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Police Certificate Requirement for Express Entry Applications | Canadian Immigration Tips

January 3rd, 2024 at 05:03 am

Police Certificate Requirement for Express Entry Applications | Canadian Immigration Tips

The requirement for a Police Certificate for Express Entry applications is crucial in evaluating a person’s eligibility to enter Canada. This means that these certificates affirm that applicants for various immigration programs are admissible to Canada before they arrive.

The Express Entry system, which was created in 2015, has proven to be the most prominent pathway. The goal of launching Express Entry was to bring more skilled professionals to Canada. The IRCC has worked tirelessly to improve the Canadian workforce by granting eligible applicants Canadian permanent residence. This is also an endeavor to solve the country’s massive labor market disparities.

The federal government of Canada uses the Express Entry application management system to oversee immigration applications through three key programs. The Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, and the FSTP are examples of these.

Let us now examine the significance of Police Certificates in the context of Express Entry.

What is a Police Certificate?

A Police Certificate is a sort of paperwork that is required to verify a permanent resident’s or Canadian citizen’s inadmissibility to Canada. These documents must be able to provide higher authorities with a copy of an applicant’s criminal record, if appropriate. If they have no criminal record, these agencies must confirm it further.

These certificates are critical because they evaluate a person’s potential to pose a security danger to Canada or those with a criminal record. Furthermore, these credentials ensure that such individuals do not have permission to enter or live in Canada at any cost.

Police certifications will be required when applicants submit their applications for permanent residency or citizenship.

Although these credentials are not required in all situations, the IRCC may request them from applicants for visitor visas, work permits, or study permits.

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Aside from that, police certificates may have different names depending on the country from which they are requested. Countries may refer to them as police clearance certificates, judicial record extracts, or good behavior certificates.

Typically, major immigration petitions and family members over the age of 18 may necessitate a police certificate. However, the type of program you are applying for will largely determine this.

Police Certificate requirement for Express Entry applications

All Express Entry applicants are required to submit police certificates. Applicants will only have 90 days to submit a police certificate under the three major Express Entry programs.

Typically, IRCC recommends that Express Entry applicants begin their police certificate process as soon as they enter the pool. This is due to the competitive nature of Express Entry and the time required to receive a police certificate in general.

Express Entry Draws: Category-Based Selection

To address Canada’s significant labor market shortage, IRCC introduced the Express Entry category-based draws. These differ from conventional Express Entry draws in that they focus on introducing skilled workers with relevant expertise in in-demand occupations. The standard, on the other hand, focuses on PR and the candidate’s CRS ratings.

Candidates with strong French language abilities and professional experience in five major fields were sought in the category selection draws. STEM jobs, healthcare, agriculture and agri-food, and trade and transportation sectors are among them.

What is the procedure for obtaining a police certificate?

The issuance of police certificates is the responsibility of either the government or the police. The acquisition of these certifications can necessitate the submission of information, papers, or biometrics from the individuals involved. There are several instances of this, including fingerprints, addresses, dates of residency in a certain country, and payments of fees.

When compared to the submission of biometric information for an immigration application, the submission of biometric information for a police certificate is very different.

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What should you do if you do not receive your Police Certificate on time?

Candidates typically have 60 days after receiving an invitation to apply for Canadian PR to do so. As a result, in some cases, an applicant may or may not obtain or receive their police certificate within the normal time frame.

In such cases, applicants must show that they have already filed for a Police Certificate to IRCC, or they may decline an Invitation to Apply.

ITA withdrawal

If an applicant selects this option, their Express Entry profile will be returned to the pool of applicants. As a result, they will have to wait and see if they acquire an ITA for Canadian PR again.

Demonstration of your police certificate application

As an application, you may provide IRCC with proof of your attempt to get a police certificate by submitting a letter of explanation in addition to the letter of request.

Applicant’s proof of the following will be validated by IRCC:

  • A note of the delivery tracking number; and
  • A payment confirmation or receipt

An IRCC officer will have the last word on the decision. If an Express Entry application is incomplete during the IRCC officer’s assessment, it may be rejected or denied.

The main issues of requiring a police certificate for Express Entry applications

The following is important information about police certificates for PR in Canada:

  • The validity term of a police certificate varies depending on the software for which it is required; this information is contained in the instruction manual for each program.
  • In most situations, applicants for immigration to Canada must present a police certificate from each country where they have lived for six months or more in the ten years preceding their application.
  • Police certifications are not required for the entire time an applicant lives in Canada.
  • Police certifications are only required for a limited time when the applicant is 18 years old.
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