only feel connected to other students, but you will be able to get to know your professors thanks to average introductory class sizes of just 30. You will receive the kind of individualized help that matters if you have access to teachers who are concerned about your future as well as your academic performance.

3 . Learning by doing

At Saint Mary’s, we think that when students apply theory to real-world situations, they learn more effectively and quickly. To that purpose, we provide labs, co-ops (internships in all faculties), international travel, and genuine research opportunities!

4 . A global perspective

Saint Mary’s University has a nearly one-third international student population, creating a distinctive diversity of viewpoints and life experiences on campus. Whether you’re from Mumbai or Halifax, being in a diverse environment can make you feel better.

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5 . The tradition of academic excellence

Our university has the highest percentage of Ph.D.-holding full-time academics in the province—about 98%—than any other university. These distinguished educators bring a wealth of knowledge to the classroom. You can access the real world thanks to our large group of alumni. Academic support, health, career, and admissions support are all available at your disposal if you ever need them.

Programs in Brief

Since its inception in 1802, Saint Mary’s University has earned a reputation for academic brilliance. More than 7,000 students from more than 115 nations attend classes on our campus. The number of international students at Saint Mary’s University is among the highest in Canada.

Undergraduate research

For undergraduate programs in liberal arts, environmental studies, business, science, and engineering, we have developed a solid reputation. Since all of our academic programs are approved and widely acknowledged, students can pursue graduate study and employment anywhere in the world.

The variety of undergraduate research options offered by our bachelor’s degree program is well-known. Students researching astrophysics spend time at the campus BurkeGaffney Observatory, while those studying green chemistry can use the green roof research facilities of the new Atrium and Global Learning Commons.

Learn about the Faculty of Science.

The Bachelor of Arts from Saint Mary’s University is renowned for its adaptability and a wide choice of course options, which include some unusual majors such as International Development Studies, Criminology, Asian Studies, and Atlantic Canada Studies.

Look up your bachelor’s in arts degree.

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Graduate School

If you’ve already started your academic career, go through the many graduate degree options we provide (many of which are exclusive to the area). Select from a wide range of Ph.D. and master’s degree programs, and learn from award-winning professors, famous authorities, and productive researchers.

Are you looking to advance in your business career? The Sobey School of Business has obtained the highest degree of international accreditation for all of its programs. The AACSB accreditation covers our Bachelor of Commerce through our Ph.D. in Business Management and ensures excellence in teaching, curriculum, research, and learner success.

Understanding Graduate Programs

Application Process


You must first apply for a study spot at the institution in order to be considered for a scholarship. Students who are accepted with an admissions average of 80% or higher will be immediately evaluated for renewed entrance scholarships.




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