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New Changes in UK Immigration from August 2023 | UK Visa Updates 2023

New Changes in UK Immigration from August 2023 | UK Visa Updates 2023

Major regulatory changes are brought forth by UK immigration this August. These sweeping immigration reforms in the UK would go into effect in August 2023.

The UK government has announced hazy changes to its immigration policies. Changes to the visit visa, student visa, and EU settlement program are the main topics here. These changes are quite important and will undoubtedly affect employers, students, and immigration.

Automatic extension of Pre-Settled Status

First of all, take note of a clever modification to the regulations governing pre-settled status. A person’s pre-settled status may be automatically extended as of August 9, 2023. Even if the applicant hasn’t submitted a formal application to the Home Office, this may still occur.

It appears that the Home Office is incorporating some of the feedback from the independent monitoring authority’s successful court challenge. They are also considering a procedure that, if pre-settled status holders are qualified, will automatically convert them to settled status.

Evaluation of Late Application Justifications

In essence, this is how they will evaluate late submissions to the EUSS. According to the new regulations, determining whether someone has a legitimate basis for filing a late application would be based on the validity of their application rather than their eligibility.

Updates to the Shortage Occupation List

The shortage occupation list, or SOL, has seen some substantial modifications in terms of changes to the workforce. A large number of occupations in the construction and fishing industries have been added to the SOL as of August 7, 2023.

This implies that if you’re a worker applying under one of these categories, you can anticipate lower visa fees and income requirements. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the UK government is trying to lower net immigration even though some of these rule adjustments are in force.

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A rise in immigration may result from adding some professions to the shortage list. Everyone must thoroughly comprehend these developments, including employers, sponsors, visa nationals, and immigrants. This will guarantee that everyone is abiding by the regulations. Furthermore, it will support you in making the greatest, most knowledgeable judgments.

UK Major Immigration Changes for 2023

The UK makes a second change announcement for 2023. This goes into great detail about the ways that the UK government is adjusting its immigration laws.

Ukraine Scheme Visa

Let’s start with some encouraging news for everyone requesting a visa through the Ukraine Scheme. The application cutoff date has been extended to May 16, 2024. Whether you are applying from abroad or from here in the UK, you have extra time.

Visa Nationals List

Just a heads up for anyone from Namibia, Timor-Leste, Dominica, Honduras, and Vanuatu. You must now obtain a visa before traveling to the UK. The purpose of this is to increase security and keep out high-risk visitors. So, before leaving, be careful to prepare your documents.

EU Settlement Scheme Route

You are protected if you have a pre-settled status and forget to submit an extension. Your leave will be automatically extended by the government by two years to ensure that you can continue to call the UK your home.

Student Visa Route

Changes have been made for students who obtain student visas as well. You must be aware that starting in January 2024, you will not be permitted to bring family members to the UK unless you are enrolled in a postgraduate program with a strong research component. This action is being taken to prevent persons from using student visas improperly to obtain employment permits.

Shortage Occupation List

Speaking of jobs, the list of shortage occupations now includes several new occupation codes. Therefore, you might find employment in the UK if you work in the fishing industry, construction, and building, trades, or certain agricultural industries.

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Temporary Work (Seasonal Worker Route)

Note that there are new salary standards in the horticulture sector and some specialized tasks in the poultry production sector for individuals considering the seasonal worker path. Before applying, make sure to check these out.

Youth Mobility Scheme Visa

The maximum stay length for young explorers utilizing the Youth Mobility Scheme visa has now been increased to three continuous years. So prepare your belongings for a lengthier journey. When organizing your trip or move, keep in mind that staying informed is essential.

Other Changes

Innovator Founder Route

A new Innovator Founder visa will become effective in April 2023, which will replace the current Innovator and Start-up routes. One of the main differences between the current routes and the new visa is that applicants don’t need to have £50,000 of investment funds to fulfill the eligibility criteria.

Salary Thresholds

Salary thresholds have also been updated. For several working visas, prevailing rates and salary limits have raised. For example, the hourly rate for the Skilled Worker visa is £10.75, and the minimum annual salary is £26,200. Similarly, the minimum annual salary for scale-up workers is now £34,000.

Work Absences

The 12-month work requirement for the Professional and Specialist Worker visa via the International Business Mobility route now accepts absences for jury duty or court appearances.

Australian Businesses

The 12-month criterion for continuous employment is no longer necessary for anyone who uses the UK Expansion Worker route to create a franchise of an Australian company in the UK.

Youth Mobility Scheme

New Zealanders with a Youth Mobility visa are permitted to stay in the UK for three years instead of two. Additionally, the age restriction for New Zealanders is now between the ages of 18 and 30 old rather than 18 to 35 years old.

Endorsing Entities for the Global Talent Visa

There are also changes in Endorsing Entities for the Global Talent Visa. Plenty of the endorsing entities’ requirements now revised. It includes the Arts Council England, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society (the National Academies), and the British Academy.

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ILR Long Residency

It appears that the phrase “continuous lawful residence” will receive an amendment. The 10-year qualifying period for lawful residence will no longer include time spent on a short-term, guest, or immigration bail visa.

Applicants may also, be eligible to go for long residency after spending time on bail or short-term visas. However, finishing their ten years of legal residence will take them longer

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