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HEC Commonwealth Masters and Ph.D. Scholarships Without IELT – Study In UK

HEC Commonwealth Masters and Ph.D. Scholarships Without IELT – Study In UK

For candidates interested in applying for Fully Funded HEC Commonwealth Scholarships for Masters and Ph.D. Without IELTS in the UK, applications are now being accepted. Students who wish to pursue Master’s or Ph.D. programs at UK universities may apply for the scholarship program.

Scholarship Details:

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK manages the world development-focused Commonwealth scholarship program (CSC). Since 1960, the CSC has helped over 30,000 students study in the UK, giving them vital connections, information, and skills for global development.

Up to October 17, 2023, submissions may be made using the CSC’s application portal. There are 30 seats available for Ph.D. nominations and 26 spots available for nominations for master’s degrees.

Suitable topics include

Under this scholarship program, students may choose from any subject to study.

Scholarship advantages:

The following requirements are part of each scholarship:

  • Travel: At the conclusion of the scholarship period, scholars are provided with approved round-trip travel from their home country to the UK. The CSC will not, however, pay for dependents’ flights or trips taken before the award is formally verified.
  • Tuition Fees: The scholarship pays all tuition costs in accordance with the terms set forth by the CSC and the UK university. The tuition fees are not covered in whole by the scholarship.
  • The stipend (sometimes known as a living allowance) that scholars get each month is £1,347. A somewhat higher stipend of £1,652 per month is given to students attending universities in the greater London area. These stipend rates were calculated using current prices.
  • Warm Clothing Allowance: Scholars who qualify may be given a sum of money for warm clothing.
  • Study Travel Grant: A study travel grant is given to help with the costs of traveling for study purposes in the UK or overseas.

Child stipend:

  • Scholars who are widowed, divorced, or single parents with kids may be eligible to receive a child stipend. If the children under the age of 16 live at the same UK address as the Scholar, they are eligible for an allowance of £576.61 per month for the first child and £143 per month for the second and third.
  • Support for Scholars with Disabilities. The CSC can provide a thorough evaluation of a scholar’s needs and eligibility for additional financial assistance if they have a disability.

It’s crucial to remember that the CSC’s family allowances are intended to help offset some of the costs of supporting a Scholar’s family while they are studying in the UK. In order to adequately support any family members traveling with them to the UK, Scholars must be ready to supplement these allowances because the actual costs of doing so are likely to be higher.

Nationalities eligible:

This scholarship is open to students from Pakistan or AJ&K (Azad Jammu and Kashmir) who are also citizens of those countries and have made their homes there permanently.

Qualification Standards:

In addition to the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) requirements listed below, you must also meet the eligibility standards of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in order to be eligible for these scholarships:

Eligibility in General

You must be a permanent resident of Pakistan or AJ&K (Azad Jammu and Kashmir) and a national of either country. Dual citizens are ineligible.

Scholarship for Masters:

By the closing date of the HEC application portal, Master’s scholarship candidates must have earned a first-class degree in a relevant postgraduate qualification (equivalent to a 16-year Bachelor’s or Master’s degree) in the field of study.

Candidates with a second or third division in their final or terminal degree are ineligible, although those awaiting results are welcome to apply.

All applicants are required to submit their HAT (Higher Education Aptitude Test) results, and a minimum score of 60 out of 100 is required. If you took the HAT test on or after January 1, 2022, you can submit the test results for review on the HEC portal.

Grants for PhDs:

For those applying for a Ph.D. scholarship, you must, by the HEC application portal closing date, have earned a first-class degree in a relevant postgraduate qualification (equivalent to 17–18 years of education, such as a Master’s or MS/MPhil) in the applicable field of study.

A Ph.D. or MPhil leading to a Ph.D. should not be registered at a UK university or in your home country before September/October 2024.

At least one of the institutions listed on your application form must provide a supporting statement from a potential supervisor in the UK.

Eligibility Specific to CSC:

By September 1, 2024, the start of the UK academic year, you must be able to begin your academic studies there.

  • A second UK Master’s degree is often not funded by the CSC. You must give a reason for your decision to pursue this study if you are applying for a second UK Master’s degree.
  • You must demonstrate financial need and substantiate your inability to pay for a UK education without this scholarship.
  • You must submit complete transcripts outlining all of your college credits, along with the most recent transcripts for any degrees you are still working toward. If these transcripts aren’t in English, you need to upload certified translations to the online application system.
  • You need to include references from at least two people.
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For further information on the requirements for eligibility and the terms of the award, please visit the links provided.

  • Click here to discover information about a master’s scholarship for students.
  • For PhD: To learn details for a PhD Scholarship, click here.

Application Process:

The Commonwealth and HEC platforms both require applicants to submit their applications online. Applications won’t be accepted by HEC if they aren’t submitted on both websites in accordance with the next few instructions.

Step 1 (Online Commonwealth Application)

CSC applicants must apply online at the following link. The CSC will only accept online applications by the deadline. a) Apply for a master’s scholarship here. b) Apply for PhD scholarships here.

STEP 2 (HEC Online Application):

Apply online at to the HEC website. Then, after creating your profile, choose “Learning Opportunities Abroad.” Obtain a printed copy of the application for the applicant to sign after submitting it. At 4:00 PM Pakistan Standard Time on October 17, 2023, the HEC online application portal will close.

Make sure your HEC profile is updated with the most recent email address, contact information, and other details before applying. As there may be heavy traffic on the online application system in the days before the application deadline, we advise completing and sending your application well in advance.

Important Reminders

Applications won’t ever be taken into consideration if they don’t have both the online HEC form and the Commonwealth Application form. Additionally, all information on submitted applications must be accurate.

After successfully submitting your online applications to the HEC and Commonwealth portals, keep a duplicate of each.

Keep hardcopies of the HEC application form, as well as the submitted Commonwealth scholarship forms (including evidence of a minimum of 02 references and a placement letter), as well as pertinent academic documents (such as transcripts, foreign degree equivalency, statement of purpose, research plan/proposal, copies of CNIC, and Domicile).

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Added Information:

HEC aggressively supports female applicants and advocates for equal opportunity. The required percentage of female nominees is 45%.

No applications will be accepted after the HEC online portal closes in accordance with the deadline. Additionally, applications that aren’t submitted or stored or that are incomplete won’t be taken into account.

Please be advised that HEC just facilitates the nomination procedure; the donor country makes the final decision. In addition, HEC disclaims any financial liability for this scholarship.

HEC has the right to cancel and disqualify applicants from any future scholarship possibilities if inaccurate information is submitted at any time.

It is solely the responsibility of candidates to make sure they submit their applications by the deadline of October 17, 2023, on both the Commonwealth and HEC portals.




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