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Best Tourist Spots to Visit Experience in Rizal, Philippines

Best Tourist Spots to Visit Experience in Rizal, Philippines

Because of its proximity to Metro Manila and the variety of attractions it offers, the province of Rizal, which lies east of the city, is one of the most sought-after vacation spots for visitors from Manila and the surrounding areas.

Rizal cultivates mountains that display spectacular granite cliffs and dense woods, so summit-seekers never go home empty-handed. Its cascading waterfalls and flowing rivers are enticing to nature enthusiasts. And those seeking adventure can explore the area’s numerous caves, which will undoubtedly shake up their travel plans. Rizal offers cultural and historical sites, including churches, parks, and museums, in addition to its natural features.

Rizal has something for everyone, whether you’re organizing a day trip, a weekend break, or a vacation escape. Here are some of the province’s top attractions and activities to do.

Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa

Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa, which opened in 2016, is the crowning achievement of the eight-hectare Loreland Farm Resort. The farm property, which is situated along the Antipolo Ridges, offers tired visitors a picturesque and tranquil place to unwind.

While taking advantage of the amenities, such as the infinity pools, enjoy the vista of Laguna de Bay, Metro Manila, and Antipolo. Spend some time relaxing in a hot jacuzzi, sauna, or hydrotherapy pool. The massage and body scrub packages are also available to you.

ATV Adventure

Do you need some adrenaline? Riding an ATV through rainforests, over rivers, and through muddy tracks is another thrilling way to experience tough terrain. Various ATV trips are organized by ATV Adventure Rizal. There are five possible routes:

  • Short Trail
  • Forest Trail
  • Marikina River Trail
  • Long Trail
  • Jungle Trail

Paintball Battleground

The Paintball Battleground is an additional attraction provided by ATV Adventure Rizal. It costs less than P500 for one hour of use on the battlefield with friends or family. Additionally, it comes with 50 rounds and full paintball equipment, including a mask, vest, and paintball pistol.

Pinto Art Museum

One of the most gorgeous modern museums in the nation is the Pinto Art Museum. The Pinto Art Museum, which opened its doors in 2010, was inspired by Dr. Joven Cuanang, a neurologist, and his art collection. The goal is to build bridges between many cultures and viewpoints through the arts, as shown by the museum’s name, pinto, which translates to “door.”

The museum displays a variety of artistic mediums, including sculptures, paintings, installations, mixed media, and more, that are inspired by religion, historical figures, and other modernist movements. It also displays the creations of contemporary Filipino artists. The hotel’s on-site restaurant, Cafe Rizal, is another well-known amenity that you should not overlook when you are there.

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Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs

The Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs site, which the National Museum of the Philippines formally recognized as a National Cultural Treasure in 1973, provides a window into the prehistoric Philippines.

The historic carvings are still visible on a rock wall that runs along the border between Angono and Binangonan. A few meters off Col. Guido Road lies a tunnel that leads to the petroglyphs. A fence surrounds the rock wall, but you can still admire the engravings from a wooden observation platform. Carlos “Botong” Francisco, a national artist, made the initial discovery of this in 1965.

Masungi Georeserve

The Masungi Georeserve, which was made public in 2015, is a conservation area that is looked after and safeguarded by concerned and ardent organizations and people. Through sustainable geotourism, it seeks to encourage a peaceful coexistence of the environment and humans and inform tourists about the significance of conservation.

The georeserve, which is a portion of the southern Sierra Madre mountain range, has sparked the interest of weekend adventurers, particularly those who care deeply about the environment and those who are interested in geology.

There are several vistas in the park from which you may take in breathtaking views of the mountains, the park, and in some places even Laguna de Bay. Be aware that Masungi Georeserve’s Discovery Trail, Legacy Trail, and Garden Picnic all provide unique experiences and routes.

Hinulugang Taktak

The three hectares of lush forest that make up the Hinulugang Taktak Protected Landscape were designated as a national park in 1990. The waterfalls at Hinulugang Taktak, the park’s evident centerpiece, inspired its naming.

It is a well-known landmark in Antipolo and is reportedly one of the most frequented national parks in the nation. It is also easily accessible from the town center. The routes leading to the falls have been constructed to facilitate access for tourists, particularly the elderly and people with disabilities (PWDs).

Daranak Falls

One of Tanay’s well-liked natural attractions, the 14-meter-high Daranak Falls is a summertime favorite of both locals and visitors. The gorgeous location, which has Daranak Falls as its focal point, is situated at the base of the heavily forested Tanay mountains. It has cascading waterfalls, rivers, ponds, and a sizable natural pool. Rentable picnic tables and sheds are available.

Batlag Falls

Another group of cascades with swimming spots around Daranak Falls is Batlag Falls. To get to this beauty, all you have to do is hike uphill and farther into the dense jungle. A limestone cliff releases the chilly water in a rushing motion. The shallow and comparatively deeper water basins are used as swimming spots.


Mt. Daraitan

Tanay in Rizal and General Nakar in Quezon province are divided by Mount Daraitan, which is a part of the Sierra Madre mountain range. Lush trees and limestone rocks, which dominate the peak, are features of Daraitan. Enjoy the stunning view of the Sierra Madre mountain range and the Tinipak River’s snake-like shape from the zenith.

There are two trails—one that is short but difficult and the other that is long yet leisurely. You can either follow your original path backward or descend to the Tinipak River. If you have time left, you can explore the neighboring cave.

Tinipak River

Below the Sierra Madre mountains, this river meanders. For those that hike Mount Daraitan, this natural attraction is a popular side trip destination. Boulders and smooth limestone rocks are traversed by crystal-clear water. Visitors take pleasure in cooling down in the lake and swimming. A cave with a little cascade creating a natural pool inside is close to the main swimming area.

Pililla Wind Farm

The Pililla Wind Farm, which spans over 4,500 hectares of steep terrain, is known for its enormous wind turbines that tower over it. In addition to offering a breathtakingly beautiful tourist attraction close to Manila and, more significantly, electricity, all 27 wind turbines stand like enormous sentinels.

The entire wind farm, which is run by Alternergy Philippine Holdings Corporation (APHC), is said to generate roughly 150 Gigawatt hours of electricity yearly.

Higantes Festival

Higantes Festival, a two-day celebration held each year in the town of Angono, is famous for its enormous papier-mâché puppets that depict the evil feudal lords (hacienda owners) during the time of the Spanish administration. It ultimately turned into a feast day for Pope St. Clement I.

The titan-like papier-mâché puppets, which stand in for the Angono barangays, are paraded around the streets during the event.

Botong Francisco’s Ancestral House

Carlos “Botong” Francisco is a celebrated national visual artist known for his vibrant paintings of traditional folklore and ideals. His creations are important memories and archives of our tradition and culture.

In the 1970s, the ancestral home was made available to the public with no set hours of operation, allowing the public access to the artwork and memoirs as a symbolic act of offering himself, a National Artist, to the Filipino people through his works.

Angono Mural Street

Angono is referred to as the “Art Capital of the Philippines” because it is home to notable artists and museums. You can find Doa Aurora Street, often referred to as Angono Mural Street, by going to the ancestral home of national artist Carlos “Botong” Francisco.

The paintings and sculptured walls that border Doa Aurora Street were created by Charlie Anorico, Gerry Batang, and Ebong Pinpino. These murals are based on works by Botong Francisco and incorporate lyrics from “Sa Ugoy ng Duyan,” another national treasure created by Maestro Lucio San Pedro.

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Bahay na Bato

The centuries-old Bahay na Bato (House of Stone), known as the oldest house in Pililla, takes you back to the Spanish colonial era when this style of building became common.
The St. Mary Magdalene Parish Church is nearby. Both the exterior and interior woodwork and stone masonry are still intact, standing the test of time. A favorite spot for photo shoots, in addition to seeing antique furniture and architectural treasures, is the location.

Other attraction spots include;

  • Calinawan Cave
  • Balaw Balaw Restaurant
  • Treasure Mountain
  • Antipolo Church
  • Phillip’s Sanctuary
  • Mount Purro Nature Reserve
  • Palo Alto Falls
  • Blanco Family Art Museum
  • Antipolo and Binangonan Cafes with a View

Other Attractions

Mountains: Mt. Pamitinan, Mt. Binacayan, Mt. Hapunang Banoy, Mt. Tagapo, Mt. Balagbag, Mt. Maranat, Mt. Sipit Ulang, and Mt. Batolusong

Waterfalls: Kinamatayan Falls, Maranat Falls, Kay Ibon Falls, Payaran Falls (Seven Infinity Pools)

Geological Sites: Cardona Rock Garden, Pamitinan Cave

Historical and Cultural Sites: Marian Hill, Santong Lugar in Jalajala, Kalbaryo, Manaoag Shrine, Heroes’ Park, Rafael Pacheco Art Gallery, etc.

Top Rizal Resorts & Hotels

The following list includes some of the best-rated lodgings in Rizal Province.

  • Date and Dine Resort
  • The Citywalk Suites Apartment
  • Thunderbird Resorts – Rizal
  • RedDoorz Plus @ La Estreas Antipolo Rizal
  • Loreland Farm Resort
  • Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp

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