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Australia Visa: Requirements & Online Application

Australia Visa: Requirements & Online Application

Mentioning Australia will almost always result in a smile from everyone. Tourists virtually never appear to be able to stop talking passionately. Australia is amazing. Despite being the smallest continent globally, it is brimming with experiences.

Fortunately, obtaining a tourist visa for Australia is simple. While you can still apply through VFS Global, applying online is the less complicated option.

Australian Tourist Visa or Business Visa?

This guide is intended for people who wish to apply online for an Australian Visitor Visa (subclass 600). There are two main streams for this visa: business and tourism.

Tourist Stream

Tourists, in the words of VFS, are those who come to Australia for a brief period “for a holiday, for a visit to relatives or friends, or other short-term non-work purposes, including study for less than three months.” This stream is for those without sponsors who will be paying their expenses.

Business Stream

This category is for travelers who are flying to Australia for professional reasons, such as to attend a conference or meet a client. This is distinct from a work visa, which we do not know.

You will still be considered a tourist even if you are traveling at your own expense to see a friend or relative. However, there is a second option for sponsorship from Australian citizens called Sponsored Family Stream.

Australian Visa Requirements

  • Foremost, the online application form completed
  • Also, a passport-sized photograph
  • Additionally, a copy of the passport information page. Scanned. Be crystal clear.
  • Besides that, proof of financial stability and visit funding
  • In addition, provide proof of the applicant’s prior travel.
  • Moreover, proof of ongoing employment or self-employment
  • As a bonus, the Family Register and Composition Form
  • Similarly, Australia’s Planned Tourism Activities (Only for the Tourist Stream)
  • Likewise, Proof of Business-Related Reason for Travel (Strictly for Business Stream)
  • Group Tour Information if you’re traveling with a group to Australia
  • Visa Fee

Important Notes:

NOT ALL of the items above must be done. Others are marked RECOMMENDED, while some are marked REQUIRED. Therefore, not all of these are technically necessary. But send in as many of the required documents as you can.

  • Depending on the answers you provide to the form’s inquiries, the list of prerequisites changes. JPG, BMP, PNG, and PDF file types are all supported. PDF documents cannot be encrypted. Zip archives are not permitted.
  • Each file cannot be larger than 5MB. You must reduce the size if it is larger than that.

These extra documents are not necessary, but they can speed up the application process.

  • Cover Letter
  • Roundtrip flight and hotel booking
  • Credit card statement
  • Letter of invitation. (if you’re visiting a friend or relative)
  • Identification Documents of Sponsor
  • Evidence that your sponsor in Australia can financially support your trip
  • Your sponsor might also be required to pay a bond.

How to Apply for an Australian Visa Online

1. Sign up for an ImmiAccount.

ImmiAccount refers to a user account on, the official immigration website of the Australian government. Because the entire process will be completed on this website, it is crucial to form an ImmiAccount.


Australian Immigration Website Interface

Important: Ensure that the email address you enter is active. This email will receive any updates on your application, including the acknowledgment of receipt of the request and the actual award of the visa. Additionally, you will be informed each time you log into your account.

2. Accomplish the Application Form.

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll get an email with a confirmation link. Look in your inbox, then click the link. Do the following after confirmation:

  • Simply select NEW APPLICATION. What kind of visa do you desire will be requested of you here?
  • Select VISITOR. Afterward, select Visitor Visa (subclass 600). This is the equivalent of Form 1419 for visitors, with the exception that you don’t have to print it off.
  • Fill out the remaining 20 pages of the form.

What if you begin filling out the form but are unable to finish it at that time?

It’s all right. You can SAVE the modifications and keep editing later. You can continue to change the form as long as you SAVE it (DO NOT SUBMIT). If you haven’t finished the form, DO NOT SUBMIT IT.

3. Submit Supporting Documents.

You can upload the necessary and advised papers in a field on your application dashboard. Submitting as many different sorts as you can is the key. safer to be safe than sorry.
The prerequisites are listed above.

Once your application has been submitted, you should receive an email acknowledging its receipt. On the same day as the submission, I received mine. The VFS office may now request that you come in to submit your biometrics or fingerprints.

4. Pay the Application Fee.

Only credit cards are accepted for online payments. If you don’t have a credit card, ask a friend or member of your family who does. UnionPay and PayPal are further options.

Australian Visa Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to process an Australian visa (for business or tourism)?

Depending on your circumstance, processing could take anywhere from 24 hours to a month.

2. How long is the Australian visa valid?

The Australian visa has a 3-month validity period, which is the norm for non-working visas.

3. When should I submit my application for an Australian visa?

Six months before your vacation is the latest.

4. How much cash should I have on hand to get accepted?

Nobody is certain. They don’t state it outright. But to give you a general idea, the French Embassy now charges applicants for Schengen visas EUR 120 each day of stay.

5. What does the application form’s grant number mean?

You will be asked “Does this applicant have an Australian Visa Grant Number?” on Page 3 of the Application Form.

Select NO if this is your first time for an Australian visa. If you’ve previously received a visa, choose yes and provide the number. The Grant Number can be found in the Grant Notification for your prior visa.

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6. What should I enter in the “Any Significant Date” field of the application form?

If you have to be in Australia on a certain date, note it down. Enter the wedding date, for instance, if you’re attending one so that they can take it into account when determining how long your visa will be valid. similar to going to a seminar or conference. the date of the conference. Similarly, if attending a concert is your primary reason for traveling, make sure to specify the date of the event.

You can skip this step if you don’t have a special date in mind—for example, if you’re just sightseeing or taking a tour.

7. Is it feasible to apply for an Australian visa in groups?

Yes. When asked if the application is part of a group while filling out the form, click YES and either choose the group you formed or enter the group code. You can create a group on the dashboard by clicking “new group” and then writing down the group code.

Please be aware, though, that your application will still be evaluated individually even though you are a member of a group. There won’t be a group decision. Some of you might get the okay, while others might not.

8. I’m on vacation with my family. Do we everyone need to create an ImmiAccount?

NO. The entire family may submit a single application. Additionally, the Immi website states: “Yes. You can submit several online applications and pay for them all at once using ImmiAccount. For instance, if you and your family are applying for visiting visas, one family member can make, manage, and pay for all of the applications using their ImmiAccount simultaneously. Australian Dollars (AUD) credit cards are accepted for payment on all online applications made through ImmiAccount.

9. How do I answer the questions “Other Passports or Documents for Travel” and “Other Identity Documents”?

If you don’t have any other passports or travel documents, select NO under OTHER PASSPORTS OR DOCUMENTS FOR TRAVEL.

You can enter your birth certificate and utilize the Registry Number for OTHER IDENTITY DOCUMENTS.

10. What is Form 956A?

An individual can be authorized to receive documents from the Australian Government by submitting Form 956A. If you have an Authorized Representative who would be accepting documents on your behalf, you must indicate it in the Application Form. If your response is YES, Form 956A must be filled out and submitted.

When completing Form 956A, take attention. Make sure you’re filling out the correct areas and excluding the withdrawal portions because this form is also used to withdraw authorization.

11. I struggle with my handwriting on Form 54 (Family Composition). What do I do?

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

12. Where should I put my signature on Form 54 (Family Composition)?

Use the PREVIEW app’s Annotate tool to add your signature if you’re using a Mac.
You should use Adobe Acrobat Reader if you’re running Windows. A similar Add Signature feature is also available.

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13. What goes in the “Exceptional Reasons for Extended Stay in Australia as a Visitor (Beyond 12 months)” section?

If you’re only staying in Australia for a short while, skip this.

14. Can I apply for an Australian visa with multiple entries?

Yes. You will be asked if you need to enter Australia more than once for that trip on the application form. Declare your desire for a multiple-entry visa, but make sure you can support and substantiate it.

15. Even if I just requested a single entrance, am I still eligible for a multiple-entry visa?


16. Can I get a multiple entry visa even if it’s my first time applying?


17. What are the grounds for rejecting my application?

  • You cannot demonstrate that you intend to go back to your country of origin.
  • Also, you cannot demonstrate that you have the means to support yourself throughout this journey.
  • Besides that, you don’t seem to recall the specifics of your journey.
  • Additionally, you’re not sure why you’re in Australia. It is therefore best to be explicit when describing the objectives of your visit.

18. What should be said in the form’s section titled “NON-ACCOMPANYING MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY UNIT”?

A family unit is described as a partner (married or de facto) and a dependent kid under the age of 23 on the Australian Immigration website.

  • Simply choose NO if you’re single and have no children.
  • Select YES and complete the form that displays if married, have a de facto partner, or have children.
  • This does not apply to siblings (brother, sister), parents (mom, dad), or in-laws.

19. Do passports still have the Australian Immigration stamp? Can I ask for a stamp for entry?

Australia no longer automatically stamps passports. However, you can ask for it, and they will add a priceless stamp to your passport.

20. Are medical or health examinations necessary to obtain an Australian visa?

There exists no simple answer to it because this involves many different things. But with your ImmiAccount, you can quickly determine if you need to get medical exams.

Visit for the most up-to-date information on changes to visa criteria, prospective paths to obtaining legal residency, and others.



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