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Factory Jobs With Visa Sponsorship for Foreign Workers in Romania: Salary is From $29.66 an hour

Factory Jobs With Visa Sponsorship for Foreign Workers in Romania: Salary is From $29.66 an hour

For expatriates looking for jobs in Romania, there is a wide choice of industries to explore. The country’s telecommunications industry is quickly increasing, and the aircraft industry is also expanding. Machine building, metals, textiles, and chemicals are important industries. During the first decade of the twenty-first century, these sectors were the driving force behind the country’s economic growth, as manufacturers began to focus on worldwide exports rather than home sales. In 2007, for example, these industries contributed almost 35% of the country’s GDP.

Construction has grown to account for around 10% of GDP, making Romania more appealing to foreign property investors. The new motorway expansion is one of the major development projects now underway, as documented in our section on transportation in Romania. Car production is also booming in Romania, with local manufacturers such as Dacia, whose Logan model was the best-selling new car in Central and Eastern Europe in the first half of 2007.

Romania is also ahead of the game in Eastern Europe when it comes to IT, with around 64,000 IT specialists in 2013—the highest rate in Europe and sixth in the world in terms of overall population. As a result, there is a lot to offer foreign workers who want to live in Romania.

Job Seeking in Romania

There are numerous opportunities to assist you in obtaining your dream career in Romania. National newspapers publish job listings, however, they are usually only in Romanian. However, The Diplomat, Bucharest, Nine O’Clock, and Ziarul Financiar all have English-language websites.

The British Council Romania (if you want to teach English), EURES (European Job Mobility Portal), and the National Agency for Employment (NAE) Romania (this site is in Romanian) are all job search websites that can help you get closer to your goal. The government is in charge of Romania’s labor agency, the NAE. There are numerous career opportunities accessible, but you will need to learn Romanian or figure out how to translate the page.

Applying for a job in Romania is very simple; however, some procedures differ slightly from those in other countries. If you’re drafting an application letter, make sure it’s typed, though some employers prefer handwritten letters. Although it might be helpful to bring your credentials to the interview, it is not typically necessary, and Romanian employers will now accept them in accordance with EU regulations. Job interviews, like any other, should center on why you are the best applicant for the job. Many occupations will require two interviews, and interviews are usually conducted in English.

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Romania Factory Jobs With Visa Sponsorship

1. General Packers and Labourers

Responsibilities are (but are not limited to):

  • Willingness to work in a well-developed team atmosphere, ranging from general labor to highly skilled essential jobs.
  • Comply with and contribute to our highly developed WHS, QAS, and training programs.
  • Make sure you have a functioning vehicle to get to and from work.
  • Participate in a well-organized, amicable team setting (become a team player).
  • Attendance and hard work are rewarded with a full-time position and the ability to advance through the several career paths available to you.

About yourself:

  • Experienced Beef City staff members train all new employees.
  • There are currently full-time jobs available throughout all production floors and shifts (day and afternoon shifts).
  • Q-Fever testing and immunization protocols are necessary at Beef City to help protect our workforce. Our on-site nurse can help you arrange for your Q-Fever immunization.
  • Being dependable, having a positive attitude, having good communication skills, and being eager to work will help you land a permanent career.

Benefits Include:

  • Long-term and consistent employment with a food manufacturing industry leader.
  • Work gear, equipment, and PPE are all provided.
  • Meat is discounted through our onsite Butcher Shop.
  • Acquire certificates such as CERT II in Meat Processing and CERT III and IV in Meat Safety.
  • CERT IV in Quality Assurance, CERT IV in Workplace Training and Assessing, CERT IV in
  • Lab Technology, CERT IV in Workplace Health and Safety, and finally diplomas in your chosen field of competence.

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2. Production and Warehouse Assistant Casual

About the role

  • Assist in meeting line standards for manufacturing runs, as well as standard conditions and routines.
  • Assist with warehouse operational standards.
  • Achieve a “zero injury, defect, waste” mindset and support behaviors that benefit Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality.
  • Assuring that all work is done in accordance with quality, compliance, safety, dependability, and cost standards.
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  • Demonstrate safe work habits.
  • Excellent communication abilities
  • A strong work ethic, as well as a professional and upbeat attitude, are required.
  • Capability to function well in a team environment
  • Knowledge of computers

Romanian Social Security

Romania has an excellent social security system. When a person reaches the regular retirement age and has paid the required amount of contributions, he or she is entitled to an old-age pension under the first pillar (public pension system). As of January 2015, the retirement age for men is 65, while for women it is 59 years and 7 months. In January 2015, the minimum contribution duration for both rose to 15 years.

A survivor pension can be paid to the spouse or child of a deceased person who was a first-pillar pensioner or otherwise entitled to a pension. If the survivor is a spouse, they must have been married for at least ten years, and all survivor pension recipients must be of retirement age.

Those who have lost at least half of their working capacity due to injury or disease are eligible for invalidity pensions. This covers occupational accidents and diseases. There is no minimum contribution period required to get an invalidity pension.

If you are unemployed involuntarily, you must file a claim for unemployment compensation within 12 months of being out of work. You must actively seek employment.

As an expat, you will be assigned a social security number, and your company will deduct contributions. However, if you relocate to another country and there are no social security agreements between Romania and that country, you may lose the payout on these.

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