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Most-Easiest & Fastest Way to Immigrate to Canada as a Healthcare Worker | Express Entry 2024

Most-Easiest & Fastest Way to Immigrate to Canada as a Healthcare Worker | Express Entry 2024

In a time when healthcare workers are becoming more and more important on a worldwide scale, the possibility of becoming a Canadian immigrant becomes an alluring opportunity. This article acts as a thorough road map, outlining the necessary actions, prerequisites, and career paths for healthcare professionals hoping to establish themselves and their families in the warm and kind country of Canada.

This guide intends to equip healthcare workers with the knowledge necessary to start a successful immigration journey to Canada, from comprehending visa procedures to identifying the particular demands of the healthcare sector.

This article will give an outline of how to move to Canada as a healthcare professional and obtain certification to find a job in the face of an alarming scarcity of healthcare workers around the country.

Background of Healthcare Professionals Recruitment in Canada

An early closure of the emergency room at their local hospital in Clinton, Ontario, prevented three teenagers from receiving care, according to a recent article from CTV News. In particular, the narrative is aware that the local emergency room closed at 6:00 p.m. that evening, necessitating a 20-kilometer travel to a different hospital from Medical Care.

The piece goes on to note that hiring staff to work in emergency rooms is a major issue, which is why closures of these facilities are predicted to occur across Canada.

Immigrating to Canada as a Healthcare Worker

Even though the tale above is only one instance, it is a powerful indicator of a rising problem in this nation. More healthcare professionals are needed in Canada. The following will suitably give an outline of some of the immigration pathways that are open to foreign nationals wishing to work in Canada’s healthcare sector.

Express Entry Category-Based Draws

Express Entry Category-Based drawings were first held in June 2023 and provided the federal government with a means of selecting immigration candidates for permanent residence in Canada who possess particular skills and recent job experience. The healthcare industry is one of the five occupational focus groups for this year.

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Express Entry Standard Draws

Express Entry prioritizes applicants who meet the requirements for immigration to Canada under one of the three programs run by this application management system. Candidates are ranked according to their CRS score, or comprehensive ranking system, score. Among the programs are;

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Not just healthcare professionals can enter the standard Express Entry draws; all eligible immigration candidates can. Particularly for healthcare professionals, foreign nationals with nursing training may qualify for the CEC and the FSWP.

PNPs Across Canada

Through Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), which are available in all but two Canadian provinces and territories (Quebec and Nunavut excluded), local governments can choose immigration candidates they think will best assist in addressing labor market issues in their communities.

Examples of PNP Streams Available for Healthcare Professionals

  • Ontario Human Capital Priorities Stream
  • British Columbia healthcare professional category
  • Saskatchewan International Health worker
  • Nova Scotia labor market priorities stream
  • New Brunswick Internationally Educated Nurses program

Earning Accreditation as a Foreign Healthcare Professional in Canada

Entering Canada as a foreign national is just the first step toward a healthcare career. Foreign healthcare professionals, including nurses, are currently required to seek accreditation or licensure to practice in their preferred Canadian province or territory.

It is important to note that internationally educated nurses who receive accreditation in one province may need to undergo another licensing process if they relocate to another Canadian province or territory, as the licensing and accreditation process for healthcare professionals varies by region because each province has its institution that licenses internationally educated nurses.

General Steps Involved in the Accreditation Process

Once more, each province has a different accreditation procedure for healthcare professionals. However, the main procedures for obtaining accreditation to work in Canada are outlined below.

  • Once in Canada, get in touch with the relevant provincial regulatory agency. The exact kind of nursing license needed will determine which organization is the best place to contact. You can find here the regulatory bodies in Canada that apply to foreigners.
  • Completing an assessment via the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS), which compares an individual’s credentials to Canadian standards, is typically the next step. Successful candidates will also receive an advising form from this assessment, which they must submit with their next application to the relevant provincial regulating agency.
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The National Nursing Evaluation Service is not used in Quebec or the three Canadian territories; instead, these four regions have their evaluation protocols.

Apply to the provincial regulatory agency for the province in which you intend to practice after the evaluation is over and the necessary costs have been paid. This could necessitate finishing additional educational programs mandated by the province to fulfill local licensure requirements.

Continue reading to learn more about the actions being taken by various Canadian provinces to expedite the healthcare certification process and enable globally trained healthcare professionals to begin working more quickly.

Final Thoughts

For a healthcare professional, moving to Canada marks not just the end but also the beginning of a life-changing journey. Canada is enticed by its bright prospects and highly skilled workforce in its healthcare system.

Allied health professionals, including nurses and doctors, have the opportunity to make a positive impact on Canada’s healthcare system. Accept the process, confidently negotiate its complexities, and allow your abilities to find a new home in Canada’s warm embrace.

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