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Canada Immigration: Latest IRCC Processing Times 2024

February 11th, 2024 at 12:25 am

Canada Immigration: Latest IRCC Processing Times 2024

For the convenience of our readers, this update includes comparisons with officially reported timings for the last four weeks, as well as the most recent official Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) processing times as of January 31, 2024, for all application categories.

Since 2021, NewsNowGh has been keeping a close eye on these processing timelines and updating them as soon as the IRCC provides an update. Please read this carefully to ensure that you understand the consequences of these processing timeframes entirely and to prevent misconceptions.

The IRCC modified its processing tool in early 2022 so that it now offers precise information on average processing times rather than just service standards. Previously, it only displayed the IRCC service criteria, which represented the company’s goal of expediting the processing of applications.

Service Standards Update

For the majority of citizenship and permanent residency applications, processing schedules for eighty percent of applications are currently available. These schedules are updated weekly using data from the preceding six months. These upgrades provide more accurate data that accounts for differences in processing volume and variations in the IRCC application handling capabilities.

The processing timelines for applications for temporary residency, which are based on information from the preceding eight or sixteen weeks, are likewise updated every week. These processing timelines are meant to provide potential immigrants and Canadian visa applicants with an idea of how long it will take to hear back regarding the approval or denial of their application.

This does not imply that processing your application will take the same length of time. Because it is based on the average processing times of 80% of applications that are approved or denied, the processing time for your application may differ from what is shown.

Canada Citizenship and PR Cards – Citizenship Certificate

Requests for family sponsorship from countries other than the US and Canada may not be processed right away. The IRCC started revealing differences in the length of time it takes to process family sponsorship applications in Quebec compared to the other parts of Canada towards the end of 2023.

Economic Permanent Residency Applications – Temporary Visas

Currently, work visa applications for priority occupations are the only ones that receive priority treatment from the IRCC. If you are not seeking employment in an essential field, your processing time may be extended.

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Canada Exceeds its PR Target – IRCC New Backlog Data

Canada joyfully welcomed and embraced 471,550 new permanent residents in the middle of 2023, marking an important turning point in the country’s dedication to diversity and inclusion. Investigating this remarkable immigration figure’s specifics reveals the contributions, goals, and tales of those who have made Canada their new home.

Come explore the complex fabric that illuminates Canada as a destination for people looking for opportunity, a new beginning, and a vibrant community.

Canada PR Target Update

According to recent data from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Canada welcomed more permanent residents in 2023 than it had anticipated. The most current IRCC backlog data available indicates that in 2023, the government admitted 471,550 new permanent residents.

Compared to 2022, this is an increase of 33,900 above 437,000. The figure surpasses both the 2023 aim and the 2023–2025 immigration levels plan, which calls for the admission of 465,000 permanent residents. The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), Express Entry candidates, and their wives, partners, and kids were all taken into consideration by the department.

The numbers for the number of applications for temporary residency that the IRCC processed were also made public. Keep in mind that some of the decisions shown here are rejections as they reflect the total number of final decisions made on applicant applications.

Work Permits

A total of 1,646,300 applications—a 503,330 increase over 2022—were approved, including extensions. This covers applications submitted via the International Mobility Program as well as the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Study Permits

1,089,000 study permits, including extensions, were completed. The IRCC processed 907,900 study permit final judgments in 2022—a 171,700 increase in comparison to the previous year. Lastly, IRCC data reveals that between April 1 and December 31, 2023, 293,000 newcomers obtained Canadian citizenship, representing a 13,900 increase over the same time in 2022 (279,100).

Immigration Levels Plan

The IRCC is on course to reach its goal of 485,000 permanent residents by 2024, as seen by the number of new citizens it accepted in 2023. In 2025 and 2026, the IRCC intends to accept 500,000 new permanent residents annually.

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The Immigration Levels Scheduled for the Next Three Years is released by the IRCC. The plan establishes goals for Canada’s admission of permanent residents. For transient inhabitants, such as those with a work or study permit, it does not establish goals. The number of permanent residents who can be accepted into Canada or whose applications can be processed is not limited by the IRCC.

However, the IRCC put a limit on how many study permits it will provide in 2024 on January 22. There is no limit on the number of permit renewals or new permits for graduate students, but the agency claims it will only give 360,000 new study licenses. Additionally, the department announced Ministerial Instructions on February 1st, stating that it will process no more than 606,250 applications for study permits.

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