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Top 7 Cheapest Universities in UK for International Students ~ Study in UK 2024

February 29th, 2024 at 12:39 am

Top 7 Cheapest Universities in UK for International Students ~ Study in UK 2024

For international students, the United Kingdom has an abundance of fascinating and transformative options. Although some UK universities may be highly costly, some offer excellent education without breaking the bank. The best and most reasonably priced UK universities for overseas students are listed in this article. Therefore, if you intend to study in the UK, stick with us through to the very finish.

Cheapest UK Universities and Fees for International Students

1. University of Bolton

The cost of their undergraduate programs, excluding certain courses, is roughly £15,950 for international applicants applying for September 2024 and £9,250 for UK and EU students.

2. RLE University College

Personalized learning is provided by the RLE University College, which is renowned for its architecture and land-based curriculum. Furthermore, students may quickly travel to London because it is located in Essex. At the moment, their annual price is about £1,450.

3. University of Chester

These are the undergraduate degree fees for students in the UK and EU. The cost of the fee for a postgraduate degree would be roughly £13,575, or around £9,250 each year. Now, in terms of costs for overseas students, undergraduate courses in 2024–2025 would run about £13,450, and postgraduate taught degrees would run about £13,575

4. Teesside University

It is well known that Teesside University offers both practical courses and a friendly environment, in addition to its strong industry contacts. For overseas students, the annual cost of undergraduate tuition is roughly £15,000. However, the cost of their postgraduate degrees may differ depending on the program.

For instance, a one-year master’s degree would cost £5,000, whereas a postgraduate diploma would cost about £4,250. Annual tuition at the university is expected to be over £15,000.

5. University of Bedfordshire

Let’s examine their international tuition costs for admission in 2024. The annual cost of their master’s degree may be around £12,750, while that of their bachelor’s degree would be about £12,350.

6. University of the Highlands and Islands

This university’s lovely settings and reasonably priced tuition make it a popular choice. To improve academic and English proficiency, language classes are also provided. The current cost of their services is about £12,360 annually.

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7. Glasgow Caledonian University

Glasgow is known for its affordability and friendliness, and as such, offers reasonable international tuition prices. In addition, scholarships are offered to ensure that all students can afford an education. The current cost of their fees is about £1,250 annually.

Remember that these are estimates and may change. Make sure you consult the official University websites to make sure you get the most up-to-date information. When you are organizing your study abroad program, remember to account for supplemental fees such as accommodation and living costs.

UK Student Visa Requirements, Eligibility Criteria, and Application Steps

Before the start of their courses, international students accepted by British educational institutions must apply for a UK Student Visa. To study in the UK, students from the EU and EEA must so apply for a visa as well.

Changes made to the UK Student Visa

The number of learners who can acquire a visa under the new Student Visa program is reportedly infinite, as stated by the British government. Among the most significant modifications to the UK Student Visa that went into force are:

  • To begin, the Student Route (for students over the age of 18) and the Child Student Route (for students aged 4-17) are separated.
  • Additionally, citizens of the EU/EEA also must apply for a visa to visit the UK.
  • Besides that, you have up to six months before the start of classes to apply for a student visa.
  • Also, a point-based system determines whether you qualify for a visa (70 points minimum)
  • Lastly, graduates of British educational institutions can apply for a post-graduate visa.

Who is Eligible for a UK Student Visa?

The new UK Student Visa is available to nationals of the EU, EEA, and non-EEA countries who have earned 70 points under the point-based system. The system evaluates whether you satisfy the prerequisites for studying in the UK, including:

  • Most importantly, being admitted to a recognized institution
  • Additionally, have the means to pay for your stay
  • Last but not least, know English
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UK Student Visa Requirements

Should you be accepted into one of the following programs, you may be able to obtain a student visa for the UK:

  • First and foremost, an apprenticeship, a full-time study at the undergrad level, or the first two years of a bachelor’s degree.
  • Also, a full-time program culminating in a degree or a certificate above a degree.
  • Additionally, a degree-level course taken on the side that is above RQF 7
  • Besides that, a postgraduate course of study recognized for doctors or dentists.
  • Lastly, in the Common European Model of Reference for Languages, an English language course.

How to Apply for a UK Student Visa

  • Before going to a Visa Application Office in your country to submit your biometrics, you must begin the online application on the UK government’s website.
  • Contingent on your country of residency, you will request assistance on how to proceed after submitting an online application.
  • Applicants for child student visas will require parental or guardian approval.

Can one switch to a UK Student Visa?

As long as your present visa does not fall under one of the following categories, you can convert to a student visa if you are currently in the UK:

  • Firstly, a visit permit
  • Secondly, a temporary student visa
  • Thirdly, a student visa for a parent of a child
  • Fourthly, a seasonally employed visa
  • Lastly, a visa for a domestic worker in a private home

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