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Construction Planner Jobs in Denmark 2023/24: Visa-Sponsored

December 5th, 2023 at 12:26 am

Construction Planner Jobs in Denmark 2023/24: Visa-Sponsored

Are you looking for a new job in Denmark and do you have any expertise in project planning? SilverBack Staffing is filling a permanent construction planner post in Stockholm on behalf of a joint venture.

The construction industry in Denmark has a large number of job openings, and qualified candidates are in great demand. One of the most vital positions is that of construction planner; they ensure that projects are completed on schedule and within budget.

Growing Opportunities in Construction Planning

The building sector in Denmark has expanded significantly in recent years. The need for construction planners with project management and coordination skills has increased as a result of this rise. Construction planners have shifting career opportunities in line with the industry.

Jobs Duties

As a flexible construction planner, your responsibilities will include;

  • Project controls for client projects, including planning, scheduling, and monitoring (for new product development and industrialization programs).
  • Also, in your first week as a construction planner, create, develop, and maintain an overall timetable for the program and each workstream.
  • In addition, using Primavera or a similar program, plan and arrange the project scope by work package to produce a baseline critical path schedule. Then, work with the project team and work package lead to monitor progress.
  • Aside from that, oversee progress assessments and produce weekly progress summaries.
  • Lastly, oversee and carry out the internal and external scheduling coordination.


Candidates for construction planning must have at least three years of experience in project planning, scheduling, and oversight in addition to a bachelor’s degree, ideally in business or engineering, or a postsecondary certification. It would be beneficial to have more planning and scheduling credentials.

Furthermore, the following are necessary:

  • Prior experience, ideally in a relevant area, with several projects and bids
  • Also, an understanding of work breakdown structures in integrated project controls
  • In addition, excellent familiarity with Primavera P6 in the workplace

What We Offer?

You will be given the chance to work in an open and welcoming workplace and be provided a full-time permanent position with competitive pay in exchange for your hard work and collaborative approach. To apply for this Copenhagen construction planner position, please get in touch with the SilverBack Staffing team right away.

SilverBack Staffing Team

With its headquarters located in Dublin, Ireland, SilverBack was established in 2012. SilverBack’s focus has turned to supporting time-sensitive and mission-critical projects in Europe as our firm has developed. The construction, mechanical, and electrical laborers that SilverBack manages—either on their own or with our clients’ oversight—have proven beneficial to our clients.

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Benefits of Construction Planner Jobs

  • Long-term role with competitive pay, flexible work hours, and paid housing, travel, and accommodation.
  • Job Growth: The construction business is expanding as seen by the need for construction planners. This may contribute to Denmark’s overall job growth. This may be the result of ongoing building projects, urbanization, and infrastructure improvements.
  • Stability in the Sector: Any building project requires careful planning, which is a crucial component. For those who work in the construction business, this indicates stability as evidenced by the increased demand for construction planners.
  • Possibilities for Skill Development: Given the demand for construction planners, you might have additional opportunities to advance your abilities. Workers in the industry may be able to pursue additional education and training to advance their careers and increase their employability.
  • Innovation and Technology Integration: People frequently need to learn new techniques and technologies when they start new employment. Construction planners can enhance their skills and stay up to date with industry developments by utilizing techniques such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), sophisticated software, and other resources.
  • Competitive Salary: Due to the high need for qualified labor, construction managers can command high salaries. Competitive salary packages are one tactic used by employers to attract and retain top talent in their industry.

Additional Benefits

  • Contribution to Sustainable Development: Denmark’s environmental consciousness is well-known. Construction planners can work on projects that emphasize sustainable and green techniques. Professionals can support Denmark in upholding its commitment to sustainable and green growth in this way.
  • Diverse Career Paths: The construction industry offers a multitude of career options and opportunities for specialization. Construction planners have a wide range of job options because they might focus on infrastructural, commercial, or residential projects.
  • Collaborative Office Space: Construction project planning frequently involves the assistance of professionals such as architects, engineers, constructors, and others. Individuals who gain new employment might get the opportunity to work in a vibrant, team-oriented environment that fosters professional development and networking.
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How to Apply

Submit your CV and Application to Email:

In Denmark, construction planning might be a terrific career choice if you’re looking for a demanding and fulfilling position. As the industry expands, construction planners will play a critical role in influencing the surrounding landscape. Stay abreast of current events, continue honing your craft, and seize opportunities as they present themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply to Danish employment sites?

Those who want to work in Denmark have to apply for both a residency permit and a work visa. You need to get an official employment letter from a Danish employer to be eligible for a Danish work visa. The process of applying for a visa is not too complicated.

How can I move to Denmark and get employment?

To work in Denmark, foreigners may need a work permit and visa. EU nationals are free to arrive and start working right away; they are not required to have either. If they intend to remain in the nation for a period longer than three months, they must register appropriately (for a health card, CPR number, etc.).

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