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Marketing Jobs in Belarus with Visa Sponsorship for Foreign Nationals ($25 – $30 an hour)

January 7th, 2024 at 10:10 pm

Marketing Jobs in Belarus with Visa Sponsorship for Foreign Nationals ($25 – $30 an hour)

Belarus has had similar economic problems as other post-Soviet countries over the last 20 years. To try to get out of its slump, the country has used market socialism to grow. In the past few years, the global financial crisis has also hurt the economy. However, this problem is slowly going away as Belarus improves its industries and works to connect with other nations.

Russia, Germany, and China are the main countries with which goods are traded. Products like petrochemicals, plant machinery, and fertilizers are sent all over Europe.

There aren’t as many job opportunities in rural areas, but tradespeople and people who do physical labor can make a good living. The fact that more services are becoming available shows that Belarus’s economy is growing.

Searching for a Job in Belarus

A lot of job boards are available online that show open positions. They have a low answer rate, but they are still worth a look if you don’t work in education or politics and don’t plan to work in Minsk, which is the capital of Belarus.

There is a big need for English teachers in the country, and there are a few companies that only send English teachers to schools in Belarus. If you are a trained teacher, you should look into the services that these companies offer. An increasing number of websites connect teachers with jobs, but before you apply, you should check the TEFL website to see how much you are worth.

Belarus Work Permits

Foreign employees in Belarus require a work permit. Except for Russia, this law also applies to personnel from the CIS. The application process for a working permit consists of various steps that must be meticulously planned.

A foreign manager may require a special visa, depending on the reason for his trip. There is, for example, a distinction between a working visa and a business visa. The latter does not permit employment and is limited to business travel. A one-year business visa may be issued, however, it only allows 90 days of stay in the nation during that time.

List of Marketing Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Belarus for Foreigners

1. Marketing and Social Media Coordinator


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Take care of Mike’s Bikes’ Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Strava social media accounts.
  • Make posts for social media with the help of Mike’s Bikes employees, retail shops, race teams, and clubs.
  • Keep track of all marketing projects on your own, including changing Jira tickets and taking notes at important group meetings.
  • Set project dates with the Marketing and Creative Directors and keep an eye on them.
  • Serve as a point of contact for teams across the company that need help from the marketing and creative teams, and show projects to the MD and CD for approval.
  • Planning and carrying out events for artistic projects, such as booking travel and lodging, managing talent, getting products, and handling other logistics.

Qualifications and Competencies:

  • You should know the basics of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign and be able to quickly do simple layout and editing work.
  • Being able to prepare files for printing and work with outside companies to finish store assets is important.
  • Expertise with Jira, Confluence, or a similar project management tool is desirable.
  • It’s important to have good communication skills and be able to work with people in marketing, purchasing, and sales.
  • Strong planning skills and the ability to make project plans quickly from meeting notes from important people involved

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2. Marketing Specialist

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Helps make and carry out yearly long-term strategic business plans for businesses that they are responsible for, including all goals and plans. Works together with the combined marketing team to come up with and use strategies.
  • Helps reach volume and earnings goals, as well as brand image, brand share, and other goals outlined in the marketing plan for the fiscal year.
  • Used shared data to look at and track how well brands were doing and come up with ways to improve business results.
  • Gives information to the sales planning group to help the sales teams.
  • Helps with the artistic brief and review process.
  • Leads cross-functional teams (including integrated marketing, packaging, operations, and R&D) to make sure projects are completed on time and well.
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Minimum Education and Experience

It is best if you have a bachelor’s degree or work experience that is similar in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing.

The best person for the job will have:

  • 0 to 3 years of work experience
  • Having knowledge of consumer packaged goods is a plus.
  • Strong intellectual skills and the ability to show that you can think critically and solve problems
  • Organizational and project management skills

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3. Digital Marketing Assistant (WFH Remote)

Responsibilities and Roles

  • Work with the social media team to come up with ideas for material that will get people to interact with you on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, and Discord.
  • Choose pictures and/or short films that can be used in social media, e-commerce, blog, and email campaigns and then edit and organize them.
  • Community management means keeping an eye on and responding to conversations about your business on social media.
  • Change the pictures, banners, and text on the homepage to show different products and make sure the content is the same on all digital outlets.
  • Write marketing copy that is good for SEO to support new collections across all marketing platforms.
  • Keep an eye on news sites, blogs, and social media for hot themes and chances to get involved.
  • Make and keep up with a marketing plan that the whole company can use.

Key Qualifications

  • Three or more years of work in marketing or communications are ideal. Ideally, in editing, content creation, distribution, and marketing on social media.
    every day on social media and makes things there.
  • Have a lot of energy and excitement for social media and have used Facebook and Facebook Groups, Instagram, TikTok, and other sites before.
  • The candidate is interested in and up-to-date on the latest trends in art, style, living, content creation, and distribution.
  • Excellent at talking and writing, working with others, and planning, paying close attention to the little things.
  • Understanding how brands should act in a real way on social media.
  • The candidate knows about the latest societal trends and how to work within the internet, social media, and meme culture while keeping brand safety in mind.
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