Pastor’s Daughter Marries 3 Men, Keep Them In The Same House And Draws Sex Roster For Them

Pastor's Daughter Marries 3 Men
Pastor's Daughter Marries 3 Men

– Ann Grace, a 33-year-old woman, and daughter of a pastor has married three men

– The mother of three lives in the same house with the three men and has a sex roster for them

– Despite having married three men, Ann Grace reveals she is still searching to find ”that special someone”

While this is not supposed to be news because men enjoy this privilege, a 33-year-old Ugandan native identified as Ann Grace has left many stunned after it became known that she has married three men.

More interesting for many, the 33-year-old daughter of a pastor lives in the same house with the men and has a roster of when to have sex with each man.

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Ann Grace is reported to have been married to Richard Alich, John Peter Oluka, and Michael Enyaku, and has allocated huts to each of them in a house sited on a piece of land given her by her father.

One of the husbands Richard Alich, a retired police officer with 10 grown-up children became Grace Aguti’s husband after he met her returning from Brac Uganda, Ngora branch to pursue a loan facility.

Another one, John Peter Oluka also said she only joked with Grace Aguti to be one of her husbands and she willingly accepted it.

”I met her at a swamp where I was grazing my cows and joked about her taking me on as a husband too and that was it.”

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Ann Grace, who remains unapologetic about her decisions to marry more than one man explains she ”was married before in a manner my clan wants but my desire is to have a tender loving husband, who can provide all my needs as a housewife.”

She notes that her first husband was ”useless” because she had to provide for him.

Despite having three men, Ann Grace reveals she’s still on a mission to find ”that special someone.”

The mother of three from the Ngora district is reported to be six months pregnant but it is unclear which of her husbands is responsible for the pregnancy.

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