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AfCFTA Internship Program for African Students

October 26th, 2023 at 04:14 am

AfCFTA Internship Program for African Students

The AfCFTA Internship Program in Finance and Accounting is accepting applications from appropriately qualified African students who have the necessary knowledge and abilities in pertinent fields to work as interns, obtain some real-world experience, and interact with people from other countries.

The goal of the AfCFTA Internship is to provide a means of introduction to the activities of the AfCFTA for a number of African students who meet the necessary knowledge and competence requirements.

Also, to provide students who already have enough knowledge and abilities in relevant fields with the opportunity to serve as interns (for a predetermined amount of time) in order to obtain some hands-on experience and international exposure,

Description of the Scholarship

It has been decided that because the AfCFTA will play such an important role in helping the continent move closer to its development goals, an internship program should be set up so that some African students who have the right knowledge and skills can learn about how the AfCFTA works.

The goal of the internship program is to support the Secretariat’s corporate operations by bringing in highly qualified and driven students from a variety of disciplines to work on initiatives related to the organization’s strategic orientations. Its primary objective is to provide qualified applicants with the chance to advance their technical and analytical abilities in a global setting.

The program’s main objective is to enhance participants’ early exposure to the AfCFTA’s operations while fortifying their early professional and personal abilities. It will provide participants a chance to learn in a multicultural setting and get some exposure to and practical experience in a variety of relevant subjects.

Scholarship Information

Qualification Standards

The following requirements must be fulfilled in order for applicants to be considered for the AfCFTA Internship in Finance and Accounting:

  • First and foremost, candidates have to be African Union citizens living in Ghana.
  • Students in their final year who are studying full-time in a fully approved degree program in any of the following fields: finance, accounting, auditing, or similar fields at a reputable public or private university
  • Complete availability during the program’s duration, which is at least three months
  • Fluency in one or more AU languages is an added benefit, as is proficiency in one of the official working languages of the AU (French, English, Portuguese, Arabic, Kiswahili, and Spanish).
  • Candidates should have strong IT and quantitative abilities (tests will be given).
  • Need to be very proficient with ICT and knowledgeable with the Microsoft Office suite
  • Candidates ought to be able to function well in a global, multicultural team environment.
  • Throughout the course of the program, applicants must pledge to respect and abide by the institution’s policies and principles.
  • Applications from female applicants are encouraged.
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Program Objectives

  • To give students a chance to learn about the work that is done at AfCFTA
  • Providing a learning environment for students who meet the requirements to work as interns
  • To give students the chance to see firsthand how one of the major projects of the African Union is carried out
  • To educate the public about the AfCFTA, particularly the younger generation, and motivate them to strive hard in order to fulfill their dreams of working with international organizations

Procedures for Applications

How To Apply?

By the application deadline, prospective candidates for the AfCFTA Internship Program must submit an online application together with all necessary supporting documentation.

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Before they may log in, users who are new to the online registration system must register. It is recommended that applicants submit as much pertinent data as they can.

Supplementary materials

  • A letter of motivation outlining their goals for the internship program
  • A copy of a current identity card or passport
  • A motivational letter
  • Present curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Verification of enrollment, ideally in the form of a university introduction letter.

Method of selection

There are four primary steps in the selection process:

  • Firstly, the Secretariat’s Administration and Human Resources Directorate should receive your application and cover letter.
  • Secondly, pre-screening: all applications are reviewed, and the AfCFTA Secretariat Directorates are given access to a shortlist of qualified individuals;
  • Followed by Interview and/or Written Test: Employing teams may ask applicants to participate in a written exam or over the phone;
  • Lastly, offer letter: The AHRM Directorate will send an email with an internship offer letter to the candidate who is chosen after a phone interview and/or written exam.


It is essential to provide references that are capable of being checked.

Deadline to Apply: October 31, 2023

Check Out the Official Website for More Information

A Synopsis of the Continental Free Trade Area of Africa

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), which unites the eight RECs and the fifty-five (AU) member nations of the African Union, is the world’s largest free trade area.

The main objective of the AfCFTA is to unite a continent with a combined GDP of more than US$3.4 trillion and a population of over 1.3 billion people.  The objective is to boost Africa’s trade position in the global market and promote the free flow of goods and services across the continent.

The AfCFTA is one of the main initiatives of the African Union’s (AU) Agenda 2063, The Africa We Want, a long-term development plan intended to turn the continent into a global superpower.

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The AfCFTA would like to offer internships (for a predetermined period of time) to students who possess the necessary skills and knowledge in relevant sectors so they can gain some practical experience and international exposure.



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