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    Duct Man Jobs In Bahrain With Visa Sponsorship 2024 (BHD 200)

    April 3rd, 2024 at 04:58 pm

    Duct Man Jobs In Bahrain With Visa Sponsorship 2024 (BHD 200)

    A fantastic opportunity exists for talented individuals from Asia and Africa who were rejected from schools and universities to work as duct workers in Bahrain under sponsorship. All plumbing projects, especially those involving HVAC specialists, are in high demand in the West and the Gulf.

    Similarly, there is always employment for engineers, mechanics, and builders in Bahrain and the Gulf States. You’ve been granted one of these fantastic career opportunities from Dynamic Staffing Services.

    The necessity for duct workers will never go away as long as people are creating structures and residences. For duct men and other plumbers in Bahrain who deal with ducts, this post has created a fantastic job opportunity. You would be eligible for several perks and privileges in exchange for meeting a few formal requirements. Let’s learn more about Bahraini DuctMan Jobs with Sponsored Visas.

    Job Details

    • Job title: Ductman/ Duct fitter/ Duct Fabricator
    • Location: Bahrain
    • Employer: Dynamic Staffing Services
    • No Education Required
    • Experience: Minimum 2 years
    • Job type: Full-time
    • Job Industry: Manufacturing Jobs
    • Contract duration: 2 years
    • Expected Salary: 200 BHD
    • Duty timing: 8 hours
    • Free food, transport, Accommodation, and Medical Coverage

    Job Requirements of Duct Man Job in Bahrain

    The job description appears to be quite formal and explicit:

    • Education is not necessary.
    • A minimum of two years of work experience and documentation, such as an employment certificate from a previous company.
    • Has basic proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking English. Being able to communicate in basic Arabic can help you both at work and in your future career.
    • All the documents needed to obtain a visa.

    Benefits of Duct Man Job in Bahrain

    • There is no minimal level of schooling needed.
    • There is a path to steady work for the proper person.
    • The opportunity to settle permanently in Bahrain.
    • Appealing Benefit Package
    • Free lodging and meals.
    • No restrictions on movement.
    • The hospital bills are entirely covered by the firm.
    • Interviews are free of charge.
    • Their entire range of rights and benefits is outlined in the UAE Labor Law.
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    Other Benefits

    • High need: In Bahrain, there is a great deal of need for competent businesspeople to work on infrastructure and development projects. Installing and maintaining HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems in residences, workplaces, and factories need ductmen.
    • Competitive compensation: Bahraini ductmen typically receive competitive compensation in addition to benefits like health insurance, living expenses, transportation reimbursements, and other advantages that support their long-term financial security and well-being.
    • Development of Skills: Installing, insulating, sealing, and maintaining ducting requires specific skills that a ductman can acquire from work, making them more marketable to employers in the construction industry.
    • Career Opportunities: In Bahrain, HVAC and construction businesses are hiring skilled ductmen who can advance in their careers to become managers or supervisors.
    • Modern Technology: HVAC duct systems are installed and maintained promptly and accurately by Bahraini ductmen using state-of-the-art tools, equipment, and technology. This establishes a favorable environment for performing well.
    • Safety Standards: Bahraini employers place a high value on adherence to health and safety regulations. They guarantee that workers can obtain the necessary safety equipment and training, as well as a secure workspace.
    • Diverse Work Environment: The HVAC and construction industries employ ductmen in conjunction with engineers, technicians, contractors, and other experts, making for a dynamic and ever-changing work environment.
    • Possibility of Specialization: Some duct workers may decide to focus on particular fields, such as energy conservation, indoor air quality, duct design, or ecologically friendly HVAC systems. They can become more marketable and obtain better jobs as a result.
    • Professional networking: As a ductman, you can establish contacts with people in the HVAC and construction sectors that may prove beneficial for future collaborations or employment opportunities.
    • Contribution to Comfort: HVAC duct systems, which regulate a building’s temperature, airflow, and ventilation, are installed and maintained by ductmen. They are essential to maintaining the efficiency, safety, and comfort of interior spaces.

    Job Responsibilities of a Duct Man

    A typical duct guy or duct technician does the following tasks, per Indeed.com:

    • It should be possible to bend, cut, and shape fiberglass and metal components into pipes and ducts with hand tools. These pipes and ducts ought to be able to be installed into a building’s HVAC systems, or heating and air conditioning systems.
    • Any type of duct should be easy for you to fix.
    • Construct, assemble, install, and repair additional sheet metal tubes and equipment, such as control boxes, drainage pipes, heating furnace cases, and so on.
    • You pound metal over anvils and blocks to make it.
    • You should understand the general manufacturing process for writing and measuring sheets.
    • For ease of folding and bending rectangular pipes, you should be able to carve wedge-shaped grooves.
    • Ducts with open edges should be able to be fastened, and airtight seals can be created by taping the sides of any duct.
    • You should be able to move and store the pipes in the storage area after labeling them with the model number.
    • Must also be able to join metal sheet components with glue and welding.
    • You should be able to smooth, assemble, and join uneven lines on a surface as well as inspect seams and joints.

    Average Salary of a Duct Man in Bahrain

    The typical pay for a Duct Man in Bahrain or anywhere else depends on several factors, including your experience, abilities, place of employment, and employer. In contrast, Skill Bee states that the minimum salary is BHD 1200, with the possibility of earning up to BHD 1800 if you meet the company’s requirements. Thus, individuals with greater qualifications and experience stand to make more money.

    Indeed states that mid-career workers with three to five years of experience, senior-level workers with eight or more years of experience, and skilled Duct Men working for reputable organizations can earn wages as high as BHD 3500–4000. Additionally, this advertisement states that employees with less than three years of experience can earn up to 1200 BHD, indicating that you are receiving reasonable compensation from the organization.

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